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Outlaw Drag Racing News From Major Race Events In The Northeast, Pro Modifieds, Outlaw 10.5, Index Drag Racing Reviews

Outlaw Drag Racing News From Major Race Events In The Northeast, Pro Modifieds, Outlaw 10.5, Index Drag Racing Reviews

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The Northeast Outlaw Pro Mods "Chevy vs. The World" - Part II: Maple Grove Super Chevy Show 2011

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Tim O'Hare and Steve Kramer Crowned As Champions:
Authored by

Anyone who has visited the Maple Grove track in July will surely know it's insanely hot, but not hotter than the action the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association brings to the show and race. This group of hard hitting, doorslammer teams know right well they are going to do battle with not only each other but with a track surface that reached temps upwards of 135+ degrees. The rotating assemblies would be stressed to the breaking point just from the excessive heat but of course the quality of the machines and the mass of screaming horsepower would take as much as they would give it as fans of both racing and shows watched in awe as drivers scorched the asphalt 1/4 mile.

The Pro Mods are nothing short of extreme when the light turns green on the tree forcing massive power to the ground under the most strenuous circumstances of tires vs. track. Notably the Super Chevy Show series has been entertaining the world since its inception for 30 years, bringing show cars, race cars and vendors known all to well from their premier publication. The newest avenue for the race series would be the inclusion of other "Brands" to face off with the "Bowties" now in its second outing with the Super Chevy Show.

Please Read More Below:

Visit The Super Chevy Show Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association Drag Racing Photo Gallery, Over 900 Photos by HERE

Visit The Super Chevy Show Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association Drag Racing Photo Gallery, Over 900 Photos by HERE

Maple Grove entered close to or over 660 cars into the pit area for the various classes to run in their own system, you will find anything powered by a Chevy engine accepted and running in the classes as it has been for years. From Bracket Racing to Super Stocks including the famous Jet Dragsters, Jet Funny Cars and Wild Wheel Standers. No one brought more horsepower to the show than the group of Pro Mods spinning superchargers, turbochargers and spraying nitrous systems to the tune of 3,000+ horsepower. Fans of the series mulled around in the pit area as the teams unloaded the magnificent machines they knew were going to thrill the crowd on Friday which would start a three day festival of breakneck action with a final eliminations on Sunday. Qualifying on both Friday and Saturday is a favorite as the teams launch the cars side by side gathering data to make sure when eliminations begin, they will be ready on Sunday for a tough battle and a show worthy of the finest any association or organization can bring. Qualifying would be a compromise for a lot of the drivers since so many different tires had been down the track over the two days; it was a groove you needed to find. The big tires of the pro mods would dwarf the width of the bracket cars and street cars, even the dragsters couldn't create the needed area of contact for these 1320 warriors. After all was said and done in both classes consisting of nitrous alone and blowers vs. turbos as the second class the ladder would be filled on both sides come Sunday morning.

Blower vs. Turbo Qualifying Sessions Condensed:

The Blower vs. Turbo qualifying ended with Steve King piloting the striking "57" Chevy of Jeff Miller as a team effort, King's Engine, Miller's Body and chassis made a super combination to land them the number one spot blistering the track with a solid 6.114 @ 230.41. The "68" Camaro of Tim O'Hare was prepped and ready also to lay down a number which he did; grabbing Top MPH and number two on the ladder with a wicked 6.127 @ 232.95. Andrew Parise "Parise Racing" would leave his mark on the concrete launch pad dropping a 6.155 @ 230.02 on the boards in his "53" Corvette known around the pro mod scene for it's incredible "Tribute To The Veterans" paint scheme done by none other than the infamous "Shop", a stunning work of art. One of the very few African American Pro Mod drivers "Derrick Townes" had a secret guest out of the Roger Burgess camp lending a hand with his very capable team to get this gorgeous "68" Camaro down the rack with a new set of Top Alcohol funny car tires being tested. You'll notice on the "Shop" painted 68 Camaro its rear tires have no bead locks, now sporting the "tire in a tire" to lengthen the life of the big rubber and handle tire shake more capably. Townes put down a strong 6.357 @ 230.92 man-handling his ride in the final qualifier. A great enhancement to this group is Jim Bersani out of New York in his sleek "57" Chevy sporting twin turbos under the subtle "Baby Blue" paint keeping that neat fifties era feel going. Bersani would try and keep the turbos from hazing the tires on the top end when massive boost was kicking in but probably shorted him a spot or two in the ladder leaving him number five powering out a 6.399 @ 230.29. Larry Higgenbotham made his way from Ohio to compete in his "57" Chevy with the eclectic "rust bucket" primer black paint look, even the headlight is cracked and the body panels are rusted. This is no rust bucket though; it's a formidable opponent putting down good numbers; enough to be number six with a 6.437 @ 218.16. Dwayne Wolfe "Wolfe Racing" towed all the way from West Virginia to unload the brilliant blue and yellow "Pontiac" Firebird in PA. as he and his team have been challenging many series for the recognition they deserve. The slick 2002 F-body; one of the only qualified Non-Chevy entries left its mark down the quarter mile with great consistency in each round netting him a best of 6.448 @ 217.32. Jim Barker would take the last position in his brand new "68" G-Force Camaro, sporting the same motor from his winning Monte Carlo at last years "Rumble At The Grove", Jims new Camaro is noting short of awesome as were his initial first times of 6.722 @ 161.40 bumping the only "Ford" entry of Steve Drummond out at the last minute. Drummond had made some huge changes to the "Burgundy" red Mustang setting it up to be NHRA legal now using only 540 cubes, the whole combination is brand new. The team took a shot in the final qualifier to get back in the ladder but hazed the tires on the 1-2 shift setting them back and out of the pack 6.882 @ 167.05 but don't count them out for any of the series races, Steve is a top notch driver with a crew of family that knows drag racing like no one else. Gerry Capano has struggled to get the "Classic 63" split window Vette to make a strong pass. Capano's Vette is one of the few pro mods running an AJ 481X Olds motor up against the Hemi's yet its always capable of making the show but fell short this weekend 6.992 @ 170.41. Dina Parise, the wife of Andrew Parise had extreme difficulties getting the "Wounded Warriors" 63 Vette to make a full pass. Dina didn't try and force the car through tire shake but made the right choice in clicking off when things looked evil past the 60ft. The "Shop" painted Corvette which pays homage to Veterans of war would be put on the trailer with only a 14.773 @ 52.18. Dina will be back in the mix fast as the events close in for the rest of the season.

Nitrous / All Motor Qualifying Sessions Condensed:

Most may think that the nitrous or all motor cars suffer in the heat but that would be a misconception since they literally produce their own atmosphere of freezing cold Nitrous Oxide sprayed into the motors in stages. Supercharged and turbocharged are at a disadvantage in the heat or hotter days only because of intake manifold temps. This showed up by many of the nitrous cars running lower ET's and similar MPH as the Blower and Turbo cars with Vinny Budano heading the field in the New York based "Bad Apples" "68" Camaro. Vinny did well but a hurt motor kept him from competing after his second qualifier it began pouring out smoke on the top end. Budano's combination is a versatile one where-as he can run in many different organizations during the year. Budano put down the Top MPH and Low ET of the weekend that wouldn't be topped with a sizzling 6.163 @ 234.49. Matt Dietsch would make a good go of it in his brilliantly flamed "68" Camaro. Matt's one of the top contenders in this class leading the points prior to this writing. It looked like Matt would have a good hold on the rest of the field as the New Yorker was well qualified 6.223 @ 228.92 in the number two spot. Steve Kramer piloting the "Paul Woods Punisher" 2002 Camaro stood tall in this field knocking off a strong and clean 6.353 @ 223.28. The Kramer Brothers Race Cars Camaro was consistent and deadly with Kramer at the wheel holding the track straight as an arrow while pouring on the power for the full 1320ft. The "Sorcerer" Corvette with "Fredy Scriba" was showing difficulties in qualifying, very unusual for this team to have a "bug" in the mix with one of the prettiest and well built cars in the group belching out nitrous backfire during rounds but no damage occurred. The Jerry Hass Chassis was doing its job yet the big Fulton motor was aching for the tune up that would launch him back into the low .10's or even a 6.00 range. This didn't happen in his three rounds but progress was being made in the pits as it ran a choked off 6.401 @ 216.69. Surprisingly Michael Handras sporting only a "small" 648ci test engine in this drop-dead gorgeous "67" Camaro set himself in the ladder against the mega cubed competitors with a very clean set of passes topping his number and falling into place 6.553 @ 211.56. Handras is jumping over to Pro Mod from Top Sportsman this year and have yet to put the "Big Motor" in the frame rails, look out when he does! Nick Montana one of the original Pro Mod Association mega stars throughout the year took a seat in the "69" Camaro yet unpainted. Nick's skills as a prominent chassis builder, engine and clutch tuner plus all around friend of every racer made his passes with his uncompromising fervor falling into sixth place 6.620 @ 207.56 with limited seat time but the seasoned veteran of many different cars can handle just about any ride you put him in so expect more. Once you see the number seven qualifiers "68" Camaro of Tyler Hard, you will know you are looking at one of the most handsome rides to come out of a paint both. The gleaming shades of red, black and gold are jaw dropping and considering it's also using a smallish 638ci engine on a small shot it's performing well from its jump to Pro Mod from Top Sportsman leaving them in a number seven qualifier spot for the team at 6.656 @ 207.24. Gary Courtier's "68" Camaro struggled to get down the track but was in the ladder last place, this team from Long Island has no fear about qualifying as its seen the big numbers in major races. This editor's choice would easily give the team the best dressed award as one of the most professional looking teams in the sport. The ghost flamed pearl orange SS Camaro is stuffed with 883 cubes of Fulton power to give the Jerry Bickel Chassis all at can handle which included massive tire shake shorting them of a higher spot than number eight 8.256 @ 127.56. Brian Prins returns to Maple Grove for its first time out since last year's enormous explosion and fire during its qualifier. The Bright Yellow "63" split window was basically in test mode. Prins made every effort this year to keep the Vette grounded and running for some data to be stored but with Budano out of the picture he takes the last spot with everyone bumped up one when rounds would come for eliminations so when sitting at the number nine spot Prins makes it into the final ladder and into the competition 8.812 @ 141.05. A side note to all of this; there were no "Non-Chevy" entries in the field to see if they could take out the Mass of Chevy's.

Sunday Eliminations Round One Nitrous Pro Mods:

With another mad hot day ahead of them just past 1PM the Pro Mods pulled into the lanes to begin their challenge, again track temps were upwards of 130 degrees with drivers belted in the, unmuffled motors roared to life. Brian Prins would meet Gary Courtier as they turned into the burnout box. Prins had trouble on his burnout but shook it off while Courtier shortened his usual long burnout. Prins was still in test mode and wanted a clean pass giving up the race right on the green with a .748 light to Courtiers .134. Team Courtier Racing found the power they knew they had in it with Milt Decker on the tune up, as it finally got down into the right territory with Courtier driving through tire shake on the 2-3 shift winning with a 6.267 @ 230 handing them the second best ET of eliminations only missing number one by five hundredths of a second. Prins would follow down watching the Camaro ahead of him posting a 9.219 @ 107 in a loss. Nick Montana would see his competitor Steve Kramer in the lane next to him. During qualifying Kramer had broken his rear frantically searching for a replacement overnight where-as Nick Montana would have the part he needed there in the pits and promptly loaned it to him, the ultimate in sportsmanship shows its colors; now both were facing off in round one. Both left with excellent lights .063 for Kramer and .060 For Montana but from there on it was all Kramer to the stripe taking a huge win 6.702 @ 213 to Montana's losing effort of 7.477 @ 144 clicking off early. Fredy Scriba would still be fighting the tune up which was hampering his always great number barely pulling out a 6.408 @ 218 well short of this beast's potential. Scriba seemed to push the car yet the typical huge Fulton tune wasn't responding as we sorely missed the nitrous flame show Scriba always gives the fans. Handras his opponent would come close to taking out the number two point's leader on reaction times, Handras' .044 to Scriba's .122. Handras 6.527 @ 212 did take the loss but the MOV on this pass was close at .041. The final pairing would have Matt Dietsch along side of Tyler Hard; two stout cars but Dietsch again took no mercy flat out pasting a strong 6.262 @ 229 while Tyler Hard broke after his launch leaving no time for this pass. Hard's Camaro will be a contender soon enough against the likes of the points leaders.

Sunday Eliminations Round One Blower Vs Turbo Pro Mods:

Steve King would bring the Miller / King "57" to the line against the virtually untested Camaro of Jim Barker. Barker lit the dreaded red bulb -.008 handing the win to King who thrashed during the weekend replacing all eight rods and a couple of pistons he nicked during qualifying. This paid big dividends since his .085 6.174 @ 229 showed it just made more power in the heat. Barker would stroll to the finish. Andrew Parise never had to look back as his opponent Larry Higginbotham shut off early while Parise stayed his course burning up the track with a very stout 6.228 @ 230 as the Vette screamed through the traps for the win. Derrick Townes and Jim Bersani would push the limits of their rides in a pedal fest to the finish with the scoreboard showing Townes as the winner it wasn't to be as Townes took out the cone on the top end with his header pipes. This created a "first or worse scenario" as Jim Bersani killed the tree .017 but was already out of the power with Townes .148 6.806 @ 162 crossing the line; the win goes to Bersani with a slower ET of 7.277 @ 143, the MPH looks low because of the cone flying. Dwayne Wolfe had a tough cookie in his opposing lane with Tim O'Hare. Wolfe 6.485 @ ### took a stab at the tree but also red lighted his chance away going -032 to O'Hare's .037, O'Hare took the pass to stay in it and make an impression for the crowd and to gather data for his semi final 6.181 @ 232 almost equaling his Top MPH number which was a strong reminder to all that Team O'Hare was not having any trouble getting the Camaro down the track.

Sunday Eliminations Semi Finals Nitrous Pro Mods:

After a short intermission again the lanes had the ultimate 1320 warriors poised for a run at the finals for the nitrous class, but lady luck would strike in this session, mainly to Gary Courtier as after his hazing burnout a fire ensued under the hood from a broken fuel line. Team Courtier Racing and Maple grove track staff immediately extinguished the blaze ripping off the front end and showering it with fire retardant chemicals. Courtier was pushed back with feelings hurt just as much as the car which sustained minor damage from the fire plus loosing its passenger door on the earlier round. Fredy Scriba, Courtiers opponent waited patiently while the track crew cleaned and made his pass to get down the track again showing signs the tune was still trying to come around belching a rich mixture as Scriba's 6.635 @ 211 proved they needed more adjusting in the minimal time before the finals. One of the most popular guesses for a winner and finalist would be Matt Dietsch pulling to the line next to the slower Steve Kramer, both heated the hides in a rage of boiling rubber as both backed up to begin their staging ritual. Kramer was pulling forward and the Camaro of Matt Dietsch was sitting powerless in the opposite lane. Dietsch hurt the motor and shut off leaving Kramer to make a full pass and into the final round now knowing who would be sitting next to them. Kramer pulled off an .022 6.564 @ 218 but would this be good enough to beat Scriba who had already posted times much quicker in the 6.40 range? The final would soon come to answer the question.

Sunday Eliminations Semi Finals / Finals Blower Vs Turbo Pro Mods:

steve-king-pro-mod-crashThis is pretty much what people have been looking for in a final, the turbos squaring off against a blower car; well it was realized now that Jim Bersani would meet Steve King / Jeff Miller while Tim O'Hare would pit the Camaro against Andrew Parise's Corvette in what would be an electrifying and heart stopping round. O'Hare and Parise made it to the lanes first; both cars gleaming in the late day sun at Maple Grove. This was one of the most challenging runs made over the weekend. Parise would lose the advantage on the tree with a great .064 but O'Hare would answer that earlier with a .047, Both cars annihilated the quarter mile driving through all of the conditions that would have many drivers clicking off early yet they held tight in a drag race to be remembered with Tim O'Hare leading the charge and the win light on in his lane 6.244 @ 206 while Andrew Parise was bring on a top end charge posting big MPH, but not enough ET to win it, 6.260 @ 228, this was the electrifying part of the round. The heart stopping came minutes later as Jim Bersani would meet Steve King.

steve-king-pro-mod-crashBoth drivers murdered the tree with King .003 besting Bersani .007 as they headed towards the finish, Bersani was out of the throttle with tire shake and King was already launching the laundry. In a split second the King / Miller "57" veered across the track in a haze of smoke targeting the wall at over 200MPH where-as the impact sent him across the track back into his lane again against the wall hard. The "57" Chevy Pro Mod burst into an alcohol inferno which to the naked eye is almost completely clear except for the massive heat warp from it. The Maple Grove Fire And Rescue Team were on this damaged vehicle faster than I've seen in a long time already extinguishing the fire as King exited the car, Jim Bersani was able to stop and come to his aid also.

steve-king-pro-mod-crashThe crew working on the car had this under control in the most professional manner that firefighters and Maple Grove drill for just in these situations, they couldn't have done a better job and we have Steve King well because of them. It felt like it took forever to get tot the scene as I boarded a vehicle and shot to the wreckage with the staff. King was already being checked over in the ambulance by the capable EMT's on staff and left OK under his own power. The car still being foamed down was certainly hurt bad, the immaculate 57 was relinquished to a crumpled mass of tubing and sheared panels. Jim Bersani had the optimal view of how this progressed as he stated "the chutes deployed and looked to pick up the back tires finally wrapping around the wheelie bar turning the car into his lane". King was met back in the pits by fans and friends surrounding the carnage and wishing him well along with Jeff Miller.

tim-ohare-supercharged-pro-mod-champ-super-chevyKing would actually be the winner of the round since all of this happened after the finish line so by default he is the runner up to Tim O'Hare who would already be waiting at Maple Groves Victory Lane where both teams, O'Hare and King / Miller stood proudly together as comrades. Tim O'Hare promptly gave his winning check to Team King / Miller along with Fredy Scriba to help their operation get King's last years Super Chevy Champion Camaro back onto the track while the 57 undergoes repairs. The give and take of this group is never surprising when it comes to generosity and sportsmanship. All know the dangers involved yet being as tight knit as they are, nobody wants the next lane to be empty with competition always on their minds.

Sunday Eliminations Finals Nitrous Pro Mods:

After the clean up of Steve Kings wreck, the nitrous Pro Mods made their way down to the lanes to certify a new or repeating champion this year as Fredy Scriba would have a great opportunity to repeat his performance in 2010, the only man standing in his way was Steve Kramer and the "Punisher" Camaro. Kramer didn't have the ET shown by Scriba in the earlier rounds but back in the pits this team had it together and was awaiting the final as Scriba's pit was still frantically chasing down the problem. Kramer's years of driving experience had netted him many consistent runs and killer reaction times all in the low .020's. Both cars ripped across the line "Funny Car Style" during their burnouts sounding healthy and ready. With nitrous purges shattering the eardrums of fans, flaming exhausts lighting the sides of the cars both pulled into the beams with Kramer staging first, Scriba follows. The .400 Pro Tree dropped fast and both cars reacted nearly instantly with Kramer taking the lead .021 to Scriba's .051, Both powered into the shaded top end of the track with Kramer ahead.

steve-kramer-nitrous-pro-mod-champ-super-chevyScriba again was not showing the muscle of the Corvettes tune-up chugging out the fuel with wisps of unspent fuel blackening the air out of the upswept header outlets losing 8.333 @ 141 to Kramer's outstanding low et and highest MPH of his sessions at the grove taking the win light sporting a brilliant red glowing number array of 6.302 @ 228.58. The Kramer / Woods team celebrated on the starting line as Steve was slowing to the end of the track meeting us at Victory Lane afterwards for the winner's photo op. The team was surely proud of this national Super Chevy Series event win they so unlikely took as underdogs. Time, effort and a game plan made this happen now showing excellent numbers to find the winners circle again at any time. Another year will go by for this team to make a run at holding their title.

Final Impressions:

My experiences at Super Chevy have always been memorable, yet this one was a bit more despite the heat and the dreaded oil downs which so many blame the track for yet IMO, the track isn't driving the car, it was abnormal to see this amount of cars breaking but also a superman worthy effort to clean the track and keep it safe for each pass. Maple Grove's crew was easily working in the highest echelon of track management and preparation so my opinion is that of my own and feels the Maple Grove Staff should be commended for an outstanding job. With that aside, I was more than appreciative of all the welcomes and hospitality from so many people it's too much to add, all of you know who you are, from food to shelter all welcomed me and helped me get around in the blistering heat. My great thanks go out to Lex Dudas for his welcoming me as a photo journalist, The Crew and Staff of Maple Grove for the excellent access. The Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association for allowing me to cover this race and be a part of a winning organization. The Super Chevy Series Staff and Presenting Sponsor Twisted Tea for great action in all classes. My good friends and racers of the NEOPMA series, RPM Magazine, Joe Vigorita of ECAM Racing Engines, Brian Lutz "Full House Motorsports", Blake and Niki Worthington, Butthead Barbeque, Broken Arrow Racing Team John Gentry Jr, Tom Walsh, Chris Gentry. Miller Welding "Elaine Larson", Ken Hall "Hanna Motorsports Top Secret Eastern Raider Jet Funny Car", Rob Schmidt for the "On The Bumper Action". Chris Simmons Photography allowing me to share the sidelines with a real Pro Shooter. New York Camera and Video for the best in quality Photography Equipment and Products, Canon Camera's & Lenses, Tamron Lenses, Sigma Lenses.

Sincerely Website Design, Graphics And Photography.

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Shakedown Photographers Use New York Camera And Video The Shakedown Photographers "" Prefers New York Camera And Video

goDragRacing's 2010 8th Annual Shakedown At E Town, | Complete Results, Race Review, Photos And Galleries

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In Association With Raceway Park And New York Motorsports.

The Quickest and Fastest Outlaw Drag Race In The World Repeats It's Notoriety:
Authored by
This Review is Dedicated to The Memories of "Vinny Napp" and "Susan Verzilli"
Photos By and Eric Basmajian.

Introduction: Amid a storm of controversy blowing through the internet, blogs, racing news outlets and message boards like the storm that was swirling upwards towards the Northeast for the opening night of this horsepower fest, what could be done to effectively restructure this race was done with incredible fortitude. Just weeks ahead of this, Al-Anabi Racing pulled out of the two year long sponsorship due to contractual obligations leaving many wondering who would fill these shoes.

Friday Clearing At The ADRL Shakedown At E Town 2010In steps the organization's "Kenny Knowling" to pen a deal assigning the complete race as title sponsor with Adrenaline ADRL Magazine and Barwa over to them, stepping up for the earlier decided to drop 1/8 mile challenge; which now was able to be run due to their inclusion. The clouds and rain during Friday entry were breaking up exposing the bright silver lining to Dave Hance's New York Motorsports 8th Annual Shakedown soon to be run on the now famous in Outlaw Racing 1/4 mile of Raceway Park, home of all records in this style of drag racing with "Eddie Krawiec of NHRA Pro Stock Cycle Fame" heading the track prep and management again. Please Read More Below:

Visit The Shakedown At E Town Giant Photo Gallery By Outlaw Photography

Visit The Official Shakedown At E Town 2010 Drag Racing Photo Gallery, Over 2,000 Photos by and "Eric Basmajian"

Arnie Cohen's Official Shakedown At E Town HD Video Now Playing In Our Multimedia Section:

Purchase Official Shakedown At E Town Event Photos From Dave Milcarek's Fantastic Drag Racing Photography Services Here:

Moving forward with the unconditional surrendering of champion’s before-hand, many new opponents would have a chance at the titles of last year, Jim Halsey would not return along with Drag Radial Champion 2009 Dwayne "Big Daddy" Gutridge not in attendance. Tony Pontieri was now in the Mountain Motor Pro Stocks looking for a new title, as was Mike Janis the previous 1/8th mile challenge champion taking it to the full quarter mile in Pro Mod Blown. With eight full classes of competitors, we would see only a few of the racers capable of repeating but pure skill would be the factor, also a little horsepower to boot.

Friday Night 8.50 Index Session Qualifying:

Due to last years barrage of Index racers again this year they moved the list into the sixty plus car range, which stated earlier in the new it would be two qualifiers on Friday night to handle this much flow of cars. During Friday and into the late afternoon, rain held up with considerable downpours but opened up to brilliant clean skies of crisp air. Two runs were fulfilled with a third coming in the morning Saturday as the teams from other classes set up camp in the pits and readied themselves for A Shakedown of a weekend.

Saturday Qualifying All Classes:
After the storm blew away the mucky warm air of Friday's storm front the morning was brisk and cold for attempts down the famed Raceway Park asphalt, all classes were aligned in the staging lanes throughout the day, if you wanted raw pure horsepower, and you were going to get it during qualifying. Track temps again were warming as the sun glared down on the surface, hook was maximized and the track wreaked of records over the sweet smell of racing fuel and burnt rubber. News media, photographers, videographers waited patiently along the concrete barriers with baited breath of catching that one moment of Shakedown history and there were many chances for all. Announcer "Al Tucci" was slated to begin his all day informational and fan guidance color commentary as he does so well in many series. A live video feed was dedicated to the internet users as Mark Walters of "Drag Story" set up a satellite arrangement to broadcast this spectacle of brute power all day via two camera's on track, but nothing beats the excitement of being there while it happens in front of you, no photos or videos can give you the "feel" of this race.

Tim Lynch Through The Traps  The ADRL Shakedown At E Town 2010

The Tim Lynch Factor:

The nature of this race in past years has been quarter mile records; none have been more prominent than "Tim Lynch" with a record set at every event in the class that started all this; "Outlaw 10.5". Lynch brought with him a stealth black 2010 Corvette with Proline power and with one mash of the pedal, he again launched the outlaw racing world into a frenzy by obliterating everyone's expectations and his own "We knew it had it in it, but didn't expect it to come this fast" said Lynch leaving a 6.263 @ 232.51 to do his talking for him and his team, you know the "Lynch Mob" was not to be denied this year.

Shakedown At E Town Pro Mod Blown Results

Modzilla Cannonball Racing Pro Mod Blown: Qualifying Results

Brad Personett launching hard in Camaro Pro ModSince the big dogs want to take it to the full length of the track, we'll start out with the raucous belt driven beasts and wind blown turbo's also involved in this class, both make enormous horsepower but in different manners. The crisp notes of the zoomies spewing raw fuel while staged with right foot planted to the buildup of RPM for the twin turbos is a sound you want to hear live. From the start of qualifying, the screaming burnouts, tortured tires and team participation made this one classy looking group, fans loved the entertainment and showmanship. Brad Personett's twin turbo 68 Camaro ripped to the top of the ladder with a blast of 5.80 @ 247.75 and a TOP MPH of 253.75, under the front of this car sits some extreme mechanical engineering. Chip King drove the "Brand New" Mike Bell chassis Daytona to a number two spot, the Hemi Pro Mod essentially had two passes on it before pushing out a head gasket on the top end with a brief fire ending by itself not able to take his third shot so it was a possible setback for the team although his strong showing of 5.946 @ 238.34 - Top MPH 240.72 was enough to keep his spot overnight while trashing vigorously in the pits well into 3AM dropping in another chunk of billet horsepower top to bottom. Tim O'Hare "need we say more" stopped the clocks with a strong third spot, 5.957 @ 239.36 with Pete Farber's red wedge 69 Daytona blasting to the finish with a best of 5.971 @ 243.72. Larry Plummer's immaculate 68 Firebird "you have to see this car up close and revel in the paintwork" clocked in forcefully at the number five position 6.016 @ 240.08. Von Smith now in a 68 Camaro followed his streak of qualifying at the Shakedown handily 6.067 @ 240.08. Chris Russo pounded the pavement to the tune of 6.102 @ 239 in his blown 63 Vette. The "First Lady" of supercharged warriors was hot on his tail, grabbing 1320ft in 6.113 @ 232.07 with here patriotic emblazoned 63 Vette. Eric Latino's flaming 38 Chevy looking badder than ever; struck the beams leaving a solid 6.139 @ 206.99 on the boards for the day.

The CCI Motorsports Buick Pro Mod Tossed The Crankshaft in qualifyingThe classic and "one of a kind" 57 Buick Pro Mod of Frank Patille was making good numbers with his best ever 6.143 @ 231.08 but not much more for this team as the Hemi decided to toss the crankshaft out and ruin his chances for a title. Dwayne Wolfe made his trip up from the south just to make the ladder prominently posting a clean 6.217 @ 220.98 in his 02 Firebird. Steve Drummond one of the few twin turbo rides dropped a pedaling 6.257 @ 231.24 in his best effort of the day in the sleek 08 Mustang out of "Drummond Race Cars". Gerry Capano and Derek Hawker in two stunning Corvettes of 1963 vintage stayed in the ladder with stout 6.263 @ 227 and 6.267 @ 228.34 numbers respectively. The lone 57 Chevy in the group of Jim Bersani powered into the ladder with a turbo pressurized 6.321 @ 221.96 and Mike Janis now in a 2010 Mustang filling the sixteen car field 6.334 @ 231.40 struggling to get the power of this beast hooked up properly. Sitting on the BUMP was team mate and husband of Dina Parise "Andrew Parise" 6.390 @ 232.07. Non qualifiers consisted of Carlo Montana, Edwin Burgos, Eric Dillard, William Ahlas, and Tommy Gray.

Benny Alfonso Crashes At Shakedown

Benny Alfonso suffers A Major Crash At The ADRL Shakedown At E Town Of course Class Sponsor "Benny Alfonso" was the topic of all the racers concerns who suffered a major accident on his final qualifying pass late Saturday night, already qualified with a 6.07 in earlier rounds, during this last pass the supercharged Firebird moved towards the left center of the track "Alfonso was in the right lane" turning hard right into the strongly reinforced wall at almost 90 degree's nearing top speed of this vehicle suffering one of the most severe impacts anyone has seen at any track. Benny was in the car and alert but injured with back issues and taken to a nearby hospital close to Raceway Park and within ten days Benny Alfonso is now in a New York rehabilitation facility doing well. Following the crash, racing was aborted for the evening as the wreckage was being cleared. See The Complete Qualifying Below:

Modzilla Cannonball Racing Blown Pro Mod Qualifying: Final
1 ) Brad Personett, 68 Camaro, Twin Turbo, | 5.80 @ 247.75 - Top MPH 253.75
2 ) Chip King, 69 Daytona, Mike Bell Chassis, Supercharged, | 5.946 @ 238.34 - Top MPH 240.72
3 ) Tim O'Hare, 68 Camaro, Supercharged, Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association "Member" | 5.957 @ 239.36 - Top MPH 2.39.36
4 ) Pete Farber, 69 Daytona, Supercharged, Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association "Member" | 5.971 @ 243.72
5 ) Larry Plummer, 68 Firebird, Supercharged, Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association "Member" | 6.016 @ 240.08
6 ) Von Smith, 68 Camaro, Supercharged, | 6.067 @ 240.08
7 ) Chris Russo, 63 Vette, Supercharged, Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association "Member" | 6.102 @ 239
8 ) Dina Parise, 63 Vette, Supercharged, Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association "Member", | 6.113 @ 232.07
9 ) Eric Latino, 38 Chevy Coupe, Supercharged, | 6.139 @ 206.99
10 ) Frank Patille, 57 McAmis Buick, Supercharged, Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association "Member", | 6.143 @ 231.08
11 ) Dwayne Wolfe, 02 Firebird, Supercharged, | 6.217 @ 220.98
12 ) Steve Drummond, 08 Mustang, Twin Turbo, Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association "Member", | 6.257 @ 231.24
13 ) Gerry Capano, 63 Vette, Supercharged, Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association "Member" | 6.263 @ 227
14 ) Derek Hawker, 63 Vette, Supercharged, 6.267 @ 228.34
15 ) Jim Bersani, 57 Chevy, Twin Turbo, | 6.321 @ 221.96
16 ) Mike Janis, 2010 Mustang, Supercharged, | 6.334 @ 231.40
17 ) Andrew Parise, 53 Corvette, Supercharged, Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association "Member", | 6.390 @ 232.07 - Alternate
18 ) Carlo Montana, 96 Mazda, Turbocharged, | 6.893 @ 198.82 - Top MPH 200.14
19 ) Edwin Burgos, 81 Starlet, Turbocharged, | 7.114 @ 189.31 - Top MPH 191.05
20 ) Eric Dillard, 53 Corvette, Turbocharged, | 7.361 @ 142.51
21 ) William Ahlas, 63 Vette, Supercharged, | 7.519 @ 178.31
22 ) Tommy Gray, 06 GTO, Supercharged, Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association "Member" | 7.637 @ 122.86
23 ) Benny Alfonso, 68 Firebird, Supercharged, Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association "Member", MBRC Race Cars, | 6.23 @ ### (Qualifying Accident)

Modzilla Cannonball Racing Blown Pro Mod Eliminations Presented By Vincent Amato: Round One

Dina Parise Ended Her Day Via Tire Shake In The Corvette Pro ModWaiting under the Raceway Park overhang sat the Blown Pro Mods situated inline to show the fans the most awesome 1/4 mile power in doorslammer racing to take to the pavement. Dina Parise and Eric Latino scorched the starting line with impressive burnouts while reversing for their pass. Latino in the 38 Chevy took the tree .111 to Praise’s .170, Parise goes into tire shake unable to make it up 6.592 @ 194 leaving Latino out in front, for the win 6.133 @ 232. Andrew Parise now in as an alternate would face Chris Russo, two nasty blown machines and capable of astounding times were paired. Parise has all the numbers from start to finish .117 6.038 @ 237 to oust the Vette of Russo .127 6.114 @ 238. Dwayne Wolfe, shoots himself in the foot dropping a big red bulb in his lane -.201 6.236 @ 221 allowing his competition in the opposite lane "Von Smith" to capture the round with a slowing 9.481 @ 84. In a turbo verse's supercharged match, crowd favorite Steve Drummond was unable to come around opponent Larry Plummer after Drummond stabs the tree .020 to Plummers.134. At the top end Plummer has the win light 6.114 @ 235 to Drummonds 6.250 @ 232. MOV on this race was .022, when going 230+ that my friends is a drag race. Pete Farber in his gorgeous red Daytona had this race all to himself, leaving hard .121 6.013 @ 241 while Gerry Capano leaves the line extremely late .504 seeing no way of catching this car on the top end backs it off 9.843 @ 87.

Tim O'Hare Takes A Top End WinTim O’Hare and Derrick Hawker line up in the beams together, O'Hare is extremely late .309 "quite unusual" for this driver allowing Hawker a solid .057 head start. O'Hare would build enormous power on this run crossing the beams at 5.910 @ 240 while Hawker looses his battle 6.194 @ 223, O'Hare would be the only car in the five's during this round of eliminations. The MOV on this race was .032 and they were flying, awesome race guys. Chip King would receive a bye run via a broken Jim Bersani, King decided to see if all was well after replacing the engine overnight strolling to a 10.8.19 @ 76 testing out their nights accomplishments. Mike Janis fought off tire shake but not enough to garner a win against a screaming Brad Personett. Janis loses .090 9.379 @ 97 while Personett, takes his win solidly .142 6.040 @ 199 to finish the round and an exciting one at that.

Modzilla Cannonball Racing Blown Pro Mod Eliminations Presented By Vincent Amato: Round Two

Pete Farber Didn't Advance In The Daytona Pro ModChip King was handed a full house of power in this round pitted against Andrew Parise, King is out first .086 over Parise .165, Parise has issues and backs off as King is taking his time with King heading to the semi's 8.249 @ 137 to Parise's losing 10.579 @ 81. Eric Latino feels the turbo'd punch watching Brad Personett take the whole race from beginning to end .104 6.189 @ 237 to Latino's .171 6.469 @ 171. Again, Larry Plummer on dead on his game, punching out a solid .060 6.010 @ 237 for the win while Pete Farber had an excellent ET and MPH but his .280 light would only allow him so much of a chance while running 6.022 @ 239. Tim O'Hare .050 6.026 @ 238 would see the tail end of the Al Anabi Racing Camaro for his last time in rounds as Von Smith tracks the 1/4 mile .031 5.995 @ a blistering high MPH of 243.90.

Modzilla Cannonball Racing Blown Pro Mod Eliminations Presented By Vincent Amato: Semi Final

Larry Plummer Takes A Win To Head To The Finals Of  Pro Mod BlownChip King was having a pretty easy go of it in earlier rounds and had to lay down an awesome effort to get by his already solidly established opponent Von Smith a previous Shakedown Champion. King proves his teams hard work and equally good prep would drop the lime green Daytona into the finals with a stunning .059 5.939 @ 241. Von Smith would be out of the pedal early ending his good weekend .030 6.632 @ 142. With Brad Personett not able to make the call, Larry Plummer gets a bye into the final, not sure if he decided to throw more power into it but shook the tires and coasted to an 8.968 @ 142 setting up a final round.

Modzilla Cannonball Racing Blown Pro Mod Eliminations Presented By Vincent Amato: Final Round

Chip King Sets His Sights On The Shakedown At E Town TitleWith Plummer not needing any mending as King did overnight prepping the car with another motor, it was going to be a tough final for both, Plummer’s round numbers were solid as King only had one good pass to speak of and it was an awesome one. Both cars prepared the starting line with ground shaking burnouts then into the beams with superchargers filling the big hemi's. Plummer goes dead red big time -.357 12.230 @ 82 only to see Kings Daytona taking the stripe bouncing wildly on his back tires trying to stay in it .190 8.315 @ 123 to be crowned the Modzilla Cannonball Racing Pro Modified Blown Champion of 2010 greeted after the round by team, family and friends for the trophy in the winners circle.

Shakedown At E Town 1/8th mile challenge adrenaline barwa Results

Adrenaline Pro Extreme 1/8th Mile Challenge Presented By Barwa: Qualifying Results And Highlights

Spiro Papas Dropped By To Take On The Pro Mods With The 10.5 Tires On The GXPKeeping with the superchargers, and turbo sessions, we'll drop in the half track monsters of the midway, powerhouse's of motion and thrust pushing the limits of man and machine to go all out or nothing in the span of less than four seconds; it's a vicious amount of power to throw at a track and driver. Last year was the initial opening for this class dominated by Mike Janis but not contested by him this year leaving the title open to anyone. This class has some of the most mixed batch of profiles for power adders and styles of getting to 660 ft. The qualifying sessions start with the smell of M5 fuel pumping rich out the cylinders, alcohol burning through compressed motors wafting through the air with the sense of horsepower to be unleashed "Real Fast". Though the class was only fourteen cars, none would let your senses be denied of this thrill to come. Mike Stawicki headed the qualifiers with a blast down to mid track in his Corvette of 63 vintage in a controlled mayhem of power with the boards showing 3.741 @ 203 through the ripples of heat from the exhaust. Team Stanley And Weiss Racing had John Stanley throw the 481X Olds motor into "Stun mode" for their best qualifier of the day taking only two shots, John Stanley takes the number two spot with father Camp "The Shakedown Grand Marshall" looking on 3.825 @ 193 relatively comfortable with this number nicking a piston in the effort which was fixed quickly. Spiro Papas was seen in the pits, not knowing where he would run, we found him in this class in his XTF GXP twin turbo. Papas would show that a 10.5 car has grunt pushing through the traps; the sleek black and yellow ride stood in number three spot 3.933 @ 192. Bruce Conley posted a stout 3.980 @ 188 taking number four with John Bartunek returning to Raceway Park in this class squeezing nitrous into the 800 plus CI motor after last years shocking top end crash, he hasn't missed a beat 4.094 @ 180. Andy Jensen using turbo power in the beautiful Camaro was off his pace in these sessions hooking this monster 4.133 @ 190, tire shake was evident on most passes. Elliot Thompson in his primered scorcher of a Corvette year 53 showed promise early 4.541 @ 165 clicking off early. Adam Garner's 68 Camaro may have had more in it but wasn't able to show it in qualifying 4.654 @ 146. Last year Chris Malec inserted his "Street Fighter" Malibu out of the "Awesome Engines" camp as he does again this year figuring he may be outgunned but was confident it was anyone’s game; the car was unusual to say the least in this class and fills the ninth spot 4.911 @ 149. See Full Qualifying Below:

Adrenaline Pro Extreme 1/8th Mile Challenge Presented By Barwa Qualifying: Final
1 ) Mike Stawicki, 68 Firebird, Hemi, Supercharged, G Force Race Cars | 3.741 @ 203.46
2 ) John Stanley, 68 Camaro, Supercharged 481X Olds,, | 3.825 @ 193.13
3 ) Spiro Pappas, 09 Pontiac GXP, Twin Turbo, | 3.933 @ 192.06
4 ) Bruce Conley, 68 Camaro, | 3.980 @ 188.02
5 ) John Bartunek, 68 Camaro, BBC Nitrous, | 4.094 @ 180.77
6 ) Andy Jensen, 68 Camaro, SBC, Twin Turbo, Jensen Performance Technologies, | 4.133 @ 190.32
7 ) Elliot Thompson, 53 Corvette, Twin Turbo, | 4.541 @ 165.80
8 ) Adam Garner, 68 Camaro, BBC, Nitrous | 4.654 @ 146.38 - Top MPH 152.73
9 ) Chris Malec, 80 Malibu, BBC, Nitrous, Awesome Engines, | 4.911 @ 149.10

Adrenaline Pro Extreme 1/8th Mile Challenge Presented By Barwa Eliminations: Round One

Andy Jensen Couldn't Fend Off Tire Shake Off The LineThe ADRL style 1/8th mile warriors came to make a statement, the cackle of these supercharged machines sporting the baddest combinations of fuel, turbo's and screw blowers were paired for round one. Adam Garner faced the ADRL's John Stanley currently number 10 in points in that racing venue; Garner's .047 light may have been better than Stanley's .087 but in the short 660ft, Garner 4.667 @ 146 loses to Stanley who pedals after moving towards the wall but still captures a win with a big MPH pedaling pass 3.888 @ 200. Chris Malec took a good look at just how "bad" Mike Stawicki's Firebird was by way of getting beat by a wide margin, Stawicki gives Malec the tree .050 to his .108. Malec has no chance as Stawicki lights the boards with a superb 3.732 @ 204 to Malec's 6.943 @ 59. Andy Jensen .065 loses a close one by way of a holeshot strapped on him by John Bartunek .028, though Jensen was quicker and faster 3.956 @ 192; Bartunek had enough to keep Jensen at bay 3.967 @ 187. MOV on this pairing was .026. Spiro Papas is broke, Elliot Thompson advances.

Adrenaline Pro Extreme 1/8th Mile Challenge Presented By Barwa Eliminations: Semi Finals

John Stanley Heads To The Final RoundMike Stawicki just keeps chomping at the bit taking out his opponents like a bracket racer; John Bartunek was the victim in this race. Bartunek leaves well. 043 with Stawicki mashing the loud pedal at .054 streaking to his victory over Bartunek 3.745 @ 203 to Bartunek's effort of 3.930 @ 189 on nitrous. Elliot Thompson stalls after the burnout and leaves John Stanley an open track but rattles the tires and backs it off .099 4.253 @ 130. The final is staged with the screw blown early F bodies paired to compete as a storm front heads towards the track.

Adrenaline Pro Extreme 1/8th Mile Challenge Presented By Barwa Eliminations: Finals

Mike Stawicki's Firebird Pro Mod Blasts Off The Starting LineMike Stawicki crowned earlier in the year a the PMRA Points champion was on a mission to tae the title home to NY in the G Force Race Cars Firebird against the AJ 481X powered McAmis Stanley and Weiss Camaro out of Maryland, a North vs. South battle was shaping as the final round was hurried by sprinkles of rain prior to their pass. Stawicki's Firebird sang through its burnout; Stanley followed suit in the same manner. Stanley drops the hammer at .122 while Stawicki's pipes are lit off the go quicker .093, smoke flares out from under the Stanley & Weiss Camaro later to be found a fluid line came off spraying the tires so Stawicki only need's to make it to the top end which he did in a mere 3.890 @ 197 to Stanley’s losing 6.463 @ 123. Stawicki is inundated in the winners circle by press and media while picking up his check and trophy.

Shakedown At E Town Speedtech pro nitrous Results

Speedtech Pro Nitrous: Qualifying Results And Highlights

Mike Castellana Officially Returns To The Shakedown At E TownGetting back into the full quarter mile race sessions, the pro nitrous category was another open invitation to a title with Jim Halsey not in participation this year, his crown was up for grabs; enter a full sixteen car field filled with laughing gas sprayed big blocks just waiting to terminate their opponents. The fans were well aware they were in for rattling tires, flaming exhaust and huge nitrous purges; the racers gave them that and more! Khalid Al Balooshi out of the UAE topped the ladder in the Speedtech 68 Camaro laying down a scorching 5.958 @ 240.08. Maryland's own Fredy Scriba was next in-line for a five second pass under the guided power of the big Fulton charging through the beams 5.980 @ 230.65. Matt Deitsch showed his promise early as his new seat in the 68 Camaro over his older ride "Cavalier" has been coming along perfectly with stout numbers such as this strong attempt setting him third in the ladder 6.027 @ 235.

Gary Courtier With Jessica Barton Supermodel At The Shakedown At E TownOne of the most eye catching and simply stunning Camaro's is that of Gary Courtier, now seen by millions through the web and in Florida as the poster car for Speed World Dragway's advertisement's with Jessica Barton included. Jessica the gave the fans a little bit of her personality after Courtiers pass knowing she was on his side for this race. Jessica Barton Supermodel And First Ever Shakedown At E Town QueenCourtier wrung out the Camaro posting his best ever 6.178 @ 228.42.

A welcome sight to all in Pro Mod racing was Mike Castellana belting himself in the seat of a race car following his earlier press release of his battle with cancer, no one could be more pleased than Raceway Parks fans as he sets the Camaro in the groove for a fifth place spot 6.197 @ 213.44. Hometown favorite Todd Fontana "this car was featured on the Shakedown Apparel" fulfilled the wishes of his fans by blazing through his runs flames spouting vigorously out the pipes for a best effort of 6.256 @ 221.16.

Vinny Budano Opens Up The New Camaro Pro Mod At The ShakedownVinny Budano takes his newest version of the "Bad Apples" Camaro into the shakedowns ladder formidably with its maiden voyages. Big Vinny whooped on the surface pretty good to a strong 6.281 @ 233.28 sporting his Shafiroff power to do it with; this car is spectacular in all aspects. Mike Ghiraldi sits in the middle of the pack; his red 68 Camaro also stuffed with BBC power took to the quarter sending through the top end at 6.300 @ 221.16. Beginning the balk half of this qualifying ladder is John Prime another Camaro bodied Pro Mod featuring a krondeck timed 6.368 @ 215.93 to keep it close when rounds would begin. Steve Cossis had no issues getting into the ladder though a few bursts of nitrous during his attempts made this interesting; Big Steve posted a 6.391 @ 166.76. Chris Rini in the only hemi powered and automatic ride of the bunch was having issues getting this beast down the track cleanly, which is not his norm. The "ATI Transmissions" Stratus was able to flash a good 6.462 @ 213.23 on the boards and heads to the rounds later. Daniel Hill brings his Camaro entry down from Connecticut to spay some power on the track via a 12th spot in the ladder 6.592 @ 202.91. Tony Morell with one of the more "Old School" rides an 86 Thunderbird looked like days of old when Pro Mods were just coming into heir own, people enjoyed this car as he tripped the beams 7.111 @ 195.00. Most were probably wondering what this red and white vehicle was that pulled into the lanes to make qualifying passes, it was Harold Martin's "Martin MKVI" a concept car he designed until Pontiac fell under, Martin ran in the ADRL for a time and now mainly stays with the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association Series with this entry, one of the few EFI induction rides out there had difficulties producing it's regularly good numbers with a 8.233 @ 114.81. You know the name, it’s almost legendary in nitrous applications, records and more “Shannon Jenkins" of Alabama had tire shake issues throughout his qualifying only mustering a 9.304 @ 127.49. John Bartunek was back but in Cobalt doing double duty in two classes, Bartunek was way off his game with a disappointing 11.048 @ 80.31.

John Nobile Got Out of Shape Early Crashing Int The Wall, Nobile walked Away

The Nobile Situation:

John Nobile a fan favorite and prior Pro Mod Champion of the Shakedown suffered a day ending crash into the wall hard as the Mustang launched it moved towards the wall but then crossed lanes just past the 330ft mark heading directly into the concrete barrier. Nobile's car impacted hard and was heavily damaged spinning on its roof for what seemed to be an eternity. John Nobile walked out of this well built ride OK but the car damage was extensive.

See Full Qualifying Below:

Speedtech Pro Nitrous Qualifying: Final
1 ) Khalid Al Balooshi, Dubai UAE, 68 Camaro, BBC | 5.958 @ 240.08
2 ) Fredy Scriba, Maryland, 63 Corvette, BBC, Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association "Member" | 5.980 @ 230.65
3 ) Matthew Deitsch, New York, 68 Camaro, BBC, Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association "Member" | 6.027 @ 235
4 ) Gary Courtier, New York, 68 Camaro, Fulton BBC, Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association "Member" | 6.178 @ 228.42
5 ) Mike Castellana, New York, 69 Camaro, BBC, | 6.197 @ 213.44
6 ) Todd Fontana, New Jersey, 68 Camaro, BBC, | 6.256 @ 221.16
7 ) Vinny Budano, New York, 68 Camaro, Shafiroff BBC | 6.281 @ 233.28
8 ) Mike Ghiraldi, New York, 68 Camaro, BBC, Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association "Member" | 6.300 @ 221.16
9 ) John Prime, Connecticut, 68 Camaro, BBC, Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association "Member" | 6.368 @ 215.93
10 ) Steve Cossis, New York, 67 Camaro, BBC, | 6.391 @ 166.76
11 ) Chris Rini, 07 Dodge Stratus, Hemi, Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association "Member" | 6.462 @ 213.23
12 ) Daniel Hill, Connecticut, 69 Camaro, BBC, | 6.592 @ 202.91
13 ) Tony Morell, New Jersey, 86 Thunderbird, | 7.111 @ 195.00
14 ) Harold Martin, 2010 Martin MKVI, BBC EFI, Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association "Member" | 8.233 @ 114.81
15 ) Shannon Jenkins, Alabama, 68 Camaro, BBC, Speedtech Nitrous, | 9.304 @ 127.49
16 ) John Bartunek, New York, Chevy Cobalt, BBC, | 11.048 @ 80.31
17 ) John Nobile, 2008 Mustang, Nobile Trucking, | Qualifying Crash ### @ ###

Speedtech Pro Nitrous Eliminations: Round One

Mike Castellana Heats The Hides With A Massive Burnout In The Al Anabi Racing Pro ModJohn Prime gets a solo pass when Mike Ghiraldi can't make the call and clicks off early 7.956 @ 105. Steve Cossis 23.79 @ 30 immediately goes into tire shake allowing Vinny Budano a spot in the next round, Budano staves off a move to the wall and clicks off early also 8.206 @ 121.79. Todd Fontana and Chris Rini pair in this match, the big hemi and sleek Camaro screams through their burnouts. Fontana has this race from front to back .019 6.297 @ 221 to Rini's capable and clean but not enough .030 6.378 @ 217. Mike Castellana comes to the line in the Al-Anabi Camaro with Daniel Hill in the opposite lane, Castellana heats the hides unmercifully as Hill does a short burnout, Hill jumps the tree before it drops, and Castellana is off powering to a win showing promise for upcoming rounds 6.117 @ 231. One of the most extreme upsets comes by way of Tony Morell, vs. Gary Courtier, State of the art against old school power. The Thunderbird of Morell was clearly outmatched but Courtier takes a shot at a number and rattles the tires, not able to get back enough losing to the "Thundering" Morell .160 7.093 @ 196 to Courtier’s last round appearance for the day .161 9.081 @ 107. Again upset is in the air, a strong Matt Deitsch burnout followed by a losing .052 6.786 @ 202 is nosing over on the top end while opponent Harold Martin barely scuffs the tires on his burnout takes his MKVI to the top end charge with what looked like a cloud of engine exiting the pipes for the win .132 6.410 @ 194. Fredy Scriba basically had this race after kicking the tires and lighting the fires with all ends of this track his own over opponent Shannon Jenkins, Jenkins could only pull out a .079 6.215 @ 192 while Scriba defies the six second zone ripping into the fives .048 5.935 @ 238. In the final pairing Khalid Al Balooshi was on a rope from front to back .112 6.185 @ 235 against a tire shaking John Bartunek whose .020 didn't matter finishing with a stroll 14.834 @ 72.

Speedtech Pro Nitrous Eliminations: Round Two

Freddy Scriba With Pipes Lit Loses To BudanoTodd Fontana will waltz into the semi's uncontested as Harold Martin was not in the lanes to make the call hurt. John Prime .046 6.339 @ 216 just didn't have enough against the Speedtech team who put the crowd on its feet just as quickly as the Camaro got down the quarter mile posting a brilliant .119 5.881 @ 240 kicking this baby into high gear. Tony Morell's day is ended .080 11.607 @ 73 once he is shown the back end of Mike Castellana’s Camaro dropping another screaming .067 6.132 @ 232 consistently on the towers boards. Budano vs. Scriba should have been the match of the rounds, Scriba .115 11.076 @ 72 shuts off early while Vinny Budano takes his best pass on the car ever close to the five second zone .100 6.074 @ 237 with less than six passes on this machine.

Speedtech Pro Nitrous Eliminations: Semi Finals

Mike Castellana Couldn't repeat his blistering top end passes losing to Al BooshiKhalid Al Balooshi was paired with Mike Castellana in this semi, both cars sounded strong on the burnouts but Castellana falters on the start .104 18.156 @ 65 while Khalid Al Balooshi makes waste on the Raceway Park asphalt in and out of the pedal to a still very good .092 6.346 @ 229 heading into the finals. Vinny Budano's "Cinderella man" weekend ended early by way of Todd Fontana, Budano clicks it off early .083 9.851 @ 87 while Fontana gives the crowd what they came for, one of the cleanest fire in the pipes passes of the day from front to back, .036 6.294 @ 237 despite a less than stellar five second pass the fans enjoyed the flamethrowers during the run.

Khalid Al Booshi Charges Wide Open To The FinalTodd Fontana Through the Traps Fire in the pipesVinny Budano's Day Ends At Over 200MPH

Speedtech Pro Nitrous Eliminations: Finals

Khalid Al Booshi Launches To A Champioship In Pro NitrousThe biggest final for all the fans of nitrous was about to partake on the verge of storm weather rolling in, Team Speedtech "Khalid Al Balooshi" vs. Todd Fontana was ready to make some history. Fontana makes his worst pass in the most important race of the day posting a losing .077 6.587 @ 216 as Khalid Al Balooshi does not let the fans down trekking the surface in a spirited winning 5.933 @ 241 with top MPH of the event going with it, Khalid Al Balooshi is now the reigning champion of Speedtech's Pro Nitrous class where he was immediately greeted and smothered by press and media in the winners circle.

Shakedown At E Town Mountain Motor Pro Stock Association Results Mountain Motor Pro Stock Association: Qualifying Results And Highlights

John Montecalvo Was Making Serious Horsepower With Tilcon Behind HimThis class has been one Dave Hance has feverishly trying to get into the Shakedown; his idea took shape with their inclusion in the race series and what an addition it was. A first time effort brought in the meanest all motor "Big Ones At That" too for trips down Raceway Parks 1/4 mile, all grunt, gear banging IHRA style pro stocks giving this race the feel of a multi national event just from their presence. Big names and big sponsor plastered on these furiously hooking machines led to some great images for the fans to keep in their heads the next time they see them. Pete Berner the Points leader and his Summit GXP took the top qualifying spot with a record setting pass for this association 6.220 @ 224. Cary Goforth coming off a victory in the ADRL World Finals V and many more in front of that leaves his mark at number two in the ladder, the father part of this team clicked off a strong 6.234 @ 225. John Pluchino in an all new ride for this year slathered in an amazing orange and silver themed paint job with no viable markings other than the faded in flames set a course for himself to go rounds 6.256 @ 223 "We have more power and a better car than previous years " said Pluchino. Bob Bertsch settles for fourth place 6.271 @ 222 in the Rislone sponsored Mustang; this car was absolutely vicious from burnout to top end. Larry O’Brien’s "Bears Performance Parts" Avenger hung the tires while grabbing gears in his power range for a fan pleasing 6.275 @ 223.36 entry out of the Mopar camp. John Montecalvo 6.314 @ 222.80 now in his own element after running with the Pro Mods years prior sent his Cobalt down the track sporting the "Tilcon" sponsorship of 2010 on the side of his car. Dean Goforth the son part of this team and "Dean's Casing Service" drove the GXP into the top end hard plastering the boards with a 6.318 @ 223.58. Elijah Morton is a name many know from years of racing experience, his Shelby took to the tope end clicking off a strong 6.323 @ 223.47. Trevor Eman and the "" Escort spun the big Ford Hemi to a spot in the ladder 6.328 @ 223.21. JR Carr "Elite Motorsports" mashed the pedal pushing the John Kasse Motor forward and fills in the number 10 spot easily 6.337 @ 221.67. In earlier pres release's Tony Pontieri who had suffered a terrifying incident earlier in the year was now seated in the #9 Auto Wreckers Cobalt 6.443 @ 219.61; new to this class Pontieri got much need seat time and a good standing that surely would improve during rounds. Cale Aronson and his sharp as a knife "Ford Racing / Carsafe / Aronson Motorsports " Mustang flipped the switch on the timers at a less than favorable 6.611 @ 177 but also had a previous qualifier with big MPH 218.24, Aronson brings with him his team of ladies including Tinzy Smith and the lovely Carsafe Model "Taylor Barnes" to make things just a little bit more exciting. Ned Katuran of Atco Raceway held the final spot in the ladder with issues of tire shake launching the Cobalt to a best ET of 9.023 and best MPH 221. See Full Qualifying Below: Mountain Motor Pro Stock Association Qualifying: Final
1 ) Pete Berner, 2009 Pontiac GXP, Summit Racing Equipment, | 6.220 @ 224.62
2 ) Cary Goforth, 2008 Cobalt, Dean's Casing Service, | 6.234 @ 225.94
3 ) John Pluchino, 2006 Escort, | 6.256 @ 223.28
4 ) Bob Bertsch, 2007 RJ Race Cars Ford Mustang, Rislone Bar's Treatments, | 6.271 @ 222.77
5 ) Larry O’Brien, 2010 Avenger, Bears Performance Parts, | 6.275 @ 223.36
6 ) John Montecalvo, 2009 Cobalt, Tilcon, | 6.314 @ 222.80
7 ) Dean Goforth, 2009 GXP, Dean's Casing Service, | 6.318 @ 223.58
8 ) Elijah Morton, 2008 JHRC Shelby Mustang, | 6.323 @ 223.47
9 ) Trevor Eman, 2006 Escort,, | 6.328 @ 223.21
10 ) JR Carr, 2009 GXP, | 6.337 @ 221.67
11 ) Tony Pontieri, 2007 Chevrolet Cobalt, #9 Auto Wreckers, | 6.443 @ 219.61
12 ) Cale Aronson, 2010 Ford Racing Mustang, Aronson Motorsports, , | 6.611 @ 177.79 - Top MPH 218.24
13 ) Ned Katuran, 2008 Cobalt, | 9.023 @ 102.05 - Top MPH 221.34 Mountain Motor Pro Stock Association Eliminations: Round One

Cale Aronson Loses Early In The Pro Stock RoundsElijah Morton comes out swinging with Dean Goforth in the opposite lane, Goforth goes into tire shake early and loses to Morton 6.753 @ 229 wisps of smoke puffing out from underneath the car. John Montecalvo takes the slower reaction time .107 to Trevor Eman's .045 as Montecalvo's Cobalt grips and reaches high off the launch he is on a clean strong pass with Trevor Eman losing as he slows 7.446 @ 127 to Montecalvo's 6.274 @ 225. JR Carr barely moved off the line after the green while Larry O'Brien takes a solid win .023 6.274 @ 223. Bob Bertsch gives it up on a red light start -.070 to Tony Pontieri in the Cobalt running it out to 6.488 @ 220.

Taylor Barnes, Carsafe Aronson Supermodel, At The Shakedown Posing CandidlyCale Aronson gets the light of the day .006 but a losing effort it was as he slows on the top end 6.862 @ 164 to John Pluchino's raging Escort .062 6.317 @ 213 for a next round showing, Cale Aronson and Carsafe bring Taylor Barnes to the track as thier Supermodel, this young lady is stunning as you can see. Cary Goforth heads to a second round with a clean pass of .051 6.297 @ 222 while his opponent Ned Katuran has to lift early .122 10.186 @ 88. Pete Berner saves his best for last in a solo run .051 6.209 @ 225.97 for a new record in this associations history and the Shakedowns. Mountain Motor Pro Stock Association Eliminations: Round Two

Tony Pontieri Gets Past Larry O'Brien For Another RoundCary Goforth takes a solo pass uncontested to a strolling 8.521 @ 104 saving his parts.

Larry O'Brien puts a tree on Tony Pontieri .039 to .046 respectively only to have Pontieri 6.367 @ 219 lay on the power and overtake O'Brien 6.627 @ 213. Montecalvo .040 is out on opponent John Pluchino .054, Pluchino heads straight for the finish and the win 6.290 @ 224 as Montecalvo tries to recover from moving out of the groove in a losing effort 6.620 @ 222. Pete Berner is in a string, and I mean a string of bracket like passes with a win light attached. Elijah Morton saw it from the best angle as he shuts off early while Berner continues to make exciting runs this one ending with a 6.212 @ 225. Mountain Motor Pro Stock Association Eliminations: Semi Finals

John Pluchino Is Going To The Pro Stock FinalJohn Pluchino hasn't wavered in his rounds including this one taking out Cary Goforth as Goforth gets out of shape on the top end and Pluchino is hooked to the track winning .044 6.304 @ 219 to Goforth's .078 7.127 @ 142.

Tony Pontieri had his number called in this round against a seemingly unbeatable Pete Berner, what was seemingly is really as it seems, Berner takes this race on power alone .070 6.220 @ 225 to Pontieri's .048 6.458 @ 218 as finals are coming. Mountain Motor Pro Stock Association Eliminations: Semi Finals

Pete Berner Is Unstoppable Winning The Pro Stock Title At The shakedown At E Town 2010With both finalists sitting under a clouded stormy sky in the burnout box, both teams prepared for a final that will become the first in Shakedown History books, Mountain Motors stretching their legs with nothing but motor powering them. Pete Berner who was deadly consistent all day and John Pluchino his first time to a final in his Shakedown experience with his large team awaiting the result had been inching up on Berner’s numbers all day. Berner leaves hard .097 to Pluchino's .123, Pluchino can't make up ground and slows 7.110 @ 146 while Berner heads to the first ever Champion At The Shakedown in the now formed Mountain Motor Class, His team and fans welcomed him at the winners circle as did Pluchino's where both were awarded trophies and interviews amongst the glimmer of lights of camera's flashing.

Shakedown At E Town Mickey Thompson Outlaw 10.5 Results

Mickey Thompson Outlaw 10.5 Presented By Precision Turbo: Qualifying Results And Highlights

As most know the Shakedown is one of the few places to actually see the Outlaw 10.5 rides make a full quarter mile pass since most of the tracks are taking the 1/8th mile route, some are for this, some against; controversy still surrounds how this session will shape up in the near future with cars now approaching speeds in excess of a Pro Mod but with much less tire. Although the issues faced by this tire size limit the quarter mile numbers still stand as the "trademark" of northeast drag racing outlaw style

. TJ Kasper Is Number Two Qualifier At His Young Age, This Kid Kwik Can DriveOne of the most impressive classes of man and machine took the center stage with thirty one cars attempting to qualify knowing well that the heaviest of hitters were in the house. All eye's again were on Tim Lynch, his record setting numbers at Raceway Park are the tipping point of all Outlaw racing in this class, if it's going to be done, The Lynch Mob" will do it. Lynch let no one down taking his new 2010 Corvette to a new level blistering the quarter mile in a mere 6.263 @ 232.51 so cleanly it was almost surreal. Last year Lynch held the record at 6.400 in the car now owned by Christy / Kasper Racing driven by the young T.J. Kasper, this car also sporting Proline power insisted on Kasper trashing on it to the tune of 6.392 @ 230.37 keeping the record standing in the same vehicle as the year before. T.J. Kasper has been doing damage in many series as a first year driver in this class, give him a car and he can drive it with the best of them. Sitting in third is Rob Wells biting on the edge of that 40' with a solid 6.445 @ 233.43 while during the night the team thrashed replacing pistons into the morning hours in this nasty Mustang. Father "Tommy Kasper" the other half of the Christy / Kasper conglomerates of horsepower set well in the top of this ladder in the strikingly clean Mustang 6.481 @ 225.63. Jerry Mitrovic gave the fans what they wanted, an all out assault with the stunning yellow Mustang dropping in at fifth 6.509 @ 226.54. One of the most notable names is that of Bryan Markiewiecz going all the way back to the days of NMCA and NSCA, his combinations fly at any track, this was no different with a strong effort of 6.533 @ 229.98.

Shakedown Champion of 2008 Joe Newsham Returns Whith Giant Wheelies At Half TrackSomeone who we have though about all year and wondered if he would again challenge this track was Joe Newsham. Who can forget the horrendous crash he suffered during last years qualifying where he was injured but came back fast with help of friends, families and sponsors to seat him again in this 92 Camaro. Newsham is back in a solid ride with J & E Power taking it to the stripe with the car trying to grab all the track it can stops the clocks 6.541 @ 220.91. Saud Alzabin brought in his twin turbo Mustang and clicked off a strong 6.572 @ 209.75 followed by Harry "Buck" Jarvis in his wildly painted 69 Camaro filed with twins 6.588 @ 220.76. Shakedown regular Anthony DiSomma not in his own gorgeous Mustang was the "Hitman" in "Opies" New Camaro, a great effort from this new machine settling in at number ten 6.627 @ 224. Scott Guadagno piloted the only nitrous entry to make the field as he usually does in the Pete Biello Camaro dropped a traction limited 6.737 @ 183.44 on the boards. Another hopeful and crowd favorite of the outlaw scene was Steve Gorman's Mustang, slick brilliant red with more than enough power launching high and hard each pass taking 6.786 @ 215 as his best effort. Dale Collins Jr out of the Drummond Race Cars camp moved into the ladder solely on his driving skills taking the Camaro to the end 6.786 @ 210.77. Shawn Zubler in his new turbo power planted Trans Am; a strong believer in nitrous most of his career took the twins route early in the season now in the ladder of the biggest northeast race 6.823 @ 210.77. Billy Mitchell never fails to give the fans what they want, this brilliant green little S10 simply powers its way down the track under big turbo power 6.845 @ 187.96. David DeMarco 6.875 @ 220.55 sits as an alternate and on the seventeenth spot where he will make it in with on account of anyone broken, this Buick is bad, black and mean as can be, one of the most unusual entries and well liked also. See Full Qualifying Below:

Mickey Thompson Outlaw 10.5 Presented By Precision Turbo Qualifying: Final
1 ) Tim Lynch, 2010 Corvette, Twin Turbo, | 6.263 @ 232.51
2 ) T.J. Kasper, 03 Mustang, Twin Turbo, Christy / Kasper Racing, | 6.392 @ 230.37
3 ) Rob Wells, 07 Mustang, Twin Turbo | 6.445 @ 233.43
4 ) Tom Kasper, 2010 Mustang, Twin Turbo, Christy / Kasper Racing, | 6.481 @ 225.63
5 ) Jerry Mitrovic, Mustang, Twin Turbo, | 6.509 @ 226.54
6 ) Bryan Markiewiecz, 03 Mustang, Twin Turbo, | 6.533 @ 229.98
7 ) Joe Newsham, 92 Camaro, Twin Turbo, | 6.541 @ 220.91
8 ) Saud Alzabin, 05 Mustang, Twin Turbo, | 6.572 @ 209.75
9 ) Harry Jarvis, 69 Camaro, Twin Turbo, | 6.588 @ 220.76
10 ) Anthony DiSomma, 02 Camaro, Twin Turbo, | 6.627 @ 224
11 ) Scott Guadagno, 92 Camaro, Nitrous, | 6.737 @ 183.44
12 ) Rob Golobo, 02 Camaro, SBC Twin Turbo, | 6.764 @ 207
13 ) Steve Gorman, 04 Mustang, Twin Turbo, | 6.786 @ 215
14 ) Dale Collins, 02 Camaro, Twin Turbo, | 6.786 @ 210.77
15 ) Shawn Zubler, 99 Trans Am, Twin Turbo, | 6.823 @ 210.77
16 ) Bill Mitchell, 94 S10, BBC Twin Turbo, | 6.845 @ 187.96
17 ) David DeMarco, 84 Regal, Twin Turbo, | 6.875 @ 220.55 - Alternate
18 ) Brad Harris, 99 Mustang, BBC, Twin Turbo, | 6.899 @ 199.58
19 ) Keith Neal, 92 Pontiac, | 7.146 @ 191.19
20 ) Keith Tulbot, 04 Shelby, Twin Turbo, | 7.468 @ 185.82
21 ) Tom "Deez" Ferrick, 02 S10, BBC, Twin Turbo, | 7.490 @ 170.36
22 ) Steve Kluepfel, 90 Mustang, BBC, Roots Supercharged, | 7.643 @ 176.42
23 ) John Little, 85 Camaro, | 7.839 @ 186.34
24 ) Robert Pafumi, 67 Nova, SBC Twin Turbo, | 7.961 @ 174.53
25 ) Larry Wood, 2010 Corvette, BBC Twin Turbo, | 8.138 @ 126.57
26 ) Joseph Maskiewicz IV, 90 Mustang, | 8.812 @ 143.81
27 ) Frank Pompillo, 67 Mustang, Twin Turbo, | 9.117 @ 103.10
28 ) Mark Ingle, 96 Vette, | 10.490 @ 127.23
29 ) Maurice "Mo" Hall, 94 Camaro, BBC Nitrous, | 10.772 @ 110.85
30 ) Ronnie Siders, 86 Camaro, | 11.542 @ 78.72
31 ) Craig Pio, 02 Camaro, BBC Twin Turbo, | 14.452 @ 219.76

Mickey Thompson Outlaw 10.5 Presented By Precision Turbo Eliminations: Round One

Scott Gaudagno Brings In The Nitrous Power Pipes Ablaze In Outlaw 10.5After a year of waiting and a day full of qualifying the world was now about to see the baddest Outlaw 10.5 cars make their journey to the finals with last years Champion out of the running this class was again fair game to anyone at anytime. Rob Wells starts this show moving showing no signs of the hard work last night not paying off carrying the tires past the eight mile and past opponent Dale Collins Jr losing .075 9.412 @ 106 to Wells 6.589 @ 225. Scott Guadagno rips off a searing pass taking the win .047 6.744 @ 177 as Markiewiecz has trouble on the starting line "No Time". Bill Mitchell would just not have enough power to unsettle Tim Lynch who backs up his record in qualifying under completely different conditions .083 6.282 @ 231 to Mitchell's .076 6.730 @ 217. One of the biggest upsets comes as Shawn Zubler .024 6.698 @ 211 on his best pass ever with this new combination gets past a pedaling T.J. Kasper .071 7.739 @ 144 ending his bid for a run at the title. Dave DeMarco puts a killer .003 on the tree to Tommy Kasper's .134 but DeMarco only has a 6.808 @ 220 which wasn't enough for Kasper's turbocharged surge of power for the win 6.466 @ 227. Harry Jarvis .178 gets nailed to the tree by Brad Harris .019 in as an alternate; Harris is out on a big move, Jarvis ratchets up the power and gets ahead of Harris 6.792 @ 213 for a round win 6.489 @ 224 blast and possibly his best ever. Jerry Mitrovic .034 6.687 @ 227 the Canadian favorite takes this race from end to end over one of Shakedown's most renowned drivers Rob Golobo .059 6.719 @ 212. Joe Newsham gets a solo run as Anthony DiSomma can't make the call, Newsham finds his power as usual, wheels up and screaming to the finish his 6.464 @ 224 walking a bit towards the center he stays in it.

Demarco's wild Buick is outed early by Tom KasperShawn Zubler Upsets TJ Kasper In The Twin Turbo Trans AmBill Mitchell Is retired early by Tim Lynch

Mickey Thompson Outlaw 10.5 Presented By Precision Turbo Eliminations: Round Two

Tom Kasper Loses This round burning up his trans In Outlaw 10.5Rob Wells is again the first to take his pass with Scott Guadagno in the opposite lane. Guadagno .041 is out first but shuts off quickly strolling to the finish line ending the nitrous fans hopes with Rob Wells .056 easing to an 8.457 @ 154. Harry Jarvis drops the tree before the timers start leaving Tim Lynch to light up the win side of the boards with another wicked 6.304 @ 230. Shawn Zubler ends his day by way of a -.200 9.957 @ 93 red light leaving Newsham to save his parts and take a short pass to the finish 7.091 @ 163. In this round Jerry Mitrovic enters the beams as Kasper is fully staged with both lights on, Mitrovic's Mustang flickers the top bulb and then it goes out for a flash and reenters, a race ensues with Mitrovic the victor .0224 6.598 @ 209 to Kasper’s .222 figuring he may have a foul by Mitrovic loses the race and toasts the transmission on the top end 7.112 @ 148, there are no instant replays as Kasper plead his case to the officials later.

Mickey Thompson Outlaw 10.5 Presented By Precision Turbo Eliminations: Semi Finals

Joe Newsham Shows His Top End Power In The Outlaw 10.5 CamaroWith two of the quickest cars vying for the rights to this round Tim Lynch .137 was tree'd bad by Jerry Mitrovic .030, at the 800ft mark with both cars almost side by side, Mitrovic gets extremely loose taking out the cone almost completely sideways and saves this amazingly as Lynch has no idea what is happening behind him, Lynch's win light is on 6.474 @ 223 for his worst pass of the day so far. Rob Wells tries to make a go of it although it looked as though he may be hurt his 10.684 @ 88 may have proved he was. in the opposite lane, Joe Newsham showed no signs of backing down looking for another tenth in this ride taking the win .031 6.470 @ 223 now has lane choice over Tim Lynch.

Mickey Thompson Outlaw 10.5 Presented By Precision Turbo Eliminations: Finals

tim-lynch-shakedownatetownt.jpgAs rain and storms were headed into the area, another hurried final between Lynch and Newsham was forming though an earlier oil down in one lane caused even more of a delay, the track was getting cold and the question was which lane would have what it took to hold the two now quickest cars in the bunch to the tarmac. Newsham chose the lane that didn't have the oil down while both teams went through their motions; Lynch chirping a small burnout Newsham following suit. Newsham was hot off the tree .024 to Lynch's .065 Newsham is in the air again heading towards the center backing off the pedal 7.510 @ 145 as Tim Lynch lays waste to 1320ft of asphalt in another ripple of heat wafting the back end of his car to the finish straight as an arrow and leaving a 6.301 @ 226 for the fans and spectators watching this event take place, Team "Lynch Mob" were back in Champions Alley where media flocked for his presentation of the 2010 Mickey Thompson Outlaw 10.5 Champions Title.

Shakedown At E Town K&K Advanced Door Car Technology Heavy Street Results

K&K Advanced Door Car Technology Heavy Street: Qualifying Results And Highlights

Tom Tarsia Rocks The Supercharged Camaro to Number OneHeavy street is just one of those high horsepower bone jarring classes of big steel, huge motors and superchargers pushing the heavyweights to unlimited heights of performance as seen last year with a spectacular finish by Mitch George winning this title after rolling the nitrous injected Monte Carlo of Jack Boer right after the beams in the final. A late rule change to this class put forward enabled closer competition by removing "Screw Blowers" and Twin Turbo's from the mix but roots blowers still had their position as Tom Tarsia showed by setting the record in qualifying with his immaculate and brutally efficient Camaro ripping the track up in a strong "belt driven whoopin" 6.641 @ 204.60. A 6.923 @ 193.93 was the next closest ET in qualifying by The "Superman" Sam Gottier, this spectacular Chevelle was a stunning example of "Heavy Street" quantified. John Cerbone, a regular at the Shakedown drops into third in his hard launching Camaro of 92 vintage with a 7.044 @ 199.82 followed by Lou Sciortino's flying 7.126 @ 193.90. Champion Mitch George returns in the same Championship Monte Carlo with limited time on this car after its rebuild he has a spot in the ladder secured for another run at the title 7.126 @ 192.88. John Schroeder a veteran of almost every Shakedown was back in the well known Camaro which has been a championship ride in so many series and organizations as far back as anyone can remember stops the clocks with his best effort 7.214 @ 189.47. Tommy Mauro enters his Procharged Camaro into the fray with mighty launches from the swirling boost of his compressed big blog into the number seven spot 7.282 @ 190.38. Newcomer James A. Sartori sits behind the wheel of his new ride which most will remember as Gary Naughton's exquisite Camaro seen over the years in Shakedown results, James with little seat time holds spot number eight 7.388 @ 194.30.

Richard Sciosca Hemi Cuda Suffered A Nitrous Blast But Sat On The Bump After Third QualifierMike Ingrossio another regular in the area of big powerful rides looks to have made some changes in the stance of this Cutlass with nitrous power stopping the clocks 7.393 @ 188.89. Mitch Mika's 85 Camaro also a regular posted a good number to get him in the top 16 qualifiers 7.409 @ 184.57. Pete Pace has been at the Shakedown since day one in many different forms; nitrous early on and now blown; Pace officially gets in the game busting out the horsepower 7.430 @ 179.49. No one can not know "Charlie Boy" Micalef by now, his Chevelle has been part of this scene for many years and his performance is a standard all follow in "Heavy Street" 7.570 @ 185.51. Mike Trimandillis effectively pushed his Mustang into the ladder 7.597 @ 186.67 followed by Ray DeAngelis's effort of 7.601 @ 182.23. Steve Wooley, one of the most recognized in this group as the shoebox Nova that could has been seen in Super Chevy running in "True Street" meaning this car drives and runs too leaving 7.614 @ 182.92 on the sheets for his final number. The possibly cleanest Chevelle in Heavy Street is that of Ronnie Souza, another car that has been in almost every major "Heavy Street Event" known to man had some traction issues but still makes the last spot in the ladder 7.716 @ 177.95. See Full Qualifying Below:

Tri Five's Heavy Street Qualifying Showmanship: A lesson in giving the fans "Something Special" With Vince "Vinny" DiRose

Vinnie DiRose And Pete Esposito Qualify Side By Side In A Tri Five Shoebox Shootout For The Drag Racing FansWith Heavy Street a big favorite of fans, showman and sportsman show their ideas of giving fans a show along with their efforts of qualifying. Vince DiRose and Pete Esposito are two of them, both immaculate versions of the tri five Chevy's. Vince DiRose got an idea in his head after having pleased the fans with half track burnouts in the slick "Black Ice" 57 Chevy 150 sedan; supercharger poking through the hood took time out to compose a side by side qualifier with Pete Esposito and his 55 Chevy nitrous entry for the fans while being called to the lanes. Both racers may have brought a part of racing not seen for so many years of racing; a side by side sundown showdown which this photographer will not soon forget as I followed both cars down the track gleaming in the sunset light side by side for a special treat that will be one of my most favorable moments as I thank both for setting this up for everyone. Though both racers didn't make the ladder; this was classic showmanship that most races seem to lack or reporters notice but reminds all of how this racing was in days of old.

K&K Advanced Door Car Technology Heavy Street Qualifying: Final
1 ) Tom Tarsia, 70 Camaro, BBC Supercharged, | 6.641 @ 204.60
2 ) Sam Gottier, 71 Chevelle, BBC, Nitrous, | 6.923 @ 193.93 - Top MPH 195.59
3 ) Jon Cerbone, 92 Camaro, BBC, Nitrous, | 7.044 @ 199.82
4 ) Lou Sciortino, 69 Camaro, BBC, | 7.126 @ 193.90
5 ) Mitch George, 84 Monte Carlo, BBC, Nitrous, | 7.126 @ 192.88
6 ) John Schroeder, 02 Camaro, BBC, Nitrous, | 7.214 @ 189.47
7 ) Tommy Mauro, 92 Z/28 Camaro, BBC, Procharger, | 7.282 @ 190.38
8 ) James A. Sartori, 67 Camaro, BBC Supercharged, | 7.388 @ 194.30
9 ) Mike Ingrossio, 82 Cutlass, BBC, Nitrous, | 7.393 @ 188.89
10 ) Mitch Mika, 85 Camaro, BBC, Nitrous, | 7.409 @ 184.57 - Top MPH 189.73
11 ) Pete Pace, 68 Camaro, BBC, Supercharged, 7.430 @ 179.49
12 ) "Charlie Boy" Micalef, 70 Chevelle, BBC Nitrous, | 7.570 @ 185.51
13 ) Mike Trimandillis, 93 Mustang, | 7.597 @ 186.67
14 ) Ray DeAngelis, 91 Chevy, BBC Nitrous, | 7.601 @ 182.23 15 ) Steve Wooley, 66 Nova, SBC, Turbocharged, | 7.614 @ 182.92
16 ) Ronnie Souza, 67 Chevelle, BBC, Nitrous, | 7.716 @ 177.95
17 ) Lou Proto, 88 Mustang, | 7.743 @ 175.48
18 ) Richard Sciosca, 70 Cuda, Hemi, Nitrous, | 7.803 @ 173.65
19 ) Vinnie DiRose, "Team Black Ice" 57 Chevy 150 Sedan, BBC, Supercharged, | 7.807 @ 176.35
20 ) Joe Serviss, 67 Nova, BBC, | 7.813 @ 175.11
21 ) Andrew Handras, 69 Camaro, BBC, | 7.985 @ 187.21
22 ) Dwayne Taylor Sr., 69 Nova, BBC, Nitrous, | 8.029 @ 172.45
23 ) Joe Gentiluomo, 88 Camaro, BBC, Nitrous, | 8.076 @ 174.01
24 ) Pete Esposito, 55 Chevy, Nitrous, | 8.153 @ 164.71
25 ) Angel Muniz, 93 Mustang, SBF, Nitrous, | 8.168 @ 164.79
26 ) Joe Waskewicz, 69 Chevy, BBC, | 8.192 @ 168.89
27 ) Rick Golobo, 86 S10, BBC, | 8.250 @ 151.71
28 ) Steven Ramage, 68 Camaro, BBC, | 8.420 @ 141.39
29 ) John Fisher, 69 Camaro, BBC, | 8.451 @ 157.39
30 ) Andrew Smith, 95 GMC SUV, BBC, Nitrous, | 8.721 @ 155.94
31 ) Michael Pollaro, 02 Corvette, BBC, | 9.009 @ 151.48
32 ) Frank Beck, 05 GTO, | 9.072 @ 153.35

K&K Advanced Door Car Technology Heavy Street Eliminations: Round One

Ray DeAngelis in his immaculate heavy street camaro loses in round oneRay DeAngelis .135 light in his streetable convertible third gen Camaro faces John Cerbone's .127 wild same era Camaro. Both leave with close reaction times but DeAngelis 7.605 @ 187 is down on power compared to Cerbone's charging top end 7.186 @ 187. Mitch George has found his strength in this round dropping a big number .046 7.116 @ 194 to take out "Charlie Boy" Micalef .025 7.189 @ 193 in a close race of big cars. Steve Wooley gives up too much on the tree to save himself from defeat .144 7.576 @ 184 over a strong Sam Gottier finishing first .061 6.943 @ 198. Lou Scortino goes up in a ball of flames out the front of the gorgeous Camaro's hood scoop 7.905 @ 132 while Mike Trimandillis advances to the next round, 9.006 @ 105. Tommy Mauro runs straight and true to the finish line pressurized by Procharger power .072 7.273 @ 194 while Mitch Mika .047 jumps off the line only to falter and get back in it losing 7.686 @ 192. John Schroeder is all to himself on this pass as Pete Pace has trouble on the hit of the pedal, Schroeder ends his pass .030 7.235 @ 190. Mike Ingrossio is terribly late on the tree .792 to opponent James Sartori who takes the win easily .027 7.481 @ 198 Ingrossio follows 7.916 @ 131. Number one qualifier Tom Tarsia almost gives this one away to Ronnie Souza. Tarsia .190 is nailed to the tree .084 by Souza who can only muster a 7.676 @ 180 while Tarsia comes around him 7.546 @ 135 at 500ft for the win .024 ahead of Souza.

K&K Advanced Door Car Technology Heavy Street Eliminations: Round Two

John Cerbone Heads To The Semi FinalsTommy Mauro would have his hands full of gleaming red Chevelle with Sam Gottier next to him, despite his efforts Mauro can't keep up with Gottier .076 7.351 @ 197 to Gottier’s winning .047 6.940 @ 197. Mike Trimandillis finds himself far behind Mitch George in the traps as George .047 7.114 @ 190 wins this round to Trimandillis' .080 7.711 @ 184. John Cerbone would put up his best time of the weekend just when it counted, against John Schroeder. Schroeder .051 didn't have that extra "oomph" 7.207 @ 190 needed to get by Cerbone's very fast .050 7.038 @ 199. Tom Tarsia had another round of being late on the tree with repeat of his first round reaction time .192 losing 7.367 @ 152 to James Sartori's supercharged pass .038 7.335 @ 187 moving into the semi's.

K&K Advanced Door Car Technology Heavy Street Eliminations: Semi Finals

Mitch George Had all Intentions Of Backing Up His Heavy Street Championship AgainAn all GM semi was at hand, only one supercharged car still stood, that of James A. Sartori. Also the closest racing of the day as always expected in "Heavy Street" John Cerbone ends up in the "L" column after a decent light was cut by him .042 to his opponent Sam Gottier's .074. Down track in a close race, Gottier's pipes are lit and so is his lanes win light 6.919 @ 197 while Cerbone tries valiantly pouring on big MPH in a losing effort 6.988 @ 202 with only .037 between them. Mitch George continued on his streak of solid seven second times heading off the blown Camaro of James Sartori .017 7.372 @ 195 in a loss to George .050 7.125 @ 195.

K&K Advanced Door Car Technology Heavy Street Eliminations: Finals

Sam Gottier Takes The Win And Title For Shakedown At E Town Heavy StreetMitch George finds himself seated again in the final round as he did last year with Sam Gottier to challenge his title.

Gottier had Georges number and took his Chevelle to the top end virtually in the shadow of the blazing "Lit Pipes" tune thrown into this car as George is ousted .027 7.578 @ 141 losing power and Gottier's brilliant .045 6.911 @ 198 captures his title of Heavy Street Champion 2010 at the Shakedown At E Town amongst the fans of this car and press surrounding him.

Shakedown At E Town Protorque Drag Radial Results

Pro Torque Drag Radial Presented By PM Contruction: Qualifying Results And Highlights

Paul Major Corvette is Back In Shape Setting RecordsFrom the introduction of this class, Drag Radial has taken many new forms, most popular of which is the Extreme 275 Drag Radial class that is abundantly forming coast to coast in 1/8mile formats. Dave Hance, a competitor in this Shakedown version of DR is himself a big fan also but as of this race; the Shakedown remains the Outlaw version with varied tire styles, width's and the full quarter mile to pace for a title. Qualifying lead to big numbers and records again as the players took to the pavement. Paul Major returns to the Shakedown a year later after a sliding collision with the wall and literally resets the record without blinking in the highly revamped Corvette at number one 6.743 @ 223.62.

Dave Hance Of New York Motorsports Loses A Motor And Is Out Of The RunningDave Hance also not to be denied a top spot pushed the mean black Mustang down the track ending in a solid 6.823 @ 219.69 performance but lost an engine and various parts of his front end during the mishap on the top end. 6.873 @ 219.29 was the number for Mel Nelson out of Florida running the full quarter mile in his 1/8th mile regular Camaro. Dave Hinzman a Shakedown Champion reports in he has more than enough in qualifying to capture this number 7.098 @ 203.65 for place five in the ladder. All eye's were on John Carter, his beautiful Corvette with Steve Petty along side most of each pass recorded a 7.117 @ 202.76. Amanda "Puddin" Long as she is known to many in the message board community took her first shot at putting her Mustang through the paces of 1320ft with a good 7.324 @ 192.93. Don "Procharged" Barnett hung the tires on each pass with his jet black Firebird hitting his best mark of qualifying 7.812 @ 180.19. Steve Morris is in eight place 7.918 @ 174.35 in his "sic" station wagon. See Full Qualifying Below:

Pro Torque Drag Radial Presented By PM Contruction Qualifying: Final
1 ) Paul Major, 01 Corvette, Turbocharged, | 6.743 @ 223.62
2 ) Dave Hance, 93 Mustang, BBC Turbocharged, | 6.823 @ 219.69
3 ) Mel Nelson, 02 Camaro, Turbocharged, | 6.873 @ 219.29
4 ) Dave Hinzman, 87 Mustang, Turbocharged, | 7.098 @ 203.65
5 ) John Carter, 04 Corvette, Turbocharged, | 7.117 @ 202.76
6 ) Amanda "Puddin" Long, 05 Mustang, Turbocharged, | 7.324 @ 192.93
7 ) Don Barnett, 88 Firebird, Supercharged, | 7.812 @ 180.19
8 ) Steve Morris, 93 Chevy Wagon, | 7.918 @ 174.35
9 ) Andrew Barrale, 99 Mustang, | 7.958 @ 173.29 - Alternate
10 ) Konstantine Zografos, 04 Mustang, Turbocharged, | 7.965 @ 174.66 - Alternate
11 ) Steve Hall, 90 Mustang, | 7.968 @ 176.49
12 ) Brett Hull, 97 Cobra, | 8.197 @ 191.84
13 ) Vincent Fiore, 69 Camaro, | 8.230 @ 188.07 - Top MPH 191.81
14 ) Bill Dutka, 79 Malibu, BBC, Twin Turbo, | 8.762 @ 123.25

Pro Torque Drag Radial Presented By PM Contruction Eliminations: Round One

Amanda Long Better known as puddin, loses her first round in Drag RadialWith bout's of qualifying under their belts, the earlier day of taking out cones, putting their cars on the bumper and sliding all over the track, the cars are ready to make more Shakedown history with Steve Morris being Don Barnett's first victim, Morris' .227 light vs. Barnett's .122 didn't matter as Barnett flies to the finish line 7.689 @ 181 to Morris' 9.215 @ 112 backing off. Amanda Long, better known as "Puddin" .089 8.244 @ 176 was on the trailer after the first round in a close race with an ill handling Mustang found later to be a broken anti roll bar, as "that'll do it" while Andrew Barrale advances to the next round .089 8.115 @ 173. Brett Hull's day is ended after lifting the brake pedal too quick cutting a -.011 light strolling to the finish while Mel Nelson goes on his way .142 6.905 @ 221 blistering the pavement into round two. John Carter is unmatchable in the stunning Corvette .134 7.268 @ 202 taking Konstantine Zografos out of the running early .149 8.923 @ 173. With Paul Major and Steve Hall out, Dave Hinzman and Bill Dutka take solo runs; Hinzman stays true to his former qualifying number 7.064 @ 204 while Bill Dutka git’s it going well dropping the car down where it's supposed to be 7.133 @ 205.

Pro Torque Drag Radial Presented By PM Contruction Eliminations: Round Two

Don Barnett Forces the power to the ground in Drag RadialDave Hinzman relinquishes his chance at another title as he goes up in smoke at the drop of the hammer and John Carter advances to the semis with a clean pass of 6.997 @ 211. Andrew Barrale also in the same situation as above immediately smokes the DR's off the hit and Mel Nelson is on his way to a final .055 6.876 @ 220.

Both Dutka and Barnett reach the semis by way of bye runs both have issues and finish with a stroll.

Protorque Drag Radial Presented By PM Construction Eliminations: Semi Finals

Bill Dutka Was forced To Lift After A Huge Wheelstand at mid trackWith two of the most consistent and quick DR rides proving themselves in each round prior Nelson and Carter, it was going to have to force both Dutka and Barnett to put down some good numbers to stay alive in this contest. Nelson meets Barnett at the line Barnett goes up in smoke fast on the go, .044 losing his round 9.602 @ 127 while Nelson is leaving a trail of exhaust rippling the air to the finals .100 6.967 @ 200. Bill Dutka .098 10.449 @ 93 pushed his Malibu into the air forcing a wheel stand and needing to get out of it fast losing to John Carter who also had issues but not until far past the finish line blowing the roof off the immaculate Corvette by way of intercooler explosion inside the small cabin. Carter's winning 6.959 @ 215 was also a great show.

Pro Torque Drag Radial Presented By PM Contruction Eliminations: Finals

Mel Nelson Takes The Extreme Drag Radial Title HomeAfter all the rubble was left behind, you'd expect two men standing, not this year, John Carter's Corvette was too heavily damaged to make the quick call back to the lanes with storm clouds looming. Nelson decides to give it a shot at a record as it looked from the crowd of DR fans around the car, something spectacular may happen. Nelson had been working this lane all weekend to its last inch of blacktop. .452 And 6.854 @ 223 later he crosses the finish line only to have a ball of fire burst from underneath the car. Nelson was back at the winners circle showing no damage and more than happier to take this title home with the promotion of trophies and Protorque’s Championship for the full year ahead.

Shakedown At E Town Western Beef Outlaw 8.50 Index Results

Western Beef Outlaw 8.50 Index: Qualifying Results And Highlights

Tony Russo's Mopar Is The True Meaning Of This Class With Clean Looks And Big WheeliesTo say this class has grown exponentially is considerably and understatement as seen by the extreme number of cars competing for the award of 8.50 Index champion. This class provides a flavor and variety of vehicles that are throttled back or pushed to their limits to give a new meaning to "Heads Up" Racing. Though the discussions have been about whether or not this is bracket racing, that will probably go on forever but this class of performers is one that will give you bumper to bumper runs, wild wheel stands, sportsmanship and a generous dose of expert drag racing at a sportsman level. Thoroughly an enjoyable show for all to see not only at the Shakedown but most tri state area tracks including Raceway Parks own series.

Scott Shepherd Sat On The Bump After Alternate Was put inWith sixty one cars entered and only four of them under the 8.50 index, the qualifying from two sessions on Friday Night after the rains had stopped to the completely different conditions on the final crisp Saturday morning session was tight with the top thirty two within a spread of 8.501 @ 164.87 by Joaquin Pedro followed by the high flying all motor Chevelle of Wiso Melendez in the number two spot 8.501 @ 158.07 and Joe Alagna in his Camaro finishing the top three 8.501 @ 157.87. In-between with so many competitors were previous champions of this class, the first ever 8.50 Index winner Bill "William" Cannon had the Camaro loaded for another win hiking the wheels high under "Awesome Engines" power and last years Champion Gary Romonoyske poised to be able to repeat. "It was an honor the last time and as of right now, this is a new engine with no passes on it, we'll see how it goes" said Romonoyske. John Langer, a complete racer and showman with each pass straining the wheelie bars to contain the "All Motor Pontiac" as it reached for big sky. "It's not anything special just the way the car reacts and does well, I've been launching like this for years and have had great success" Langer stated with Team Captain "Jimmy Sugan" pronounced - "soo-gain". Ali Buscio "Buscio Racing" the lone woman in this class sat farther down the ladder than she had expected as she is usually in the top of the field most of the time partnered up with Harry Gerb of h-jmotorsports "who for the first time this author can remember wasn't qualified" earlier in the year to designate a fund for the 8.50 racers as our good friend Susan Verzilli had started before her passing in January suddenly. Bill Verzilli, husband of Susan was close to the bottom of the ladder but qualified, during awards ceremonies Bill Verzilli was included with his family in memory of Susan. Rob Puller sat on the bump of an amazing 8.581 @ 158.39 wheel standing his way to that number in his Finishline Performance Camaro. Doing some simple math, this was an average of .0025 spread among the top 32 qualifiers. Barring any breakage to the above thirty two, Adam "Guppy" Sailor in his strong Mopar entry and Scott Shepherd piloting the gorgeous 69 Camaro waited in the wings as alternates may be called. See Full Qualifying Below:

Western Beef Outlaw 8.50 Index Qualifying: Final
1 ) Joaquin Pedro, 99 Mustang, Turbocharged, | 8.501 @ 164.87
2 ) Wiso Melendez, 67 Chevelle, BBC, All Motor, | 8.501 @ 158.07
3 ) Joe Alagna, 69 Camaro, BBC, Nitrous, | 8.501 @ 157.87
4 ) Darren Harris, 67 Camaro, Nitrous, | 8.504 @ 173.07
5 ) Robert Baptista, 68 Camaro, 406 SBC, | 8.506 @ 161.87
6 ) Mike Romeo, 74 Camaro, BBC, Nitrous, Romeo Brothers Racing, "" | 8.508 @ 159
7 ) Mike Eames, 93 Mustang, | 8.509 @ 148
8 ) John Albrecht Jr, 85 Monte Carlo, Nitrous, | 8.510 @ 160.59
9 ) Scott Derenzo, 70 Chevelle, BBC, | 8.519 @ 159
10 ) Brent Beachley, 71 Nova, 8.521 @ 155.06
11 ) William "Bill" Leckliter, 70 Nova, BBC, | 8.531 @ 158.71
12 ) Gary Romonoyske, 69 Camaro, | 8.535 @ 161.42
13 ) Pete Terranova, 91 Ford, | 8.536 @ 164.57
14 ) William Cannon, 68 Camaro, BBC, "Awesome Engines"| 8.538 @ 161.17
15 ) Franky Santos, 68 Chevelle, BBC, | 8.538 @ 158.22
16 ) Louis Martinez, SBC, Nitrous, | 8.541 @ 159.14
17 ) Richard Gardner, 80 Malibu, 8,541 @ 156.28
18 ) Ed McGuinn, 80 Trans am, | 8.541 @ 151.99
19 ) John Goss, 78 Camaro, BBC, Nitrous, | 8.543 @ 162.20
20 ) Alfonse Magliocco Jr, 93 Camaro, SBC, Nitrous,, | 8.544 @ 159.01
21 ) Mark Bowen, 72 Nova, BBC, Nitrous, J&E Performance, | 8.548 @ 161.36
22 ) Ali Buscio, 84 Regal, Buscio Racing, BBC, Nitrous, | 8.548 @ 158.11
23 ) John Langer, 69 Trans Am, All Motor Pontiac, | 8.548 @ 149.03
24 ) Jeff Costaldo, 68 Camaro, BBC, Nitrous, | 8.554 @ 160.56
25 ) Angelo Valla, 72 Corvette, BBC, Nitrous, | 8.555 @ 156.26
26 ) Brian Ferrari, 67 Chevelle, BBC, Competitive Wiring, | 8.557 @ 155.27
27 ) Shawn Gallagher, 79 Mustang, SBF, Nitrous, 8.569 @ 160.77
28 ) Mike O'Sullivan, 90 Mustang, SBF, | 8.573 @ 147.62
29 ) Craig Cusamano, 70 Chevelle, BBC, Nitrous, | 8.574 @ 160.86
30 ) John Bova, 82 Camaro, BBC, | 8.579 @ 160.82
31 ) Bill Verzilli, 69 Camaro, BBC, Nitrous, J&E Performance, | 8.581 @ 160.77
32 ) Robb Puller, 86 Camaro, SBC, Nitrous, Finishline Performance, | 8.581 @ 158.39
33 ) Adam "Guppy" Sailor, 72 Dodge Demon, BBM, Nitrous, | 8.583 @ 160.27 - Alternate
34 ) Scott Shepherd, 69 Camaro, BBC, Nitrous, | 8.590 @163
35 ) T.J. Kasper, 93 Mustang, SBF, Nitrous, Christy / Kasper Racing, | 8.592 @ 143.
36 ) Bill "Mulchie" Sanford, 64 Chevy Nova, | 8.594 @ 142.79
37 ) Ralph Rubino, 87 Buick GN, | 8.596 @ 160.35
38 ) Harry Gerb, 68 Firebird, BBC, Nitrous,, | 8.609 @ 158.86
39 ) Tom Favata, 67 Chevy II, SBC, Nitrous, | 8.615 @ 159.66
40 ) Jason Penna, 85 Mustang, | 8.617 @ 166.87
41 ) Alan Davidowski, 66 Chevelle, BBC, | 8.623 @ 128.15
42 ) John Siefert, 71 Cuda, | 8.629 @ 157.50
43 ) Rob Poochigian, 67 Chevelle, BBC, Roots Supercharged, | 8.633 @ 160.54
44 ) Steve Romeo, 68 Chevelle, BBC, Nitrous, Romeo Brothers Racing, "" | 8.652 @ 154.35
45 ) Marc Schankweiler, 66 Nova, SB2 SBC, Nitrous, | 8.655 @ 158.02
46 ) John Ashnault, 95 Mustang, SBF, Nitrous, | 8.709 @ 160.92
47 ) Kyle Buonocore, 90 Mustang GT, | 8.748 @ 161.35
48 ) Joe Timinski, 87 Buick GN, BBC, 8.787 @ 144.01
49 ) Will Jimenez, 85 Mustang, SBF, | 8.792 @ 155.05
50 ) Michael Ziccardi, 73 Duster, SBM, | 8.816 @ 156.95
51 ) Mike Pyott, 67 Camaro, SBC, Nitrous, | 8.845 @ 150.45
52 ) Jimmy Price, 80 Malibu, SBC, | 8.892 @ 153.72
53 ) Charles Presinzano, 87 Mustang, SBF, | 8.899 @ 155.02
54 ) Tony Russo, 73 Dodge Dart, BBM, Nitrous, | 8.987 @ 153.35
55 ) Marty Brown, 68 Camaro, BBC, Nitrous, 9.083 @ 142.18
56 ) Paul Wright, 72 Nova, | 9.933 @ 133.33
57 ) Bobby Moran, 82 Camaro, SBC, Supercharged, | 15.527 @ 46.37
58 ) Mike Grosseto, 94 Camaro, BBC, | - 8.478 @ 155.04
59 ) Artie Lombardo, 68 Firebird, BBC, | - 8.475 @ 159.40
60 ) Andreas Krampelas, 72 Nova, BBC, | - 8.470 @ 138.02
61 ) Ed McGuinn, 80 Trans Am, BBC, | - 8.458 @ 162.41

Western Beef Outlaw 8.50 Index Eliminations: Round One

Mike Romeo Wheelies High Losing With His Camaro Sponsored By theteamanmovie.comJersey "Vette Fan's" favorite Angelo Valla takes to the starting line with John Albrecht, Valla stalls as Albrecht runs it out .095 8.493 @ 144 leaving too early the win light is on in Valla's lane possibly bumping in too deep. Adam Sailor pulls into the beams with Richard Gardner in the wild Malibu wagon, which most may know was one of the original "Quick 8" cars before this all became Outlaw 10.5. Gardner is .081 to Sailor's .070; Sailor drops an 8.522 @ 155 on the win board as Gardner breaks out 8.495 @ 159. Mike Romeo had a great seat to watch John Langer's front tires heading skyward again though Romeo's day ended in a breakout .094 8.481 @ 159 to Langer's winning .063 8.591 @ 159. Wiso Melendez draws a red light -.026 8.630 @ 147 while John Goss takes his round win running it out .104 8.491 @ 161. Mike Eames goes in and fouls out "Deep" turning off both bulbs will do that, 8.391 @ 166 as Jeff Costaldo takes a big pass cutting into the 30's .034 8.347 @ 164. Both Craig Cusamano and Pete Terranova were extremely late on the tree .458 and .251 respectively, Cusamano pulls out a lumbering win 8.744 @ 146 with Terranova slowing behind him 9.042 @ 156.

Ali Busio Loses In A Double BreakoutAli Buscio puts a big tree .086 on Robert Baptista .158 only to breakout worse 8.463 @ 160 to Baptista's slower but breaking out also 8.482 @ 152. Mike O'Sullivan .175 8.747 @ 141 would take his win easily against an out of shape William "Bill" Leckliter .097 9.065 @ 154. Shawn Gallagher .058 8.482 @ 152 forced a double breakout with opponent Brent Beachley .082 8.462 @ 159 going quicker than he shoulda'. Ed McGuinn only need to slow a bit breaking out in his loss .082 8.494 @ 153 as Joaquin Pedro goes into the next round .175 8.624 @ 166. Darren Harris stumbles on the line possibly leaving before the tree fell leaving no time as Mark Bowen advances with a clean "out the back" pass 8.439 @ 162 in the silver Nova. Bill Verzilli runs his own race with a solid .098 8.567 @ 158 as Franky Santos leaves too late .235 8.418 @ 153 trying to make up the difference breaking out. Rob Puller takes a stroll to the Finishline .078 10.078 @ 106 as Louis Martinez goes in deep turning on the red light ending his chance at a title from this highly competitive racer. John Bova felt the sting of facing a Shakedown Champion back in-force, Bova .111 8.555 @ 152 is outmatched by Cannon's nearly unbeatable .027 8.528 @ 148. Joe Alagna one of the most prominent of the older group of index racers saw his hopes dashed by the young Al Fonse. Alagna .067 8.450 @ 153 breaks out with the lower number to the winning Al Fonse .062 8.496 @ 160. Brian Ferrari .070 8.495 @ 152 puts away opponent Scott Derenzo .068 8.458 @ 161 in a double breakout. John Bova felt the sting of facing a Shakedown Champion back in-force, Bova .111 8.555 @ 152 is outmatched by Cannon's nearly unbeatable .027 8.528 @ 148. Joe Alagna one of the most prominent of the older group of index racers saw his hopes dashed by the young Al Fonse. Alagna .067 8.450 @ 153 breaks out with the lower number to the winning Al Fonse .062 8.496 @ 160. Brian Ferrari .070 8.495 @ 152 puts away opponent Scott Derenzo .068 8.458 @ 161 in a double breakout ending round one.

Western Beef Outlaw 8.50 Index Eliminations: Round Two

Bill Verzilli Couldn't make the call, Susan Was With Him In SpiritJeff Costaldo gives up his right to move on leaving red -.071 8.439 @ 147 to Rob Puller's winning .063 8.522 @ 150 wheels up. Joaquin Pedro gives up this race on the tree, .138 8.542 @ 166 to Brian Ferrari's .073 8.543 @ 149. John Goss puts up an almost unbeatable number if you are even close posting a .081 8.514 @ 155 to Shawn Gallagher's losing .168 8.516 @ 161. Angelo Valla tries to make up for a poor light .109 braking out 8.487 @ 162 to a solid run put down by Adam Sailor .049 8.555 @ 156. Al Fonse Jr. put together an unbeatable end to end run .079 8.056 @ 160 and the only racer after forty cars made passes in the previous rounds to be in the 50's zone allowing Mike O'Sullivan no room for error which was his breakout .159 8.463 @ 155. Craig Cusamano was having issues all weekend getting the car in the beams, He goes deep fouling out giving Mark Bowen a free pass to the quarter finals .089 8.457 @ 161. Robert Baptista upsets the former champion in a double breakout Cannon is worse in the number .163 8.459 @ 162 to Baptista's winning .160 8.487 @ 161. Bill Verzilli was out of the running, John Langer only needs to break the beams which he does and saves some power for next round.

Western Beef Outlaw 8.50 Index Eliminations: Quarter Finals

The Young Al Fonse, Fonse Performance Camaro Did Massive damage to competitiorsAs the competitors drop, the performance ratio goes up in this class. John Goss is taken out with a quicker 8.521 @ 163 while John Langer advances taking his firebird again to new heights wheel standing his way through the 200ft mark with a strong .048 8.525 @ 153. Adam Sailor straps a .087 on the tree as Mark Bowen now is in catch up mode, Sailor is moving hard down track as Bowen comes around him for the win 8.534 @ 157 to Sailor's very good 8.554 @ 156 MOV on this race was a mere .011 in a classic 8.50 Index race. Robert Baptista lost this one on the green by leaving extremely late on the very consistent Brain Ferrari; Ferrari had an easy going with his .050 light to Baptista's .208. Ferrari moves to the semi's 8.529 @ 151 while Baptista's day ends breaking out 8.442 @ 163. Al Fonse is headed to his first semi final as Rob Puller falters on the tree 1.170 to Fonse's .084. Fonse keeps it clean through the traps 8.678 @ 146 saving up for his next round as Puller gets back in it 8.437 @ 160.

Western Beef Outlaw 8.50 Index Eliminations: Semi Finals

John Langer Pleased The Fans all weekend With Giant WheeliesA quick turn around was headed for this group of semi finalists as the storm approaching was causing all to take pause. This class runs so efficiently it's almost a given that the cars will get down the track and be prepared for next round with time to spare. Mark Bowen a regular in the index series loses his race to John Langer again mounting the Firebird high in the air; Bowen has to come around Langer after Langer's good .036 light was more than Bowen was capable of making up .099 in his lane. Langer's winning 8.586 @ 159 causes Bowen to break out 8.488 @ 155. Brian Ferrari has the young Al Fonse Jr's number this round forcing him to play catch up after Ferrari cuts a decent .052 to Fonse's .073, Fonse pours on the power only to breakout 8.438 @ 159 while Ferrari heads to the final finishing strong 8.527 @ 157.

Western Beef Outlaw 8.50 Index Eliminations: Finals

Brian Ferrari Takes The Index Title Home At Shakedown At E TownAs stated earlier, the storm was playing a part in getting all the races finished, Both John Langer and Brian Ferrari were in the lanes and both finished their burnouts, as the cars staged and the tree dropped, Ferrari was out and making a pass as Langer is stalled on the starting line watching the clocks flash 8.505 @ 152 making this a sweet victory for the veteran of so many years at Raceway Park, including being one of the original cars that formed the "Quick 8's of years gone by and on a side note this car has been in the family since new. A much deserved win for Brian Ferrari and team, taking the Western Beef Outlaw 8.50 Index Championship in style and the awards with press and media hounding this near legendary racer in the Northeast. Shakedown At E Town 2010: Conclusion And Editors Response

Editors Response and Thanks:

Dave Hance Shakedown At E Town Promotor Though I've been an avid fan of the Shakedown for many years and never expected a race to rise to this level in such a short time, I was pleased to again be part of this historic Outlaw Drag Racing Event as it grows exponentially. As the author I was granted exceptional opportunities to be the guest of Raceway Park and Dave Hance, Share my nights and housing with the Grand Marshall of the event "Stanley & Weiss Racing" meeting all of the exceptional racers and fans that come with the stature of this team while pitted next to Pro Blown Champion Chip King. Many teams greeted me again after a full year and as usual, these racers are always willing to feed you or make you comfortable like Scott Shepherd, Harry Gerb and many others "Pete Biello" in the disco pit and Marc Schankweiler for allowing me a great opportunity to be a part of his operation this year and for this race. An added bonus to my weekend was having a young and upcoming photographer "Eric Basmajian" shoot along side me with some of the greatest drag racing photographers in the business (His first time on the track at a legal age had to have been a thrill for a first time event of this nature), Roger Richards, the one and only "Dave Milcarek" (Thanks for the tips Dave !!), Steve Bell, Seth Cohen and John Fore III with too many more to mention. All of us did what we could inside the constraints to bring you awesome shots with both Arnie Cohen and George Watters doing video with the main host video production "Urban Hillbilly Video's" Sean Melton. goDragRacing Outlaw Drag Racing Photos equipment sponsor "New York Camera And Video" where goDragRacing outlaw photography purchases, rent's, gets its services and relies on their personal attention to making me do better than I can at all times with their recommendations. RPM Magazine in which I represented will have their version of this race inside their next to last of the year publication. The gorgeous models of Laylo Models, Jessica Barton, Taylor Barnes and Ligia "Rockin Romanian" taking time out to be a part of some great candid photo ops with me. Many thanks to Eddie Krawiec and the full staff at Raceway Park for their support and ease of making this an exceptional time for me personally.

In Conclusion: Dave Hance went out of his way under critical circumstances pertaining to sponsorship’s with Michelle Marchesse on the phone till the wee hours of the morning as she and I prepared the website for major changes which have worked well. The combination of these two made it easy to adjust and see that we had years of coverage continued in full. It's an honor to be not only a friend first but webmaster second. Next year will begin the running of the Ninth Annual Shakedown at E Town 2011 and again the world will see the quickest and fastest race in the Northeast break all barriers.

Sincerely Mark

The Shakedown At E Town retains all images, videos and text as official media, copyrights are not to be removed.

Drag Racing Photo Credits: and "Eric Basmajian"

The Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod's Return to Atco Raceway "Super Saturday"

Pro Mod's, Outlaw 10.5, Drag Radial And Index Action At Atco, The Ultimate Doorslammer's.

Photos By and "TwistedVette" Photography

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Earlier in the week the seasons changed from summer to fall but no one expected to still be feeling mid July temps on this Saturday for the "Super Saturday" at Atco Raceway that featured more than seven classes of drag racing including the "Outlaw 10.5" series, 8.50, 10.0 and 12.0 index, 275 Drag Radial, and the normal class racing of top sportsman, and top dragster. Racing was considerably tight throughout the day even though heat was part of the show that drivers and crews would surely have liked to see gone from this Saturday and maybe get that great air and a cooler surface to head down the 1320ft of concrete and blacktop as racers strive to break records that have been "held back" in ways only an engine can feel with this years unrelenting temps. Please Read More

Northeast Outlaw Pro Mods Super Saturday

Enter The Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Gallery From The "Atco Super Saturday" 2010 Over 350 Images

One of the very few Doorslammer classes left to run the full quarter mile, the drivers and teams did not fail the fans, screaming blowers, the whir of the spinning turbos and of course the full lit tune ups of the Nitrous entries made night time racing most impressive. Through qualifying to eliminations, these 1320 warriors gave the fans a look at their wild machines under power all day with the ever popular "Pro Mod Style" burnouts and wide open exhaust stirring your senses; it's an image of sounds, smell and pulsation inside your body that makes this most memorable for all once they unleash these beasts.
Again Jimmy Biggs of BulletVision and was covering the race via his online show and You Tube Channel with "Rockin Rob Cherkas" on the speaker with color commentary, Association President John Mazzarano giving facts and features on the drivers, leg work and data provided by "Vito Micciolo" with added photos from Joe "TwistedVette Photography" and Amazing photos can be purchased online by "The Drag Racing Photographers" Dave Milcarek and Steve Bell, these shots are incredible so please visit them and purchase high quality photos Here:.

Pro Mod Qualifying Session Recaps:
What could be more exciting than having all the classes battle it out as one, this was the case for this part of the Atco "Super Saturday" and the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mods. Not enough cars to build a double session as they are used to having after so many combined races and looking into a week with the Shakedown At E Town within six more days of this one, the usual suspects were either testing or holding their machines together for this upcoming "Race Of The Northeast". The track looked to have some good bite in it and full passes were quite possible by most of the racers though they found some of their limitations in their tune ups. Atco is known for having one of the longest shutdowns in the area and a smooth trek to the turn-off so these racers could let it hang out. Matt Deitch who is gaining strong popularity again; his teams rightfully hard working efforts earned the top spot dropping a blazing 6.169 @ 228.27 in the heat. Steve King is again "The King" driving the Supercharged Camaro into the second spot 6.193 @ 236.05; Tim O'Hare is also one of the names you have to associate with the Premiere blower cars leaves his mark at number three in the ladder 6.249 @ 205.10. Derrick Townes is basically one of the "personalities" of this series and drivers, this awesome Camaro pro mod simply thunders its way into your mind as a favorite; win or lose is plain wicked. Townes ended up in the number four spot 6.310 @ 233.76 quite a bit off his mark followed by Tommy Gray and the "Undertaker" GTO, Gray is known best for his teams dedication to getting wins, his supercharged entry clicked off a 6.357 @ 230.21 while Frank Patille better known in the pro mod world as the owner of the baddest Buick on the planet lost a bit of his regular excellent ET flashing the boards with a solid 6.395 @ 211.76 leaving himself in the number six spot. Gerry Capano and the classic looking Corvette posted a one time shot as his first attempt was nullified by leaving before the tree fell, his one shot was good enough to take in number seven 6.467 @ 225.26. Out of nowhere comes Ned Katuran in his Cobalt Mountain Motor ride, this car has no place in this crowd of pumped up machines yet his car just plain worked and it got him the number eight spot 6.494 @ 220.73. Steve Drummond continues the trend of a enamoring his fans with the "deliciously " painted deep burgundy Mustang with twin turbo's clicking off early 6.876 @ 195.14 with god ET and wildly low MPH, these turbo's create some real thrust up top in MPH. Randy Jewell follows with his first appearance at Atco in the RJ Pro Fab Twin Turbo Camaro posting a good qualifying run and big MPH 6.944 @ 233.64. David Hance of New York Motorsports and Originator of The Shakedown At E Town just up the road was doing double duty in this class with his 57 Chevy Twin Turbo entry and Outlaw 10.5 with his Drag Radial Mustang; as a regular in the ADRL XTF class which is Pro Mods on 10.5 tires the car had some issues but still made the ladder 7.018 @ 133.98. Fidelio Montron or "Fifi" as he's known ripped through his qualifying only to be let down with his numbers when he was on such a roll from previous races, this is one bad machine fella's with a 7.038 @ 188.67. Fan Favorite Larry Plummer drew down on this track but it got the best of his car not making a clean pass ending up in the ten second range 10.681 @ 101.10 but his tenacity of the team and the vicious Firebird would later come back as rounds began. Fredy Scriba was just plain off this day, his club setting record numbers were nowhere to be found as the Vette was darn near in last place 11.350 @ 75.41 followed by A plagued Gary Courtier who was not having the best of an event but was in the race despite getting no times. Please see the following Results of qualifying Below.

Pro Mod Final Qualifying Order:
1) Matthew Deitch, 68 Camaro, Nitrous BBC, 6.169 @ 228.27
2) Steve King, 68 Camaro, Supercharged Hemi, 6.193 @ 236.05
3) Tim O'Hare, 68 Camaro, Supercharged Hemi, 6.249 @ 205.10 | Website: Timothy O'Hare Custom Homes
4) Derrick Townes, 68 Camaro, Supercharged Hemi, 6.310 @ 233.76 | Website: Derrick Townes Pro Mod Official website
5) Tommy Gray, 06 GTO, Supercharged Hemi, 6.357 @ 230.21
6) Frank Patille, 57 Buick, Supercharged Hemi, 6.395 @ 211.76 | Website: CCI Motorsports "Home Of The Baddest Buick Pro Mod"
7) Gerry Capano, 63 Corvette, Supercharged, 6.467 @ 225.26
8) Ned Katuran, Cobalt, All Motor, 6.494 @ 220.73
9) Steve Drummond, 08 Mustang, Twin Turbo, 6.876 @ 195.14 | Website: Drummond Race Cars
10) Randy Jewell, 68 Camaro, Twin Turbo, 6.944 @ 233.64 | Website: RJ ProFab
11) David Hance, 57 Chevy, Twin Turbo, 7.018 @ 133.98
12) Fidelio Montron, 03 Corvette, Supercharged, 7.038 @ 188.67
13) Larry Plummer, 68 Firebird, Supercharged Hemi, 10.681 @ 101.10
14) Fredy Scriba, 63 Vette, Nitrous BBC, 11.350 @ 75.41
15) Gary Courtier, 68 Camaro, Nitrous BBC, NT @ NT | Website: Courtier Home Improvements

Pro Mod Eliminations Round One:
With the day having various classes, Rounds cam e late looking for cooler air to move in under clear skies and a stunning sunset. Gerry Capano started out the rounds against Ned Katuran, Capano .033 8.593 @ 114.60 had the complete package of power speed and reaction time over the "Atco Professor" Ned Katuran .060 8.962 @ 105.27, Capano will see round two. Larry Plummer would jump the gun lighting the RED on the tree -.037 6.280 @ 232.71 allowing Steve King .047 6.113 @ 236.05 a next round appearance with some HUGE MPH. Tim O'Hare .048 7.324 @ 155.67 had it all over a tire shaking Fifi Montrond .120 22.01 @ 42.73 followed by Gary Courtier .072 6.401 @ 223.69 getting some of the earlier bugs worked out to beat the points leader Fredy Scriba .062 8.854 @ 101.82. Tommy Gray .092 12.388 @ 63.90 has this round to himself as his opponent Randy Jewell was down and didn't make the call. Derrick Townes .096 8.075 @ 118.15 also gets a bye run as Dave Hance announces his car is down. Mathew Deitch .015 8.088 @ 120.46 takes his earned BYE run into round two. Steve Drummond also gets a solo after his opponent Frank Patille calls out sick with an ailing 57Buick prior to the run .017 7.438 @ 139.00, Round Two Results Follow.

Pro Mod Eliminations Round Two:
In a double red light situation both Steve King -.122 8.507 @ 108.14 and Gerry Capano -.365 15.890 @ 51.01 were off the tree way too early and King moves on with the lesser of the two evils to see the semi finals. Steve Drummond -.010 6.748 @ 182.60 and Tim O'Hare -.019 8.762 @ 107.69also decided the tree would be longer than expected as both competitors had massive power to make this a brutally close race, I think most would have loved to see both cars run this out but Drummonds .009 difference was better for the win. Mathew Deitch .099 6.167 @ 233.63 showed the NEW York Nitrous Muscle as Gary Courtier had power and traction issues .037 16.083 @ 71.47. Now for the best race of the night, Derrick Townes and Tommy Gray fired the two beasts up, people awaited this one in the bleachers looking for a drag race and they got the best of the day with Townes outrunning Gray with a come from behind win .038 6.211 @ 232.63 over an equally impressive .025 6.227 @ 238.22, this giant MPH wasn't enough to overcome the loose track at the top end. Townes and Gray again gain hundreds of more fans cheering over the sounds of the motors coming down in a drone on the top end.

Pro Mod Eliminations Semi Finals:
Deep into the night the class was whittled down and Steve King was hurt not making his pass giving the win over to his lane partner Steve Drummond .075 9.750 @ 93.06; Drummond was loose from 300 feet out but you won't see a ride with this much power simply coast to this ET and MPH often. Both cars next in line had some tight quarters when it came to their number with Matt Dietch holding more on Derrick Townes, just who would get down the track mattered, Townes stayed on his game a Dietch would lose power early, Townes forces the Camaro Pro Mod into the final .034 6.270 @ 231.24.

Pro Mod Eliminations Finals:
Atco Raceway's strict policy on curfew resulted in both finalists not able to run the round. Both were awarded a trophy and monies for their efforts and will surely see each other to determine this in possibly a round situation later before their series ends. The racers despite the low car count gave the fans the show promised, loud, lean and mean driving to the top end with agile tuning and complete participation of everyone involved. This Author would like to thank the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association for allowing me, Twisted Vette Photography to share the day of doorslammer racing at its best on the sidelines as photojournalists.

:About The Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association Management and Sponsors:
This team of management is a dedicated group led by John Mazzorana "President" and Vito Micciolo who have extensive backgrounds in promotion and Pro Modified Drag Racing for many years. Vito Micciolo is the head statistics "go to guy". The voice and "faceman" of this group is John Mazzorana doing his part more on the relations side of the marketing, a flamboyant gentleman and well like by anyone that meets him. Vito is a seasoned IT specialist which helps the group immensely in promotion with his knowledge of how to get the races announced and perceived via net with his talents. Inside this group is a crew of various press specialists that have a long standing affiliation with many forums, organizations and promotions that further the communication on the net. is Jimmy Biggs of BulletVision; an online viewing of shows he creates through the huge membership of and many others with a voice everyone knows in racing "Rockin Rob" Cherkas stepping in to announce the race rounds from the tower and do interviews with racers in a television style format similar to the NHRA. Shows are available at anytime through the website BulletVision and Quick Stats are online at the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association Official Website in the race results. This group is backed by racers, and sponsors that look to bring this more forward in the racing arena's with more assistance, Apply now to become A Sponsor Of This Association Here: along with the businesses already onboard. See Below:

NEOPMA Associate Sponsors: Performance2Way Communications, Barker Racing, Ram Clutches, Star Transporters, T&F Racing, VP Race Fuels, Star Cab Co.,, Pullin/Plummer Racing, Mickey Thompson, Richards Automotive, Gary Courtier Home Improvements, American Racing Headers, Western Beef, Performance AutoCrafters, CCI Constructors, Timothy O'Hare Custom Homes, Speedtech,, Pearl River Automotive, and Amato/Cannonball/ModZilla Racing, Total Flow Cylinder Heads.

Atco Super Saturday Outlaw 10.5 Session

Qualifying Highlights:

Outlaw 10.5 Corvette, Drag Radial, Index Drag Racing

Since the trend towards the 1/8 mile "Outlaw 10.5" classes began taking shape, Atco has been a breeding ground for many of the top contenders, shops and drivers. The surface is always optimal, teams are of the highest competitiveness and many are native to the area so fans have a following and more so their favorites. There are so many qualified drivers to give you a show you won't regret spending that increasingly shrinking dollar; the heads up racers give you your moneys worth each race. Team "Christy / Kasper Racing" proved how dominant they can be garnering the two top spots with Father "Twin Turbo Tommy Kasper" taking the low ET props and number One qualifier with a solid 4.354 @ 179, followed by son T.J. "Kid Kwik" Kasper in the "other" Mustang ripping some wicked MPH out the back door 4.413 @ 186.90. Charlie Dolbin proves again the gloriously painted "Caldwell Racing" Mustang sniffing laughing gas was capable of knocking down a brilliant 4.477 @ 167. Both qualifiers held 16 cars in the ladder with Dave Hance crossing over in his Mustang since making changes exempted him fro the 275 session. See All The Qualifiers Below:

Final Qualifying Order Outlaw 10.5:
1) Tom Kasper, 2005 Mustang, Twin Turbo, 4.354 @ 179
2) T.J. Kasper, 2003 Mustang, Twin Turbo, 4.413 @ 186.90
3) Charlie Dolbin, 2005 Mustang, Nitrous BBC, 4.477 @ 167
4) Harry "Buck" Jarvis, 69 Camaro, Twin Turbo, 4.511 @ 169
5) Dale Collins Jr., 2002 Camaro, Twin Turbo, 4.532 @ 164
6) Larry Wood, 2009 Corvette ZR1, Twin Turbo, 4.550 @ 170
7) Craig Pio, 00 Camaro, twin turbo, BBC, 4.623 @ 175
8) Brad Harris, 01 Mustang, Twin Turbo, 4.714 @ 155
9) Steve Gorman, 04 Mustang, BBC Twin Turbo, 4.759 @ 167
10) Tommy Mauro, 92 Camaro, BBC, Procharged, 4.778 @ 155
11) Shawn Zubler, 99 Trans Am, Twin Turbo, 4.873 @ 152
12) Joe Newsham, Camaro, 5.081 @ 131
13) Steven Kluepfel, Mustang, Supercharged, 5.140 @ 148
14) Doug Harris, 06 GTO, Twin Turbo, 5.396 @ 99
15) Dave Hance, 93 Mustang, Twin Turbo, 5.402 @ 148
16) Bill Mitchell, 96 S10, BBC Twin Turbo, 5.932 @ 102

Outlaw 10.5 Eliminations Round One:
Some of the qualifying took its toll on racers machines so look for the bye runs down in the eliminations. Steve Gorman and Brad Harris opened up the rounds with Gorman .119 on the tree behind Brad Harris .044, Gorman put on the power fast as the stunning Mustang lifted the tires and carried it out for the win 4.482 @ 175 to Harris' losing effort, 4.782 @ 160. Though Tommy Mauro stabbed the tree with a perfect .000 light it wasn't enough to overcome the charge by opponent Craig Pio, Mauro 4.855 @ 156 loses to Pio's 4.56 @ 172. Larry Wood had a bye run As Shawn Zubler would have made a cool looking match of the "Blue Gm's", Wood took his time and promptly sent the car into tire spin .045 8.62 @ 69. Joe Newsham and the strongly qualified Dale Collins jr. left almost identically .048 to .0467 respectively. Newsham got back that edge to stay ahead of Collins who struggled to get the power down losing with a 4.894 @ 156 to Newsham's much better than qualifying 4.646 @ 169. Steve Kluepfel landed next to Harry "Buck" Jarvis with the detrimental effect of the new build blues after going over the supercharged Mustang losing .066 4.774 @ 153 to Jarvis' 4.568 @ 170. Doug Harris was in for a race against Charlie Dolbin, both powerful Machines, Dolbin gets the win with pipes aflame 4.404 @ 176 while Harris was severely out of shape tagging the wall fairly hard, Harris was OK and damage was not severe. Dave Hance was in test mode with major changes to the fuels system on the mustang losing .033 4.850 @ 153 to T.J. Kasper's skating .075 4.645 @ 141. Bill Mitchell .022 5.664 @ 93 found himself again not able to get a clean run from the S10 losing to Tommy Kasper's very strong winning .052 4.349 @ 179.

Outlaw 10.5 Eliminations Round Two:
Harry "Buck" Jarvis wound up in the next lane as Joe Newsham. Newsham was .032 on the tree to Jarvis' .019 launching high as usual, the 69 Camaro tried to keep up with Newsham as Jarvis struggled to grab ever inch of track the tires would accept in a losing effort 4.479 @ 173 to Newsham's winning and getting better 4.406 @ 173, tuner Chris Cline said "we're finally sneaking up on this car adding power and working the chassis". T.J. Kasper had his Mustang on a rope teetering on the back tires as he handled Craig Pio easily while Pio struggled to get the car down the 1/8th on this run. Kasper had the leave .029 vs. Pio's .038, with Kasper tripping the boards "W" 4.331 @ 187 to Pio's 5.918 @ 87. Charlie Dolbin was given this race on the tree as the Sleek Corvette of Larry Wood was off and running early -.015 6.569, while Dolbin just kept the car hooked and dropped a 4.442 @ 169 on the boards. Steve Gorman would have his hands full with Tom Kasper staged next to him, both spooling, Kasper's Mustang launched high and hard -.044 later than Gorman .036 in his Mustang, both cars were still grabbing for sky as Gorman began pedaling, Kasper was not to be caught, 4.354 @ 179 to a losing 4.698 @ 171.

Outlaw 10.5 Eliminations Semi Finals:
Joe Newsham was to face Tom Kasper in a defining moment for both teams armed, locked and loaded for a drag race, these two competitors have been facing each other for years at this track, they decided that it was going to be a damn good race and didn't let anyone down. Both cars were prepped and staged, no games, no BS, just get out there and do it. Kasper cuts a solid .035, Newsham is a little later.056 as both cars left, the feel of excitement climbed with the cars front ends and RPM as fans were now part of this race too just waiting for that minute' 1/8th mile ET to show up on the boards. As Kasper lit the "W" first with a slower 4.373 @ 179, Newsham was only .016 behind in the MOV with a losing but quicker 4.352 @ 175, this race was one everyone couldn't place a bet on even if Vegas gave odds. The younger side of the Christy / Kasper team was staged to have another Mustang Shootout but this time Nitrous vs. Turbo. Dolbin nails the tree .031 while young T.J. Kasper is hard on his tail .054, Dolbin gets loose and power falls off as Kasper is disappearing into the dark in the "Blacked Out" Mustang, all we could see were the tail lights in the dark Dolbin finishes with a 5.504 @ 98 to Kasper's 4.319 @ 186. Kasper goes to the final to meet his father as curfew is closing in at Atco Raceway.

Outlaw 10.5 Eliminations Finals:
Right at the dawn of the Curfew, time was left to finish this race between the father and son team of Christy / Kasper Racing, both sleek Mustangs were back in the lanes promptly with owner Gil Christy watching with anticipation as to who was going to be the champ for the night. With slight dew on the track heated only by the heightened anxiety of the fans waiting behind the team's large group at the starting line, there's no holding back between these tow family members but absolutely competitive racers. T.J. Kasper .051 hammers father Tom Kasper .108 on the tree and it was said and done as T.J. blistered the track while Tom was giving it his best taming the 1/8th with every slip of the tire reaching the finish line 4.353 @ 179 to T.J. Kasper's winning 4.302 @ 178. An equally matched set of cars is easily the assumption that can be made; MPH's and ET's throughout the day were impressive for both drivers. "We have made some big changes to the Tom Kasper Mustang in the last few days going from a Lenco to a Rossler T400 with our expectations of this transmission now becoming evident that it would make the change in performance we needed along with a freshened Proline motor, we are very happy with both decisions" said Christy confidently and went on more to praise his team and their efforts. Congratulations to T.J. "Kid Kwik" on an outstanding performance and win.

Atco Raceway 8.50 Index Qualifying Session:
Again one of the most enjoyable classes takes center stage with their exciting action, close races and exceptional cars, man we like these wheel standing Street Style cars banging the 1/4 mile. Some may find this a disturbing trend other than the number one qualifier Mark Bowen who is always at the top more often than not his 8.157 @ 161 is standard fare for this J and E Performance Nova. Al Fonse Jr. was back in action after repairs to his brutal black Camaro, with his large team making every effort to get the tune right on the now different intake configuration, I think they nailed it with a number two spot of 8.518 @ 156. Charles Presinzano follows up the top three of this session right in the thick of things 8.527 @ 162. Steve Faust created a highlight reel of one of the biggest controlled wheel stands in his supercharged 68 Camaro, Right off the launch it climbed to the bumper and rode out past the 330 ft mark settling down nicely with no damage. "We have been taking power out of the car and this is what was the result, I felt confident as I shifted and mashed the pedal to lay it down as soft as I could" said Faust, Gary Kramer used the Index as did Bill Dutka for testing; "We've been chasing this tune up for awhile and thought we had it on this Procharged Chevelle but have more wok to do to get this power coming in right" said Rob Weston and Gary Kramer in the pits. See full Qualifying Below.

Final Qualifying Order Outlaw Index 8.50:
1) Mark Bowen, 72 Nova, BBC, 8.157 @ 161
2) Al Fonse Jr., 93 Camaro, 8.518 @ 156
3) Charles Presinzano, 87 Mustang, 8.527 @ 162
4) Brian Ferrari, 66 Chevelle, BBC, 8.528 @ 157
5) Louis Martinez, 87 Mazda RX7, SBC, 8.53 @ 159
6) Sal Kazalski, 71 Nova, 8.568 @ 161
7) Franky Santos, 69 Chevelle, BBC, 8.583 @ 157
8) Mike Grosseto, 99 Camaro, 8.600 @ 164
9) Scott Shepherd, 69 Camaro, BBC, Nitrous, 8.605 @ 162
10) Alan Davidowski, "No Information" 8.613 @ 137
11) John Goss, 78 Camaro, BBC, 8.629 @ 162
12) Joe Gentiluomo, 88 Camaro, 8.700 @ 172
13) Steven Faust, 68 Camaro, 8.867 @ 161
14) Lee Rocchio, 67 Nova, 9.667 @ 143
15) Andreas Krampelas, 72 Nova, 9.921 @ 146
16) Rob Poochigian, BBC, Supercharged, 13.129 @ 110
17) Gary Kramer, BBC, Supercharged, 13.248 @ 85
18) Bill Dutka, 79 Malibu, BBC, twin Turbo 7.967 @ 177

Outlaw 8.50 Index Eliminations Round One:
Louis Martinez manhandles the track "No Mas" .084 8.632 @ 137 to competitor Lee Rocchio 9.680 @ 141, Scott Shepherd launches hard in the classic Camaro giving up some tree .092 but takes the win 8.505 @ 163 being the only racer of the night to be in the ".500's" at this time against the losing Alan Davidowski .060 8.599 @ 131. Sal Kazalski .220 8.656 earns a bye run when Steven Faust doesn't make the call. Joe Gentiluomo .028 is nearly given a .200 head start off the tree by Franky Santo's .233, but couldn't pull off the win losing 8.878 @ 166 to Santo's 8.568 @ 157. Charles Presinzano .080 8.606 @ 155 takes his round against Rob Poochigian .135 8.720 @ 157 who found some traction for this beast but not enough against this racer. Mark Bowen .156 9.075 @ 139 Ousts a spinning Bill Dutka 13.795 @ 56. Al Fonse Jr. and Brian Ferrari take singles as Gary Kramer and Andreas Krampelas do not make the round.

Outlaw 8.50 Index Eliminations Round Two:
Sal Kazalski continues his winning way .025 8.557 @ 161 against Louis Martinez .080 8.574 @ 156, Brian Ferrari .033 8.557 @ 161 takes out Franky Santos handily .080 8.574 @ 157, Scott Shepherd again is deadly consistent .034 8.550 @ 162 making another round against a champion of this class Al Fonse Jr. .028 8.567 @ 157. Due to a misprint in the sheets, Mark Bowen advances, as does Charles Presinzano no correct times are recorded on the sheets.

Outlaw 8.50 Index Eliminations Round Three:
Scott Shepherd saves his tune and takes his bye run into the semi Finals coasting the bad silver Camaro to 8.994 @ 121, Brian Ferrari put together an winning package to take the win .016 8.564 @ 150 against Charles Presinzano .053 8,573 @ 159, Sal Kazalski is put on the trailer .077 8.610 @ 160 by Mark Bowen .053 8.573 @ 150 FTW.

Outlaw 8.50 Index Semi Finals:
Brian Ferrari earns his Bye Run but puts a tune in to scare off the competition once it was lit on the boards, .065 8.507 @ 158, they don't call Ferrari "Mean Green" for nothing, this was a money pass for him "Old School Get In Your Head Style Racing". Scott Shepherd in the battle of the Silver GM's was finally shot down in this round .042 8.543 @ 162 with Mark Bowen doing his thing again like a well oiled "And Tanned" Machine .022 8.548 @ 158.

Outlaw 8.50 Index Finals:
An uneventful final was in store for this race as Brian Ferrari couldn't make the call but thinking it was going to be smooth sailing for Mark Bowen may have been a little overload for the Nova that sat in the burnout box cranking over many times before finally starting as curfew again was upon us. Bowen pulled to the line in time and began his winning pass into the night running it out the back door .044 8.493 @ 161, As Bowen goes his fun demeanor took this pass and really drove much farther than he had to as the car sang on the top end for longer than any would expect in a victory pass. Congratulations to Mark Bowen and J&E Performance doing it "Bowen Style".

275 Drag Radial:
With only three competitors, the northeast may not have known there was a race being held. Lewis Jones number one qualifier takes his win via a bye run .085 5.517 @ 138, Alex Vrettos Qualified number three would go down spinning .018 7.916 @ 69 to Richard Bruder's gorgeous Mustang 5.098 @ 142 who was the number one qualifier.

275 Drag Radial Finals:
Richard Bruder was on it all day, this car ran fantastic each round it was on the track taking the win .031 5.099 @ 142 just missing the 4 second pass these guys all strive for against Lewis Jones in the Drummond Mustang .123 5.152 @ 138. Congratulations to Richard Bruder and team on their win at Atco Raceways Super Saturday.

Atco Raceway 10.00 Index Qualifying Session:
Let's face it guys, 10 seconds flat is quick for almost anyone these days but doing it through many rounds as a "Heads Up" class and not being a weekly "Bracket Style Racer" makes it that much more of a challenge with little seat time. Mark Plucinski headed the field of these index racers, destined for the top of the class with a 10.003 @ 134, Plucinski 's flamed Mustang was followed buy the Nova of Cary Cable Sr. with another dead on 10.004 @ 125. Harry Weber Jr. filled in the top three with his well known "Hulk Dart" with a 10.015 @ 135.
Nicole Worthington, new to this class falls to the bottom of the ladder going under in her short stint at this but The "Elder Statesman Lee Grinnell" should have known his game as this is many seasons under his belt but we all know Lee as the guy that loves to race and have fun with his "Draggin Wagon". See full Qualifying Below.

Final Qualifying Order 10.00 Index:
1) Mark Plucinski, 92 Mustang GT, 10.003 @ 134
2) Carey Cable Sr. 72 Nova, BBC, 10.004 @ 125
3) Harry Weber Jr., 68 Dart, SBM, 10.015 @ 135
4) Brendan Mills, 92 Mustang, Supercharged, 10.016 @ 132
5) Tom Wood, 84 Regal, 10.029 @ 133
6) Jeremy Dell Arciprete, "No Information" 10.032 @ 137
7) Michael Colo, 93 Mustang, SBC, 10.041 @ 134
8) Carl Ungaro, 67 Chevelle, BBC, 10.071 @ 137
9) Dave Cappolina, 92 Mustang, 10.134 @ 135
10) Mike Romeo, 74 Camaro, BBC, 10.142 @ 116
11) Ray Wallis Jr. 71 Chevelle, SBF, 10.207 @ 131
12) Dave Camp, 68 Nova SS, 10.278 @ 129
13) Nicole Worthington, 69 Firebird, - 9.989 @ 135
14) Lee Grinnell, 78 Fairmount Wagon, SBF, - 9.975 @ 134

10.00 Index Eliminations Round One:
A nice way to see rounds start out is racers stretching their legs in a double breakout which the first pairing between Tom "Wheelie" Wood and Dave Camp showed the fans, Wood takes the win .034 9.996 @ 134 to Camp's .028 9.989 @ 128. Ray Wallis Jr. Faced Off against Brendan Mills, but never short on dramatic racing, this class provides, Ray Wallis was doing his burnout as Brendan Mills was not in the box, suddenly he came into view only to be disqualified for not making it time, yet Mills was not able to plead his case and a swelling argument started at the beams where he was ejected from the race after a long discussion with Officials. Wallis finished his run .000 10.079 @ 135. That cagey veteran Lee Grinnell was holding his hand close as he dropped a .008 10.063 @ @ 127 against the losing Mike Colo .023 10.105 @ 128. Nicole Worthington went out early, she had a good run despite a slow RT, .110 10.039 @ 134, Jeremy Dell Arciprete had the ultimate package in his run .024 10.011 @ 136 against the little lady. Carey Cable almost gives this one up to Dave Cappolina, Cable was late .054 to Cappolina's .011 but Cable makes it up 10.027 @ 131 to a losing 10.077 @ 135 by Cappolina. Harry Weber Jr. vs. Mike Romeo gave us another close double break out, Weber put up a slower .048 9.981 @ 135 for the win as Romeo was faster but under worse .056 9.953 @ 133. Mark Plucinski and Carl Ungaro proved they have a little more power in them dropping another double breakout on the boards, Plucinski holds off Ungaro .012 9.979 @ 135 to Ungaro's .045 9.964 2 133.

10.00 Index Eliminations Round Two:
Carey Cable again takes his race a different way to the winners spot with a .071 10.001 @ 131 using ET this time over reaction time like an automatic weapon, just fire, Tom Wood was the recipient of this set of strong numbers in his losing effort .023 10.055 @ 133, if you're wondering that was a MOV of .006. Ray Wallis was definitely out of sync this round as his .318 light showed while opponent Lee Grinnell was also late but only .195, Wallis tries to make it up but breaks out 9.937 @ 134 to Grinnell's 10.026 @ 130. Jeremy Dell Arciprete takes a solo as Harry Weber Jr. pulls in the beams but backs out possibly hurt N/T. Mark Plucinski takes a solo pass into the next round 1.551 11.752.

10.00 Index Semi Finals:
Carey Cable puts away The "Old Feller" Lee Grinnell by way of strapping a .029 on the tree to Grinnell's .068 forcing Grinnell to throw some horsepower down breaking out 9.980 @ 135 while Cable finishes his run "Grinning" at another final appearance 10.020 @ 131, Grinnell is back in the pits feeling like he just got hip thrown. Jeremy Dell Arciprete takes a solo as Mark Plucinski doesn't make the call and heads into the final.

10.00 Index Semi Finals:
Heading into the deepest dark of the night Carey Cable would face the team of Jeremy Dell Arciprete "See those big guys, they will break me in half if I beat them" Cable stated laughingly as these guys are truly fun competitors in an outstanding class. Cable goes red on his pass -.019 9.976 @ 136 while Jeremy Dell Arciprete .006 10.546 @ 133 heads to the winners circle as champions of the Atco Super Saturday 10.00 Index Session. Congratulations to this team on an impressive day.

Atco Raceway 12.00 Index Qualifying Session:
As ET slows, the action speeds up with tight racing by these racers vying for positions in the ladder and getting that dead on 12.00 in their hand, Anthony Staria came the closest grabbing spot number one 12.012 @ 115 with A young man named Keith Reiss following at 12.014 @ 112 and the Hemi man Walt Haas driving his slick Malibu Wagon into the top three 12.021 @106. See full Qualifying Below.

Final Qualifying Order 12.00 Index:
1) Anthony Staria, 69 Camaro, 12.012 @ 115
2) Keith Reiss, 71 Chevelle, 12.014 @112
3) Walt Haas, 80 Malibu Wagon, SBC, 12.021 @ 106
4) Eric Mazzoni, 12.033 @ 112
5) Robert Dooley, 12.035 @ 112
6) Jim Harvey, 68 Camaro, BBC, 12.057 @ 110
7) Barbara Lutz, Camaro, SBC, 12.064 @ 113
8) Chuck Koenig, 12.074 @ 106
9) Steve Demaria, 92 Mustang, 13.004 @ 105
10) Mike Nahill, 11.992 @ 105
11) Jim Schmidt, 72 Pontiac, 11.814 @ 109
12) Chad Pomierny, 11.782 @ 114

12.00 Index Eliminations Round One:
Anthony Staria opened the rounds handing a loss over to our "First Lady" of the 12.00 Barbara Lutz by way of .023 12.008 @ 109 while Lutz would have a hard time beating this number .048 12.027 @ 113, Walt "Hemi" Haas has eyes in the back of is head after strapping a .009 light on the slower reacting Steve Demaria .106, Haas pulled it back a bit seeing through the back of his helmet and made sure he had the win with a 12.218 @ 90 to Demaria's 12.746 @ 105. Robert Dooley takes a solo as Jim Schmidt can't make the call, 12.053 @ 113. Chad Pomierny's poor reaction time .118 was the untimely death of his day against a seasoned veteran like Jim Harvey; he'll nail you to the tree and make you run his race each time. Harvey takes the win .036 12.010 @ 108 to the losing 12.124 @ 103. Chuck Koenig is extremely late on the tree .159 to Keith Reiss' .028 forcing Koenig to breakout 11.857 @ 112 vs. Reiss' 11.994 @ 112. Mike Nahill is taken out in his first round .099 12.203 @ 109 to his opponent Eric Mazzoni .036 12.107 @ 104.

12.00 Index Eliminations Round Two:
Anthony Staria drops a red bulb on the tree -.018 11.971 @ 115 while Eric Mazzoni leaves himself a little room for the win .045 12.133 @ 111. Walt Haas takes it to Jim Harvey on the tree and the race is in his hands now with a .018 light to Harvey's .095 Haas' strategy was more complete with his win light on 12.100 @ 107 to Harvey's 12.031 @ 110 less than a hundredth separated the two. Robert Dooley had no chance after a .395 light while Keith Reiss was on it .025. Reiss takes the win light again 12.279 @ 95 while Dooley tried to compete 12.068 @ 113.

12.00 Index Semi Finals:
Eric Mazzoni takes his bye run but tests the waters .041 12.084 @ 111 while Walt Haas and Keith Reiss will be duking it out in the black Chevy's, both are extremely clean and this young man Keith Reiss will have to have it all there to take out the "Big Guy" Walt Haas. Reiss puts a .030 light on Haas with a .097; Haas looks to run down Reiss breaking out 11.973 @ 107 as Reiss takes the win 12.037 @ 112.

12.00 Index Finals:
Eric Mazzoni must have been shocked for allowing a .118 light for himself in a final against a young man that had been plowing over some of the best in the class which is how Keith Reiss would repeat his actions with a solid .038 light 12.049 @ 106 to take the win with Mazzoni 12.069 @ 111 losing. Keith Reiss takes his trip to the winners circle "Keith built this beautiful Chevelle by himself starting at age 18 now 19 it's gleaming in the winners circle" stated his team mates. Congratulations To Keith Reiss for his 12.00 Index Win At Atco Raceway Super Saturday.

This Author would like to thank the staff at Atco Raceway for the track access, the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association for allowing me to again be a part of their experience, Dave Milcarek / Steve Bell and Joe "TwistedVette" for sharing the sidelines for photos and all the racers that welcomed me to their pits all day; the best of the best are always there for me.

Northeast Outlaw Pro Mods "Rumble At The Grove" 2010

Pro Modified Thunder In The Distance.


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We've all been accustomed to the surroundings of Maple Grove Raceway nestled in the mountainous area of Pennsylvania. Annually there comes a show to the Grove that states the obvious; "The Rumble At The Grove" featuring the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association creating that "Rumble" which Webster's Thesaurus defines when used in a verb, "to make a low heavy rolling sound and to travel with a low reverberating sound" which is the only way to explain to your senses what it is that just shook you from the inside out with the thrum of alcohol pressurized with superchargers and nitrous blasted out the pipes through mega cube big blocks. Inside the team competition a similar "Rumble" was going on within the two classes, Nitrous Only and Blown vs. Turbocharged" in this association the same word also takes on the last entry as the thesaurus defines "a street fight especially among gangs" which in this case is a friendly street fight whereas all the racers are vying for points, status and that ultimate win amongst friends. Please Read On !!

Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association Rumble At The Grove

Enter The Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Gallery From The "Rumble At The Grove" 2010 Over 350 Images

The Northeast Outlaw Pro Mods started their day with two qualifying rounds of tuning skills and searching for that sweet spot in the track to make their full quarter mile passes on, the heat was nominal as compared to previous weeks but humidity was high all day keeping tuners on their toes. A drivers meeting was held for all racers in the confines of the Maple Grove tower as "Vito Micciolo" and Association President "John Mazzorana" went over the days event schedule standing on their principals of giving the fans the best show possible, staying safe and the press involved including Jimmy Biggs of BulletVision combined with where the race can be seen at specified times including interviews with sponsors and drivers with "Rockin Rob" Cherkas at the microphone and full race action close up. George Watters tying up the You Tube end of things, taking photos of both the Pro Mods and racing during the event.

Entering the pits, you see trailers and stackers lining the main row, gleaming machines and teams hustling with transmissions, clutches and nitrous bottle all being prepped for the rounds, families wandered in admiring the teams professional look and friendly conversations with deep inquiries into what a Pro Mod is or how a pro Mod works, these are powerful doorslammers you rarely get this close to as a fan and they surely appreciate it as pits are wide open and welcoming for signatures on racers shirts or a photo they may have for a memento of their experience with drivers and teams.

Qualifying Highlights: Turbo vs. Supercharged Session's

Krush Team 33 Willys Pro ModRocking the Grove with the pressurized belt driver behemoths covering the quarter mile sat in line awaiting the starting call, cranking up these beasts with eye burning fumes and the freezing moisture covering the carbon fiber blower hats from the cold intake through the blades as the motors come up to RPM with Rockin Rob Cherkas giving detailed information for the fans from the booth with John Mazzorana providing the color commentary. Tim O'Hare who's name is just immortalized in Pro Modifieds took his first round qualifier and simply laid one down for the top spot and wouldn't better it in his second but his efforts to make the ladder were seen and heard on this pass blistering a heat of the day 6.152 @ 231.20 chugging in the humidity. Andrew Parise 6.190 @ 231.48; his wife and partner in Pro Mod "Dina" was team captain for the day and hostess to fans after an incident at MIR who will be back in action soon as the car is getting repaired at the Montana Brothers Chassis shop had his 53 Vette on a rope bumping himself up in the ladder on a wild "On It" 2nd qualifying pass with the car coming to a stop hopping wildly in the traps trying to stop the momentum. Steve King aptly named since his roots go back as far as we can remember and virtually is the "King" when it comes to Pro Mods, the name implies his efforts to power the Camaro into a winners circle spot with a dedicated crew wrenching this car into the third spot with a first round number he couldn't better 6.212 @ 233.72. Larry Plummer scorched the asphalt in the gorgeous Pullin / Plummer Firebird tracked the groove knocking down a solid number as this team is sitting in the fourth spot after the atmosphere was vacuumed in by the massive blower dropping a 6.228 @ 230.80, this car is simply wicked sounding !! Pete Farber in his Daytona Charger Pro Mod filled the time clocks with excellent numbers keeping his spot safe running the sleek red machine down the track smooth as silk and looking brutal doing it; gotta love those flattened out Daytona's under power, the big Hemi powered out a solid 6.238 @ 229.70. Frank Patille captured the number six spot with a big team effort moving the big bad black Buick down the track huffing alcohol out the zoomies from the BAE Hemi under that stylish front end ripping off a stout 6.336 @ 225.86 though tossing the belt on his second pass, back in the pits, John Salemi of DMPE was hard at hand setting this machine on kill for eliminations. Derrick Townes gets a better run on his second qualifier after his pairing with Tommy Gray led to an aborted run but Team Townes offered up some brutalizing of the track surface heading into the top end on a massive charge putting up a strong attempt 6.371 @ 230.06 in the lucky number seven spot, This car is absolutely spectacular sitting still or at speed, it just plain works. Gerry Capano struck the starting line with his AJ 481X power Corvette to the tune of 6.401 @ 221.92, this sleek black Vette is a clean version of the Corvette, simple, well stated looks with rich black and red paint, Gerry also owns a couple of classic Corvettes so his knowledge of what Vette Aficionado's like is what makes his car stand out. The Organization welcomed back Tommy Gray after the passing of his father, as a dedicated racer his efforts are that of a man in anguish but still wanting to be with his father in spirit presenting himself as the man we know him as, a proud son. Tommy's first pass was uneventful but came back to offer up a strong 6.511 @ 225.33 definitely related to his loss of seat time during his loss of a parent and the move back to the GTO from the Camaro. Bobby Martin and his team brought to the Grove a sweet little 33 Willy's Coupe featuring a blown and injected Big Block Chevy, this thing is classic Pro Mod / Gasser looking mix of short wheelbase and wild graphics. Martin took his passes as a primer in this association's first appearance and the fans loved it, honking through the traps with a slowing 7.151 @ 188.31 but no Pro Mod fan would have a frown on their face seeing this car handle the track and drop the laundry. Kevin Vanderbeck finished up the ladder struggling with the 38 Hudson coupe 9.650 @ 107.32, on both passes it was evident not throwing the chutes it may have not been on its game this afternoon but still a fan favorite of all.

This wraps the Sessions for Turbo vs. Blower at the Grove; See below for elimination results round by round.

Steve King Camaro Pro Mod1 : Tim O'Hare, 68 Camaro 6.152 @ 231.20 | Website: Timothy O'Hare Custom Homes
2 : Andrew Parise, 53 Vette 6.190 @ 231.48 | Website: "Parise Racing"
3 : Steve King, 68 Camaro 6.212 @ 233.72
4 : Larry Plummer, 68 Firebird 6.228 @ 230.80
5 : Pete Farber, 69 Daytona 6.238 @ 229.70
6 : Frank Patille, 57 Buick 6.336 @ 225.86 | Website: CCI Motorsports "Home Of The Baddest Buick Pro Mod"
7 : Derrick Townes, 68 Camaro 6.371 @ 230.06 | Website: Derrick Townes Pro Mod Official website
8 : Gerry Capano, 63 Vette 6.401 @ 221.92
9 : Tommy "The Undertaker" Gray, 03 GTO 6.511 @ 225.33
10 : Bobby Martin, 33 Willy's 7.151 @ 188.31
11 : Kevin Vanderbeck, 38 Hudson 9.650 @ 107.32

Qualifying Highlights: Nitrous Session's

Matt Deitsch Camaro Pro ModMaking power in any atmosphere is hit or miss when it changes so much from qualifying to rounds, Nitrous assisted cars have the advantage of making their own atmosphere with pressurized N20, in heated temps they are bad fast and more so a spectacle of fiery pipes rich with burnt gases exiting from the enormous power which was shown by the qualifiers at Maple Grove. Fredy Scriba led the huge scooped monsters of the quarter mile after a first pass didn't give too much results but came back in the second round to be "The Man" of the afternoon bumping the previous number one qualifier down a notch and taking the top spot with a wicked 6.072 @ 234.33, Scriba waved his "Sorcerer's Magic Wand" and his spell was cast. Matt Deitsch 6.146 @ 233.12 who held the number one spot dropped off in second qualifier as his third time out with the new Camaro Pro Mod filled with giant cubes and one of the best working chassis around, (Tim McAmis) made it known that this hard working driver and Crew Chief has what it takes to solidly take a top spot at will, a New York "tour de force" of ability. Gary Courtier is one of the majority of big "Fulton Powered" nitrous rides, it's killer paint, sick design and team effort to make this ride one of the most notable on the net and at events gave the fans the show they wanted, the brute power of a well designed car getting quicker with each pass. Courtier's first round result had to stick with a well done 6.269 @ 226.28 as second round, the rear broke and was ready for rounds with team members "All Hands On" as eliminations would soon begin. Mike Ghiraldi who had found after the last Maple Grove Race his Shafiroff engine had bent a valve was back in the running with none other than Jack Boer helping the tune and maintenance of this machine, it paid off big time with his clean passes 6.324 @ 223.47 and no worries for the bright red Camaro. John Montecalvo, yes "That John Montecalvo" IHRA Mountain Motor Pro Stock Cobalt had issues all day not getting the results they wanted as this team is dedicated to burning the Nitrous entries with all motor power, Finally they get in the ladder and it's now looks like an IHRA event at the starting line as Montecalvo trips the lights 6.356 @ 221.05 for the final spot in the pairings.

This wraps the Sessions for Nitrous; See below for elimination results round by round.

Fredy Scriba Vette Pro Mod1 : Freddy Scriba, 63 Vette 6.072 @ 234.33
2 : Matt Deitch, 68 Camaro 6.146 @ 233.12
3 : Gary Courtier, 68 Camaro 6.269 @ 226.28 | Website: Courtier Home Improvements
4 : Michael Giraldi, 68 Camaro 6.324 @ 223.47
5 : John Montecalvo, 2010 Cobalt 6.356 @ 221.05

Northeast Outlaw Pro Mods Eliminations Round One: Nitrous Class
Fredy Scriba earned his Bye run as the number one qualifier and possibly didn't want to show his whole hand and shortened his pass .042 8.299 @ 111.96 saving valuable resources for later rounds. Mike Ghiraldi found himself on the losing end of the battle with a good showing .073 6.474 @ 212.23 with Gary Courtier posting his cleanest and best run of the day after the rear was repaired, the flamed Camaro blasted to a sweet sounding .027 6.216 @ 230.57 pipes aglow for the length of the track for the win. Matt Deitsch who most would think was a promising ride for the winners circle as he keeps getting quicker with this car wound up stalled in the track after the burnout from a faulty battery. Deitsch, unhappily jumped the wall and watched opponent John Montecalvo make a single to the tune of .029 6.365 @ 220.94 moving him into the semi's.

Northeast Outlaw Pro Mods Eliminations Semi Finals: Nitrous Class
John Montecalvo .988 13.762 @ 90.79 takes a stroll saving any maintenance time with a BYE run leaving Fredy Scriba and Gary Courtier waiting in the lanes behind him. Scriba screams through his burnout as does Courtier but never does it go as planned, Courtier has trouble reversing the car while team mates sprint to the ride and push it back with Scriba being the gentleman and waiting for a drag race never flinched. Both cars staged as the tree fell, Courtier is out first .013 to Scriba's .057 but Courtier slows on the top end 6.432 @ 225.07 as Scriba burns up the asphalt again with a formidable 6.032 @ 235.43 and the lowest ET of the day so far.

Northeast Outlaw Pro Mods Eliminations Finals: Nitrous Class
The nights show has to come to an end, the day within these classes featured Jet Cars, Wheel standers and Normal Race Operations that led up to this amazing final between Fredy Scriba and "All Motor" John Montecalvo. After the burnouts were dealt with and teams had cars awaiting the lights to fall, Montecalvo is out on an awesome light .008 pulling gears down the quarter mile ending his race, big cube high winding RPM power on the losing end of the sheets with a 6.346 @ 218.69. Scriba who now has already begun to pull his chutes since he ripped off the lowest ET and highest MPH of the day to make this run worthwhile for the full day at the track in a flaming pass hurling the Vette into the five second zone!!; lets just look over his numbers .034 5.987 @ 237.71 which track officials seem to feel this is a new track record at Maple Grove. Congratulations to this hard working team and big thanks for that awesome pass in the final. Scriba takes the title of four races now!!

Northeast Outlaw Pro Mods Eliminations Round One: Turbo vs. Blower
Gerry Capano .197 had a good chance at making the Camaro Muscle in the other lane an "L" in the column but his opponent of the Corvette Tim O'Hare .142 would show Capano differently as O'Hare would put a 6.306 @ 228.46 on the round sheets to Capano's good effort of 6.324 @ 217.04. Pete Farber already has the win light on in his lane as Larry Plummer goes red -.001 to Farber's .005, Farber slows it down taking the win 7.693 @ 123.66 while Plummer posts his best of the day 6.177 @ 232.39 loss. Derrick Townes shows no mercy on the tree dropping an .021 light on Andrew Parise .044, Parise slowed on the big end while Townes roamed slightly but stayed in it for the win 6.302 @ 231.36 with Parise following 6.653 @ 214.79. Steve King looking mighty as ever left hard .041 on opponent Frank Patille .091, Patille tried to make a race of it against the "King" but came up short with a blast of fire exiting under the car from a valve cover leak with a 6.350 @ 207.69 to Kings brutal 6.143 @ 234.78 going into the semi finals.

Northeast Outlaw Pro Mods Eliminations Semi Finals: Turbo vs. Blower
Tim O'Hare would definitely shock us with his dead red -.073 putting him out of the race immediately so he backed off 11.195 @ 68.75 and watched Pete Farber do a Winged "Fly By" with the Daytona on his best pass of the day .018 6.188 @ 231.16. Farber puffed out a bunch of smoke on this pass and we will see if he can come back and repeat this nasty run!! Townes and King decided to add more than fire and smoke, they wanted to pedal their way to a final round in this match. Neither wanted to give up with the sounds of blipping throttles and earth shaking rumbles King came out ahead .027 8.026 @ 198.03, Towne put in a good effort but knew it was over and no one would take a chance in ripping up the side of a car this sweet .016 10.142 @ 110.51. To the finals we go.

Northeast Outlaw Pro Mods Eliminations Finals: Turbo vs. Blower
Steve King would find himself alone in the lanes after Farber found his last pass hurt the Daytona, King stated if the car got through first gear he would run it out making sure there would be no lane changes or first or worse scenario. King dropped the loud pedal and Bad Blue Camaro hurled itself off the line only to chatter the tires as King let it humble itself through the traps .390 8.600 @ 101.37. Congratulations to this team on a hard fought win of the supercharged warriors taking Maple Groves Champion title in the "Rumble At The Grove".

Saturday Wrap !!

My ride up the turnpike was one of anticipation again seeing the 1320 warriors of the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association make waste of the quarter mile again. The day proved to be one of the finest in qualifying and eliminations when you run them out. Maple Groves staff had the track set on "Hook" and performances showed and I know as a fan, I certainly enjoyed the show. My appreciation to the Association for having me along to shoot the images and report on these warriors of door slammer racing. The staff at Maple Grove for the awesome hospitality, racers I haven't seen in a long time and racers greeting me, I sincerely appreciate it. I know when you come to a NEOPMA event, you too will be a fan for life, so please follow their schedule and bring along the family, this is one of America’s most dominant "exhibition's of speed" there is.

The Next Northeast Outlaw Pro Mods Event Is Scheduled for Sept 11-12th at National Trail Raceway following an Invitational to the members at Cecil County Dragway For The Yellow Bullet Nationals on September 3-5th Weekend in a non points exhibition.

Visit The Official Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association Website For Schedule Information The Northeat Outlaw Pro Mod Association Is Proudly Sponsored By The Following: NEOPMA Associate Sponsors: Total Flow Cylinder Heads, Performance2Way Communications, Barker Racing, Ram Clutches, Star Transporters, T&F Racing, VP Race Fuels, Star Cab Co.,, Pullin/Plummer Racing, Mickey Thompson, Richards Automotive, Gary Courtier Home Improvements, American Racing Headers, Western Beef, Performance AutoCrafters, CCI Constructors, Timothy O'Hare Custom Homes, Speedtech,, Pearl River Automotive.

Northeast Outlaw Pro Mods At Super Chevy Show Maple Grove 2010

Super Chevy Weekend At The Grove, Some Of The Best Pro Modified Drag Racing.

This Author dedicates this review "In Memory Of Milt Decker Sr. and Tommy Gray Sr."

Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association Super Chevy Maple Grove

Enter The Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Gallery From Super Chevy Maple Grove 2010 Here, Over 575 Images

Introduction To The Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association Weekend:

Having the inclusion of the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association a part of this amazing weekend of racing with the Super Chevy Show was more or less the icing on the cake to this event of worldwide status from publications to the internet. Bringing over 24 cars to the race in both nitrous assisted and Supercharged is what most would consider being "The Show" mixed in with the most popular "Jet Cars and Wheel Standers" that are the common attraction since the nitro coupes have gone by the wayside, now spectators and fans have the opportunity to see the real 1320 warriors of the sport taking on each other in a two class "Nitrous" alone and "Blown Vs. Turbo" with match racing for the cars that didn't fit the class rules laid out by Super Chevy. The Northeast Outlaw Pro Mods bring so much to the quarter mile of Maple Grove Raceway, this was a show inside a show with more horsepower than you could possibly handle. Fans jammed the stands with earplugs, children gazed at the huge burnouts asking parents questions with anticipated gazes awaiting what will happen next in this great family adventure into the senses of sound, smells and memories of Outlaw Drag Racing.

We all know the high level of participation that the Super Chevy Show brings to the gorgeous Maple Grove Raceway as this year marks their 30th anniversary of the race / show spectacular. Most were prepared for the blazing temps that we have been seeing on the northeast for some time now but it didn't hamper the amount of cars or dedicated racers that braved this intense heat and unrelenting sun making most of the weekend noted by weather forecasting to be in the high 90's with an index of over 104 degrees, the fairground surroundings in this plush countryside was sparkling with Chevy "Bowtie Machines" of all kinds of models and styles, you could find anything anywhere and like it. See All Of The Official Super Chevy Show At Maple Grove Review Here

As always, my invitation to come to this event to shoot photos and do a little writing was another gift from this organization on my part, not only do I enjoy the racing but for many teams they welcome me in a way that truly humbles me. I didn't make it to the Friday session but as I always do, no sleep and race day jitters kept me up all night prior to leaving knowing I was going to be seeing the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association Nitrous class and Blower vs. Turbo Class rip up the pavement for two full days, you can't beat this when you consider yourself a photo journalist and you would be trackside for each pass. A great opportunity was also had for me to shoot with some of the best in the photo "Shooters" guide such as the Official Super Chevy photographer "Chris Simmons" known worldwide as one of the finest in capturing drag racing in his style, which is impeccable and raved over; his photos were immediately available at his trailer within minutes framed and logo'd, also online prints are available from this event by e-mail at his Chris Simmons Photographywebsite. Studio 413 Photography "Dave Carrick" the track photographer for Maple Grove also has hundreds of all cars images available online in his storefront and finally on Sunday I met "Carl and Steve" of C & S Motorsports Photography taking brilliant shots on Eliminations day, two fine photographers that have many of Sundays cars available.

:About The Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association Management and Sponsors:
This team of management is a dedicated group led by John Mazzorana "President" and Vito Micciolo who have extensive backgrounds in promotion and Pro Modified Drag Racing for many years. Vito Micciolo is the head statistics "go to guy". The voice and "faceman" of this group is John Mazzorana doing his part more on the relations side of the marketing, a flamboyant gentleman and well like by anyone that meets him. Vito is a seasoned IT specialist which helps the group immensely in promotion with his knowledge of how to get the races announced and perceived via net with his talents. Inside this group is a crew of various press specialists that have a long standing affiliation with many forums, organizations and promotions that further the communication on the net. is Jimmy Biggs of BulletVision; an online viewing of shows he creates through the huge membership of and many others with a voice everyone knows in racing "Rockin Rob" Cherkas stepping in to announce the race rounds from the tower and do interviews with racers in a television style format similar to the NHRA. Shows are available at anytime through the website BulletVision and Quick Stats are online at the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association Official Website in the race results. This group is backed by racers, and sponsors that look to bring this more forward in the racing arena's with more assistance, Apply now to become A Sponsor Of This Association Here: along with the businesses already onboard. See Below:

NEOPMA Associate Sponsors: Performance2Way Communications, Barker Racing, Ram Clutches, Star Transporters, T&F Racing, VP Race Fuels, Star Cab Co.,, Pullin/Plummer Racing, Mickey Thompson, Richards Automotive, Gary Courtier Home Improvements, American Racing Headers, Western Beef, Performance AutoCrafters, CCI Constructors, Timothy O'Hare Custom Homes, Speedtech,, Pearl River Automotive, and Amato/Cannonball/ModZilla Racing, Total Flow Cylinder Heads.

Northeast Outlaw Pro Modifieds "Super Chevy Maple Grove" Friday:

:Friday Testing News And Related:
The net was already beaming news through messaging and posting on forums of Brian Prins' mishap during his first full nitrous testing on his 63 Corvette spit window Pro mod on Friday. Prins has driven, crewed and owned just about everything made in the racing environment, I was able to spend the night with him and his crew on Saturday night and he explained what exactly happened to cause this massive explosion and fire that took the car down for the weekend as this is one promising machine as it's always been when owned by "Milt Decker" who we all know as a champion of both the racing and a friend of all the racers; our thoughts go out to him after the passing of his father just days before the race. Prins will be back in action soon as repairs are made on the car which was heavily damaged. Also a great member of this group who would be a prime candidate for a top spot Tommy Gray with his "Undertaker Camaro" was not able to make the race as earlier in the month his father was hospitalized in serious condition, we also wish him well but as of this writing Tommy Gray Sr. Passed Away This Morning and Our thoughts are with them at this time. Vinny Demieri took off to take more shots in the point's race at Joliet competing in "Pro Street" when his car turned hard left into the wall just past the eight mile bursting into flames. Vinny, a friend to all walked away unharmed from the inferno and hope to see him back soon and competing.

Invited to this race but not into the classes was the Supercharged 57 Buick Of Frank Patille "CCI Motorsports" and the wild Supercharged 68 Firebird of Pullin / Plummer Racing for match racing action between these two warrior teams, they put on their own show following the qualifying action and it was intense..

Northeast Outlaw Pro Modifieds "Super Chevy Maple Grove" Saturday Qualifying Highlights And Ladder:

Finally getting to the bread and butter of this weekend, the air lingered with alcohol fueled motors warming, nitrous bottles being filled and the clanking wrenches of teams readying their cars for this round of qualifying in the heat of the day soon to come. Temps again teetered on the brink of meltdown for anyone outside yet the stands of Maple Grove were filled with Pro Mod fans and inquisitive race junkies looking for that feel of unleashed horsepower. Trying to harness this much horsepower and get their baseline proved to be a task as quite a few did not get down the track due to the enormous power vs. pavement ratio these cars produce and it was back to the pits with not much information gained but no one would relent in getting to that baseline needed. Though it was minimal result in round one ( See Final Round Qualifying Review Below ), fans were in the pits watching the racers preparing for round two browsing the closely grouped trailers parked next to the gleaming machines. The racers and teams were doing a little PR on the side as in the pits; you are welcomed and informed by drivers and crew members. Also many teams have a bevy of great stuff as part of their racing operations such as awesomely designed Pro Modified Tee shirts, team handouts and hero cards to subsidize their operations and make you a follower of them in this sport, this is one of their mainstays of operating their team so please see their trailers and grab some cool stuff.

Final Round Qualifying Review: Northeast Outlaw Pro Modifieds "Super Chevy Maple Grove"

Nitrous Class:
Ed Burnley and his Fulton Powered 67 Camaro topped the nitrous qualifiers with a blistering "In The Heat" 6.183 @ 233.40 not bettering it on his second try down the track but this was already the best for this track temps as Burnley is an expert at taking rounds and qualifiers. The legendary "Pat Musi" in Frank Brandao?s King Kong 5 2009 Dodge Stratus packing an 865 cube Chevy on four stages torched the motor on his first pass testing this new monster motor configuration and had his team run back to the shop to grab the "little" 738ci to go rounds installing it overnight bumping Gary Courtier out of number two spot with a 6.315 @ 186.90. Team Courtier Racing put the big cubed "Tangerine" 68 Camaro into the number three spot with shear power and tuning as they have been after this car all day making it hook, Courtier powered out a very clean "Fulton massaged" 6.490 @ 219.33. Matt Deitch now driving a Tim McAmis 68 Camaro and virtually untested had issues getting used to the way the car responded to his driving techniques made his first round a no go with a small nitrous fire but instantly this talented driver came back in round two and planted a killer clean 6.424 @ 228.73 on the ladder, Matt figured this car out quick. Steve Kramer in the "Paul Woods" 2002 Camaro SS had issues in the first round getting it to hook and bring in the power but came back strong in fifth with a sweet 6.496 @ 220.26. Steve "The Big Guy" Cossis with his sleek 67 Camaro dropped a 7.974 117.11 on the boards in the second round after his first round tagging the wall as the car left it took a hard right, crossed lanes and Steve saved this big time while having no control as it looked as if there was a steering malfunction. Not backing down though he came back scraped and hurting from the missed opportunity and laid down the above number. Freddy Scriba; last race's champion in the "Sorcerer" 63 Vette crossed the line shaking the tires with an 11.120 @ 89.10 far off his usual pace. Michael Giraldi's 68 Camaro had been having power issues all day and could only pull out a 12.912 @ 66.22 while searching for the problem, they were in the ladder and overnight flogged on this car trying to find a gremlin in the electrical system.

Gary Courtier Runnner Up Camaro Pro Mod1 : Ed Burnley, 67 Camaro 6.183 @ 233.40
2 : Pat Musi, 09 Stratus (865 Chevy) 6.315 186.90 | Website:Pat Musi Race Engines
3 : Gary Courtier, 68 Camaro 6.373 @ 223.65 | Website: Courtier Home Improvements
4 : Matt Deitch, 68 Camaro 6.424 @ 228.73
5 : Steve Kramer, 02 Camaro SS 6.496 @ 220.26
6 : Steve Cossis, 67 Camaro 7.974 @ 117.11
7 : Freddy Scriba, 63 Vette 11.120 @ 89.10
8 : Michael Giraldi, 68 Camaro 12.912 @ 66.22
9 : Brian Prins, 63 Vette, Broke

The nitrous racers aspirating their cars with the cool spray of nitrous induced atmosphere were set for eliminations on Sunday: See The Round Results Below.

Final Round Qualifying Review: Northeast Outlaw Pro Modifieds "Super Chevy Maple Grove" Blown vs. Turbo:

Taking the horsepower threshold to the limits is the Blown vs. Turbo session of the Super Chevy Show weekend, nothing on the track was more powerful other than the jet cars and dragsters. These alcoholic, belt driven roots blown quarter mile beasts are the spectrum of induced horsepower with daring drivers that try to harness all they can while storming your senses with the sweet sound of wide open zoomies pounding out thrum's of pressure releasing on each RPM and whack of the loud pedal. Though none of the turbo cars were able to make this race since some of them are Ford bodied it would be a complete class of totally wild race cars scooping air into the huge blower hats hung well above the rooflines.

Dina Parise "Parise Racing" and the well known 63 Corvette which is half of this team effort ruled the class from the get-go ripping off a tight 6.286 @ 226.13 trying to grab some of the available air that the blower cars can only compress unlike the nitrous cars who make their own air. Dina would not better her first pass but the "First Lady" of supercharged pro mod racing would be hard to catch come race day with these number one qualifying numbers hooking the Montana Brothers Race Cars Chassis hard on her passes. Jim Barker would get a grip on his Monte Carlo and make his second round count big time coming up from last place to number two hanging out the bad black machine down the 1320 6.329 @ 222.88. Chris Russo in the 63 Vette would drop a notch down from first round staying at his 6.545 @ 227.65 from round one, back in the pits at nearly midnight, the team had this car as apart as you could get it trying to make it hook on this hot track. Derrick Townes stunning 68 Camaro 6.561 @ 222.22 would better his first round since 8 seconds wasn't going to fill his cup for his performance expectations, the car responded well as did Derrick since the car went to K & K Advanced Door Car Technologies for a change from Lenco drive to a clutch. Townes noted he was more confident now since the change and only took one pass to "Get The Feel" back. Townes also brought with him one of his sponsors and NFL Star Defensive Tackle "Cornelius Griffin" who took in the sights and sounds of this experience with the team. Fidelio Montron's 96 Vette crossed the traps with a swaying 6.838 @ 179.11 lifting on this wild pass. Gary Walker driving this "Unconventional Pro Mod 67 Chevy II", more like a real street machine was bumped down from number two spot into number five with a 7.028 @ 197.71 this car is very cool!!. Gerry Capano "63 Vette" also couldn't better his numbers 7.092 @ 188.75 leaving him in the six spot and qualified. Kevin Vanderbeck's unusual 38 Hudson pushed down the track as the heavyweight in this group via the steel body with a decent 7.257 @ 195.05. Finalizing the ladder with only the second part of "Team Parise Racing" Andrew Parise in the number nine position and not qualified with his "53 Vette" struggling on both passes 9.365 @ 92.32 leaving him time to manage the single car of his wife Dina and spend time with the cause they bring with them, "The Wounded Warriors Project".

Dina Parise Of Parise Racing1 : Dina Parise, 63 Corvette 6.286 @ 226.13 | Website: "Parise Racing"
2 : Jim Barker, 99 Monte Carlo 6.329 @ 222.88
3 : Chris Russo, 63 Vette 6.545 @ 227.65
4 : Derrick Townes, 68 Camaro 6.561 @ 222.22 | Website: Derrick Townes Pro Mod Official website
5 : Fidelio Montron, 96 Vette 6.838 @ 179.11
6 : Gary Walker, 67 Chevy II 7.028 @ 197.71
7 : Gerry Capano, 63 Vette 7.092 @ 188.75
8 : Kevin Vanderbeck, 38 Hudson @ 7.257 195.05
9 : Andrew Parise, 53 Vette 9.365 @ 92.32 | Website: "Parise Racing"

The blower cars definitely are aching for some cooler air to make the most of the already superheated charge blowing through the motors but this wasn't happening for them this weekend as the forecast for Sunday was equally as hot if not worse: See The Round Results Below.

Northeast Outlaw Pro Mods Sunday Race Day At Super Chevy Show:

Bring On The Horsepower:

After the end of rounds on Saturday, the Staff at Maple Grove Raceway took to the track and prepped it for max power as the heat and all the different cars loosened the surface of this recently redone and fairly green quarter mile needed some more rubber, it worked well this time after the crew was finished. This author spent the night in the stands just waiting for the beginning of the eliminations greeted by hawks and eagles searching for food in the morning glow peeking over the mountain tops. Trailers opened, teams awoke and engines roared at 8:30AM.

With the event started, class racing headed the start of the day with many classes leading up to the Nitrous Pro Mod Eliminations as mid day came around, President John Mazzorana and the voice of the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mods "Rockin Rob" entered the booth and took over the announcing chores after the salute to the flag ceremonies. It didn't take long to see the fence lined with fans already baked by the sun trying to get as close as possible to see this action. Pro Mod Match Racing continued with the match racing between the Supercharged 57 Buick Of Frank Patille "CCI Motorsports" battling The Supercharged 68 Firebird of Pullin / Plummer Racing which was followed with the Super Spectacular Bob Hall's wheel-standing Astro Van, jet funny cars First Strike and Top Secret and jet dragsters Queen of Diamonds and Beast from the East with staff from the Maple Grove Raceway tower taking turns lighting the tree as the jets took their passes, a gutsy move for all of them !!

Nitrous Pro Mod Eliminations: Round One

Ed Burnley Camaro Pro Mod

Though Michael Giraldi worked all night to try and get the Camaro firing on all cylinders he couldn't make the show, Number one qualifier Ed Burnley took a lane choice single pass knocking down another consistent .078 6.223 @ 232.95. Matt Deitsch screamed across the line followed by Steve Kramer with huge burnouts. Kramer .016 got the leave on Deitsch .164 as Kramer got passed at mid track in a losing effort 6.525 @ 220.80 and Deitsch posted a stunning 6.204 @ 233.36. Freddy Scriba had Pat Musi in the lane next to him but the wicked Vette encountered battery and starter problems allowing Musi to make his solo pass firing on all cylinders Musi didn't skip a beat from his usual great numbers dropping an .045 light and 6.289 @ 224.21 on the boards. Steve Cossis didn't make the call and gave Gary Courtier a solo also, he didn't disappoint by taking a drive by, instead he ripped down the track, pipes ablaze in the sunlight .037 6.314 @ 227.73 ending round one.

Nitrous Pro Mod Eliminations: Semi Finals
The two quickest cars were in line paired to be a side by side drag race we wouldn't forget but Matt Deitsch who had been extremely sick and running a very high fever backed out after the burnout and stalling running out the allotted staging time getting a DQ leaving Ed Burnley to make a solo pass, again, lane choice was on his mind and he let this baby loose with nothing but time on his hands .980 6.205 @232.91, no disputing Burnley had this track and tune down pat. Gary Courtier would have the opponent of a lifetime next to him with Pat Musi. Both made their burnouts and teams prepped them for the race, Musi would go red -.008 6.347 @ 222.91 and Courtier gets the run off shaking the tires .067 24.385 @ 35.29 heading to the final.

Nitrous Pro Mod Eliminations: Finals
Burnley had been ripping off numbers like he was bracket racing all day and Gary Courtier would again find himself in the final round which he has seen before. Both teams were heavily armed with juiced power under hood and equally capable chassis to make a final go for the money run. The final round had all the teams out there watching in anticipation, Jimmy Biggs filming and Rockin Rob wailing away enticing the crowd. Burnley boiled the hides, as did Courtier, both sounding vicious. A cautious staging procedure was set in motion and the tree dropped with Courtier leaving red -.005 6.446 @ 222.44 and Burnley taking the champion status .028 6.410 @ 227.84. When Asked during the Victory Lane photo session Burnley stated he did not know Courtier had gone red, he was watching the side of Courtier?s Camaro at 220+ MPH. Congratulations to Ed Burnley on a fantastic day for fans of the nitrous cars.

Blower vs. Turbo Pro Mod Eliminations: Round One

Derrick Townes Potent Camaro Pro Mod

With temps still high in the 90's, the supercharged cars were gasping for air in this weather and tuners were making the best of it as they begin the round one session with Dina Parise facing Kevin Vanderbeck in the outrageous Hudson a striking contrast in cars one rich in colors and sleek, the other in black primer and just plain big. Vanderbeck cuts a .160 running the big car out to a stout 6.890 @ 202.64 but Parise passed him quickly as the pipes rippled the air on the big end taking the win .355 6.344 @ 218.90. Derrick Townes brought the whole pits along with him to the line for this one against Fidelio Montron as his following is large and awaited this race. Townes takes the win as he also had to slow in his lane as Montron got loose at 800ft crossing the line taking out the cones instantly DQ'ing himself Townes leaves a .169 9.350 @ 90.59 for another round and some quick reactions to save a mishap from occurring. Gerry Capano didn't stand a chance with this set of numbers .142 6.624 @ 218.54 as Jim Barker was on a roll and exciting the crowd with his violent launches and a solid run .022 6.323 @ 218.87. Chris Russo gets a solo run .111 6.548 @ 229.16 with some big MPH but still stuck in the 50's range as Gary Walker is DQ'd.

Blower vs. Turbo Pro Mod Eliminations: Semi Finals
Heat, Heat and more heat was still troublesome for the huffer cars, Dina Parise faced Derrick Townes in this round, again Parise was late on the tree .391 and had to play catch up against a formidable opponent as Townes took the leave .260 but slowed from his earlier passes just a bit too much out of the car 6.594 @ 218.90 with Parise taking the win into the final 6.361 @ 211.53 the MOV on this race was only .102 at 200+. Parise heads to the final but inside the team they must be wondering about the reaction times since qualifying it's been in this range. Jim Barker now has the lane choice over Chris Russo which was a good one as Russo chattered the hides and misfiring off the limiter .053 strolling down the track 16.846 @ 51.58, Barker again shows the "Monte's Muscle" .069 with an awesome launch but slowing 6.372 @ 217.84 for his upcoming second final round appearance in less than a month with the NEOPMA series.

Blower vs. Turbo Pro Mod Eliminations: Finals
Only one word can describe the surroundings of this final round as "hectic" between Dina Parise and Jim Barker. both teams of "Parise Racing" and "Barker Racing" making adjustments and going though the series of motions that all of them have engrained into them as a group, the area again was packed for the sounds of open pipe power ready to bruise the starting line. Both cars glistened in the late afternoon sunshine; press was all around the cars as they backed up after the wicked burnouts preparing them for the go on green. Barker drops a killer .010 on the tree as again Parise was extremely late .403 giving Barker a giant head start, Parise was on the move but Barker was blistering the asphalt himself, at the finish Barker would have the win light 6.461 @ 216.41 to Dina Parise's wild ride to the big end 6.471 @ 220.26 losing effort. Barker now doubles up his wins in the NEOPMA series and takes his turn in the Victory Lane with his team for photo shoots and celebrations. Congratulations to Team Barker Racing!!

Final Notes:

This author would like to add to my final notes that despite the heat, some major props need to be handed out in a few area's, one is the way the racers managed themselves in the heat and though it was ungodly hot, they all dressed to impress wearing full crew uniforms and working as teams as well as any NHRA team out there, solid preparation and great sportsmanship in all rounds make this group the best of the 1320 warriors. The management at the track was unreal in their acceptance of me as a journalist making sure I was welcomed and many thanks to Lex Dudas for his track access, the tower crew and of course the starting line group. Again, I can't thank the staff of the The Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association and the Teams for their support and welcoming invitation to the events, I appreciate all of you allowing me to enjoy this racing with you.

For all that read through this long winded article, please make sure you come to a NEOPMA event, you will not be denied the fever of all out 1320 racing at a track near you!!

Northeast Outlaw Pro Mods To Appear At Super Chevy Maple Grove

Get Your 1320ft Worth Of Pro Modifieds Action: July 16th to 18th.


Northeast Outlaw Pro Mods At The Grove

Click The Image For Larger Flyer

Yes that's right fans; the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association will be hazing the quarter mile of Maple Grove Dragway July 16th to 18th for their ultimate side by side drag racing, all the best vehicles, from Nitrous to Supercharged and Turbocharged will be adding to the excitement of the "Super Chevy Show" weekend. When speed and ET is the only thing that will quench your horsepower induced thirst for screaming burnouts, huge nitrous purges and supercharged madness on the top end at over 230MPH, full on nitrous tune-ups bursting out the exhaust into the night; these doorslammers of the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association have your ticket. Radical Qualifying Sessions combined with Complete Head To Head Round Eliminations by Team Members in Two Oustanding classes, "Nitrous" alone and "Blower vs. Turbo" will give you the ultimate Pro Modified show raising your "Heartbeat" to a level only as they can!!

Pits are always a welcomed place to all our doorslammer friends, so come meet the drivers and teams; be a part of this northeast event action.

Bring the family and friends this weekend July 16th through 18th and see the baddest 1320 warriors take on the quarter mile in the beautiful backdrop of Maple Grove Raceway.

Visit for team and organization information.
Find More Information And Scheduling At

Super Saturday Atco Raceway 6-26-2010

A Powerhouse Day Of Pro Mods, Outlaw 10.5, 275 Drag Radial And Index Drag Racing.


Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association At Atco Raceway

Enter The Atco Super Saturday Gallery Here: Over 375 Images

Throughout the year many associations merge with other race venues to bring out a "Social Drag Racing Event" containing more than the handful of classes but more so a complete race all in one day such as what the spectators and fans of these classes found at Atco Raceway's Super Saturday on June 26th with the added benefit of spectator special entrance of only 25 bucks a carload, try to find this much fun for that price anywhere for a family outing. This kind of day at the races is not the norm for most tracks with Pro Mods, Outlaw 10.5, 275 Drag Radial, 8.50 / 10.0 / 12.0 Index Drag Racing to fill the bill.

Atco Raceway Press and Notes:
Also noteworthy, this event was televised live over the internet via with interactive chat included free of charge to those whose simply went to the website and clicked on the "Live Feed" which is always playing on the page, thanks to the sponsors of this feed too; please visit them. Live Timing Directly To The Subscribers, Interviews and video from the event was also provided by "BulletVision"; a Jimmy Biggs production. Some incredible photography by one of the most revered photographers in drag racing were able to be purchased both at the track and online through Dave Milcarek Photography, Dave knows the track and until you have one, as a photographer myself; I feel this is a chance to have an image of your car like it's never been shot before. Dave's standards are high and his images are second to none. I myself got much of my knowledge of who the racers in the Pro Mod Association from Age Old Friend and Chassis Builder Nick Montana "Montana Brothers Race Cars" guiding me through the days race with his impressions and notes from "The Man" himself .

One of the hottest days yet, the racers emerged from the haze of 94 degree temps as fans filled the bleachers to witness the sheer power, and consistency of the classes involved starting with the power hitters was the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association's spectacle of tarmac tearing superstars. This outlaw group abides by limited rules and one of the few pro mod series to run the full quarter mile, as encountered by the screaming whine of the motors reaching peak power crossing the 1320ft mark under full throttle for many side by side rounds of outlaw racing action.

The hot and humid day didn't slow the cars much through the oppressing high degrees of temps; racers, crew chiefs and team members took on the starting line with thermometers in hand showing upwards of over 130 degrees during qualifying and no sign of it letting up until sunset. Fans took to shade in the bleachers with tents, umbrellas and whatever they could to shade themselves also but not wanting to miss a single round of these featured racers.

Classes were split into two categories for the Pro Mods featuring Nitrous Pro Mods as one and the other combining Blower Pro Mods and Turbo spinning Pro Mods.


Fredy Scriba Corvette Pro Mod Nitrous Pro Mods Final Qualifying Notes. "See Final Qualifying Below" June 26th
As always, the racers in the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association didn't fail to fill the pits with some wild machines huffing the laughing gas and fans crowded the area's when they could to catch a glimpse of the teams working in harmony to get the cars ready and baseline them. Fans of nitrous pro mods were just about running to the bleachers for that associated nitrous purge at the starting line and the flaming pipes of a huge nitrous tune on the charge down the track. Freddy Scriba led the pack with the wild 63 Corvette "The Sorcerer" always a threat to be number one wherever they go dropping a killer 6.085 @ 234.75 on the boards during the hottest parts of the day proving they had the power and Atco's track was in shape to handle it, Scriba has been one of the most prominent fan favorites coming up in the ranks fast through the past years. Two time champion of this NEOPMA series "Team Blasi Racing" saw their first qualifier go away as the car was virtually being built in the pits with clutches and driveline parts scattered around them, they opted for a test pass with the blower cars and went to the second session pasting their best run ever on this new combination 6.165 @ 233.76, you have to admire this teams patience and race ethics as father and son pair for an excellent combination. Joe Dunne's ultra fast Camaro set himself in the third spot with his all black, well sort of except for the borrowed scoop which may have been the table turner as went the lighthearted chat with the team in the pits about the "using a mailbox" instead. Another great group of guys just competing with outstanding results; Harold Martin's M4 was one of the most interesting and controversial cars for over two years starting with the ADRL, this is a concept car that is like none other; his pit was amassed with inquisitive minds searching for more information about this car featuring a one off body style of his own design. I too found it one of the most interesting machines and though many have removed it from their racing venues, the NEOPMA series invited him and he pays them back with a number four position in the ladder Saturday with the fans getting to see this machine in action. Team Vinny Demieri "Demieri Racing" who has been developing his ride in the NMCA series though overweight for this class his competitiveness is astounding and the consistency he shows gives him the edge with the amount of Pro Mod time he has acquired. Team Demieri Racing also gets the nod for having the prettiest crews, meaning the ladies of the team of course and classiest driver of many years. Gary Courtier and his compliment of Team of Characters is overwhelming in the fact that this is absolutely one of the most beautiful and powerful cars in this class gleaming in brilliant pearl orange with tasteful ghosted flames, you can't miss this car or mistaking it for another, and the team itself is one of the coolest around, never knowing what to expect to come up in conversations but all in fun; these guys are a blast. Steve Kramer put his Camaro into the lucky number seven spot with sheer driving force; the will of the team is outstanding and compliments the whole association with a great piece of equipment to make the class so distinctive. Filling the final spot in the ladder is none other than Matt Deitch, another of the "Have To Visit The Pits" teams, Matt's pit is a party waiting to happen, this team has been competing wildly in many venues and associates himself with everyone in the Pro Mod ranks, his effort kept him in the game with the big hemi having enough grunt and finesse to get from point A to point B well. Unusual for someone with a racing ethic as good as his Steve Cossis missed getting in the show with no real visual reason from most views of it making runs, Steve is a solid competitor that usually never fails to make a ladder, but someone has to miss that spot "Steve Cossis" has to sit this one out. The same goes for "The Automatic Weapon Mopar Man" Chris Rini and the ATI Transmissions Stratus. This car can be found at any event with incredible results from the Hemi power and nitrous combination it's one bad hot rod, his usual stellar results were unfortunately hampered leaving him out of the game also.

Harold Martins ADRL M41: Fredy Scriba, 63 Corvette, 6.085 @ 234.75
2: Jeff Blasi, 63 Corvette, 6.165 @ 233.76 | Website: Blasi Racing
3: Joe Dunne, 68 Camaro, 6.268 @ 224.06
4: Harold Martin, Martin M4, 6.324 @ 192.96 | Website: Harold Martin Racing
5: Vinny Demieri, 68 Camaro, 6.362 @ 225.94 | Website: Demieri Racing
6: Gary Courtier, 68 Camaro, 6.422 @ 222.55 | Website: Courtier Home Improvements
7: Steve Kramer, 68 Camaro, 6.438 @ 222.55
8: Matthew Deitch, 01 Cavalier, 6.459 @ 218.12
9: Steve Cossis, 68 Camaro, 7.064 @ 182.92
10: Chris Rini, ATI Transmissions 07 Stratus, 8.041 @ 108.77 | Website: ATI Transmissions Racing

Nitrous Pro Mod Eliminations Round One:
Vinny Demieri takes on number four qualifier Harold Martin, Demieri takes the win with a slower ET chopping down the tree on a wicked holeshot .007 6.358 @ 227.08 and big MPH to Martins quicker M4 .094 6.283 @ 210.18, the MOV on the top end was only .012 for a spectacular side by side run. Joe Dunne had this round wrapped up from the start with a good light .081 to his competition Gary Courtier's late .130 and not enough et to make up for it 6.364 @ 223.91 to Dunne's 6.249 @ 224.81. Steve Kramer .074 6.865 @ 221.27 took a single as Jeff Blasi couldn't make the call. Fredy Scriba continues being the feared one in this class carrying over his excellent qualifying numbers into the rounds .068 6.081 @ 236.01 taking the win over a pedaling Matt Deitch .080 8.102 @ 119.72.

Nitrous Pro Mod Eliminations Round Two:
Finally the sun began to give the racers a relief of soaring track temps for round two. Joe Dunne -.015 may have thought he had to cut a light going RED on round competitor Steve Kramer, Kramer laid it on the tree with a clean .003 6.452 @ 221.45 while Dunne blistered the track for not 6.270 @ 222.11. Vinny Demieri knew he had a bad machine next to him in this round with Fredy Scriba, his unrelenting numbers all day finally changed and though Demieri had power, it would be a miracle to match Scriba's numbers punching up his tune to a screaming 6.040 @ 235.68 for the top MPH and ET of the day against Demieri's losing 6.349 @ 219.97, Vinny Demieri is also known for being the champion of The Outlaws At Atco.

Nitrous Pro Mod Eliminations Finals:
There's no doubt that Fredy Scriba was on a rope basically bracket racing his violent Corvette throughout the day firing off an .096 light blowing through the top end with pipes flowing the tune up of fire out the pipes finishing on top 6.065 @ 234.13 against a losing Steve Kramer who had to lift .022 12.342 @ 73.11. Scriba's day of racing ended in the winners circle in front of the old Atco tower with the proud team being handed the trophy for their efforts.


Jim Barker Pro Modified Blower Vs Turbo Final Qualifying Notes. "See Final Qualifying Below" June 26th
Leaving the best for last as this is only the author's opinion, I like the feel, sound and physical bodily disturbance of the roots supercharged machines covering you with the sweet smell of alcohol pouring out the headers and the ear splitting, heart palpitating response of the opening of the blades once they start. Fans understand this well also as the across the line burnouts shearing rubber from the huge slicks poured smoke over the race track and flowed endlessly into the stands. Spectators as far up in the stands could be seen coving their ears with each blip of the throttle and the launch off the two step sputtering the belt driven 500+ cubes ready for the launch, the burnout box area was filled with the fans who love the sound and force of these machines. The high temps hurt blower car performance bad but as the day would go on most expect the cars to improve as long as the humidity stayed low and temps lowered. Steve King led the pack of these uncorked rides getting his Camaro down the track with a brilliant heat of the day 6.198 @ 234.82, many may remember Steve King and the wicked Viper from years ago now in the more subtle but not surprisingly powerful next generation of Steve King notoriety Camaro. Tommy Gray in the well known "Undertaker" Camaro is not a newcomer to Atco Raceways surface, though this car is new since his win at the now defunct Outlaw's at Atco which I remember well, his win was one of the most impressive of the days gone by, Gray put down a close to number one 6.212 @ 234.21 almost matching the MPH of the top qualifier. Steve Drummond filled the top three with his awesome Mustang sporting the turbocharging method, fully built in their race car shop, this car is one incredible piece of workmanship as the team carries at least 5 cars in different classes to many events and is known for being some of the baddest machines around for years. Team Captain Kathy Drummond usually driving her own Drag Radial Mustang took on the chores of taking care of getting the Mustang into the beams clicking off a solid 6.221 @ 236.59 for top MPH of qualifying. Larry Plummer's 68 Firebird is one of the most amazing rides out there, Plummer went from a 57 Chevy of years ago to this car and the details in the paint really have to be looked at to appreciate the amount of cool stuff in it, Plummer also a native to the Atco Track surface made his way to number four 6.390 @ 231.12. Derrick Townes Camaro from the time it was started to his ground pounding burnouts proved he had some major power going for him on his side, this is another incredible looking car, absolutely one of the most forceful I've experienced from a roots blown machine clocking a 6.454 @ 224.43, Thanks for the killer burnouts Derrick, they rocked !! Pete Farber brought the only Daytona Pro Mod to Atco in classic Mopar style paint, very sedate but none the less an amazing sight taking it down the track to a number six spot 6.523 @ 219.47. Jim Barkers officially the loudest Pro Mod still to me and even cooler the only flip up body car in it's class 99 Monte Carlo was for sale at the event and also the number seven qualifier with his large crew around he posted a traction limited 6.711 @ 198.50. You have to meet this team and see their operation, everything is black and spotless even the huge hauler. Fifi Montrond holds the final position of the eight qualifiers withies 03 Corvette, the class is one of which Corvettes are the wanted body style of all, this is no different and making enough power to get in the game. Just missing the cut was the massively popular 57 Buick Pro Mod of Frank Patille and CCI Motorsports, this car has been all over the internet and press holding a very busy schedule and one of the few legal IHRA automatic Pro Mods. Team Patille is a well designed group of members that have taken this car to the limits coming to Atco after a new front end was assembled and fresh out of paint just the day before coming to the track with new crew chief Todd Blades and as always Diana Patille handling team chores. You ask the question "just who doesn't know the name Tim O'Hare??" when it comes to Pro Modified racing I don't think you'll find anyone that doesn't. Tim's crew and he himself are some of the best people in racing for so many years as a stout competitor it's almost a legendary story of the 68 Camaro and who is behind it. Kevin Vanderbeck's outrageous 37 Hudson is something you don't see everyday in Pro Mod racing, he missed the cut but fans love this machine in primer and supercharger power. As fate would have it, both Andrew Parise, and Dina Parise had issues all day getting the two Corvettes down the track, both racers were definitely not on their game and some feel the auto start was off a bit adding fuel to their fire as winners and a team of great respect and moral stability as in their pits you will find they highly promote the Wounded Warriors Project and Multiple Sclerosis, their presence in the race itself was missed severely, as both racers bring so much to the sport and the amount of veteran supporters made their pit a place to meet them also, as I shot Dina on her reverse from her burnout the frustration with the situation could be seen through her eyes in the small opening of her helmet.

Dina Parise "Parise Racing" Also Added This Press Release Of Her Own: "We raise donations for the Wounded Warrior Project at each event we go to as well as on our website. There is a 'donate now' button , on the website. It's safe and easy! Wounded Warrior Project Parise Racing has also created it's own program called 'Vettes for Vets'. We invite Veterans, / Disabled Veterans, Active duty military to events we attend. They are VIP's for the day! We work with the tracks to get free tickets, free parking, a suite to view the race, lunch, souvenirs and much more! We are also sure to introduce them to the crowd at the time the National Anthem is played. It gets them a nice round of applause, and they deserve it!
We are all fortunate to do what we are doing. Our Military members have sacrificed to give us that freedom. Now it is our turn to say thank you! Also, please check out the great video on our homepage! "Parise Racing"
This past weekend we had Vietnam Veterans join us in our program. They had a great time, and we enjoyed having them".

Gerry Capano was last in the line of blower cars to not make the ladder but he will be back again vying for a spot next race.

Steve King Rips Through A Burnout1: Steve King, 68 Camaro, 6.198 @ 234.82
2: Tommy Gray, 68 "Undertaker" Camaro, 6.212 @ 234.21
3: Steve Drummond, 08 Ford Mustang, 6.221 @ 236.59 | Website: Drummond Race Cars
4: Larry Plummer, 68 Firebird, 6.390 @ 231.12
5: Derrick Townes, 68 Camaro, 6.454 @ 224.43 | Website: Derrick Townes Pro Mod Official website
6: Pete Farber, Dodge Daytona, 6.523 @ 219.47
7: Jim Barker, 99 Monte Carlo, 6.711 @ 198.50
8: Fidelio Montrones, 03 Corvette, 6.921 @ 197.71
9: Frank Patille, 57 Buick, 7.072 @ 208.81 | Website:
10: Tim O'Hare, 68 Camaro, 7.158 @ 218.90
11: Kevin Vanderbeck, 38 Hudson, 9.260 @ 129.84
12: Andrew Parise, 53 Corvette, 10.479 @ 78.76 | Website: "Parise Racing"
13: Dina Parise, 63 Corvette, 12.684 @ 132.70 | Website: "Parise Racing"
14: Gerry Capano, 63 Corvette, 14.745 @ 74.35

Blower Vs Turbo Eliminations Round One:
Just as the sun was dying down we awaited the emergence of the supercharged entries to come through the wall, and they did carrying a big bang of power and menacing sounds with Larry Plummer taking his opponent Derrick Townes through the burnout stages side by side. Townes again thundered across the lines to painful ear attacks on those not wearing protection but broke on his pass posting no time as Plummer moves to the next round with a very good .080 6.151 @ 234.94 for some nice big MPH. Frank Patille gains access to rounds as an alternate but has a serious competitor next to him with Steve Drummond who had the high MPH. Both did their burnouts and began to stage, as the Drummond Mustang started to spool the turbo's, smoke began pouring from the huge pipes moving the car forward in the beams fouling out as Frank Patille was motioned forward by his team to take the pass alone 1.472 7.462 @ 138.14 trying to make some adjustments to get a better baseline Frank came awful close to first or worse scenario as fans held their breath hoping for him not to cross the line pedaling the Buick on the heated track. Jim Barker was astounding in this round clicking off a winning .028 6.180 @ 231.20 against a struggling Tommy Gray.158 6.798 @ 168.22, the undertaker gets taken down by Barker in an upset. With Fifi Montrond broken, Steve King shows he has his muscle under control making a full pass to the pleasure of the fans .091 6.229 @ 236.22 you have to love it when a racer like King leaves nothing at the starting line on an open pass.

Blower Vs Turbo Eliminations Round Two:
Jim Barker again takes the bad black Monte Carlo down the quarter but not without having to pedal it as conditions started to change, Opponent Frank Patille suffered the same fate but in a losing effort having to pedal the massive horsepower in an uncontrollable rage coming from both cars, so awesome as they made their way down the 1320. Barker goes through the beams with a .019 6.650 @ 197.51 to Patille's gliding 15.073 @ 61.98. Larry Plummer .038 7.694 @ 204.85 vs. Steve King .024 8.095 @ 142.40 also ran into the pedal fest of blower power with Steve King on the losing end and Plummer taking the winning bulb.

Blower Vs Turbo Eliminations Finals:
With both Barker and Plummer meeting in the late night finals, the roar of these cars came to life with fans still packing in to see this final, not always does a final go right as we saw happen in this one. Both cars prepared with exhilarating burnouts and prepared their staging awaiting the tree to drop with everyone watching relentlessly for it to begin, and it did with Plummer leaving on an excellent .005 to Barkers very good .030. This was a real side by side finish with both cars getting to the finish very close but the times are misleading as it thought that Barker may have touched one of the timing cones meaning he would have crossed the lane 6.301 @ 204.73 Plummer's car was right there the whole time and both were close to the middle of the track as Plummer did not have the win light 6.642 @ 143.77 but the timing was off on this since the cone had moved, after a conference Barker was awarded the win since it showed no signs of touching anything. Congrats to Jim Barker and Team on a great day of racing.

This Author would like to thank all the racers for their input and counsel during the race along with Vito and John of the NEOPMA Series, they are 1320 warriors.

The NEOPMA would like to also thank everyone who assisted with this event. NEOPMA Associate Sponsors:
Performance2Way Communications, Barker Racing, Ram Clutches, Star Transporters, T & F Racing, VP Race Fuels, Star Cab Co.,, Pullin/Plummer Racing, Mickey Thompson, Richards Automotive, Gary Courtier Home Improvements, American Racing Headers, Western Beef, Performance AutoCrafters, CCI Constructors, Timothy O'Hare Custom Homes, Speedtech,, Pearl River Automotive, and Amato/Cannonball/ModZilla Racing.

Visit for more information and The Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association's Official Website.

Joe Newsham "Champion"
Al Fonse Jr. "Champion"
Ron Rhodes "Champion"
Joe Newsham Atco Outlaw 10.5 Champion Al Fonse 8.50 Index Champion Ron Rhodes 275 Drag Radial Champion
Brendan Mills "Champion"
Brendan Mills 10.0 Index Champion